Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No title comes to mind

Talked to Em last night. Her dad called her and then handed the phone over to me. She was glad to hear from us as she is homesick and lonesome. Her new roommate has already found a potential boyfriend. Em told me a few months ago that roommate really REALLY wanted a boyfriend, so while this was quick, it's not surprising.

One of the things Em said was "I don't really mind if they have sex in our room, but i don't want to get locked out for hours."

This after two nights away from home. Things are different at college.

Guess i should have bought a keg o' condoms while i was at the *mart store.

On the home front, we had brown rice and vegetables for dinner last night, both things Em dislikes. Tonight it will be salad, another dislike of hers. Tomorrow i am going to make beet and carrot pancakes, from a recipe that was brought to my attention by

I love veggies and am happy to be able to wallow in them. (The Mister doen't like veggies all that much, but he won't admit it so i am going full steam ahead with them.)

Em left behind two pet mice that i now have to take care of. "Here kitty kitty kitty...."


Princess in Galoshes said...

Wow, that must be crazy to hear as a mother. I don't remember telling my mom about my roommate's sexcapades... but my mom is much less open-minded than you.

Did Em know her roommate before getting to college, then?

Enjoy the veggies! I want to come to your house for dinner tonight. We've been so busy we've just been eating a lot of take-out, recently. Blegh.

Anonymous said...

If I were her, I'd be staking my claim on the room.

thailandchani said...

It sounds like you are getting accustomed already to not having her there.

The "here kitty, kitty"? Bad, Meno. Bad! :)


Mike said...

I've got one in college as well. Thankfully she and her girlfriends have decided to live off campus. My daughter as well tells me about the escapades that happen in and around the house. I don't remember that much sex when I was in college. And sometimes as a dad I don't want to know...

fiwa said...

Ok, gettin locked out of the room would stink! I hope she works that out with the roommate.

How are you doing, other than enjoying the freedom to eat veggies?

Vanessa said...

I know that "I can make whatever I want to eat" feeling because the picky one is gone. Enjoy.

Also? Please be sweet to the mice, they are little creatures too! Or, (sigh) send them to me. I have 11 animals but always seem to make room for more. Don't tell the SO I said this though.

Lynnea said...

I see you have your brave face on.

It will all be ok, and before you know it you'll be having sex on the kitchen counter and dancing to gay techno music.

QT said...


I love the label on this. And I hope you enjoy those cakes. Use creme fraiche. Life is too short not to...

meno said...

princess, they "knew" each other from facebook, and they had talked and IMed for months.

de, it will be interesting to see how this all works out. I'm not going to get involved.

chani, accustomed? No, not yet. But there are benefits.

mike, i don't remember that much sex either, but i was a dork. Still am i think.

fiwa, i'm doing well. I feel a pit of nerves in my stomach, but hopefully i'll get used to the new life in a little while.

vanessa, i was totally kidding about the mice. I love animals and insist that they ones i have charge of are well cared for.

lynnea, it's not completely an act. I am not going to fall to pieces, that would be very indulgent of me. Sex on the counter is on the menu tonight i think.

qt, oh like YOU never did that???? Thanks for the tip, i will definitely use CF.

furiousBall said...

*sticks fingers in ears* lalalalala, i can't hear you talk about daughters and sex...

TTQ said...

Are you walking around naked yet? After the veggies work their magic comes the patchouli oil and nakked parents. Or you could just get drunk all the time.

Marshamlow said...

I am covering my eyes, sticking my head in the sand and pretending that this is not going to be happening to me next year. Crossing my fingers but we are seriously looking at a school which is only 2 hours away!

I am falling apart with the little one away at kindergarten. I am volunteering my butt off but the empty void of her vivacious personality is hard to fill.

Anonymous said...

so...yeah, hmmm...well, hey, those pancakes sound yummy!

I think maybe adjusting to the absence is kinda like being a divorced parent and having your kids gone on weekends. it hurts like a mofo at first, then slowly you realize that it's nice to have that time without them. I reckon it makes us appreciate them more when they are around...leastwise it should...right?

caro said...

I can't help but imagine her in her bed that first night, eyes on the ceiling. What was going thru that head of hers? I guess she was devising plans to figure out what to do when the roomie decides to "have sex in the room."

I'd need me a truckload of veggies to wrap my brain around the idea of my little girl out of her bedroom. Munch away, meno munch away... Thinking of you :)

patches said...

Before you have sex on the kitchen counter, remember Em still has a key to the house. While forgiving of a roommate, she might be scarred for life if she catches you and the mister in the act.... or again if the case may be.

Lynn said...

Sounds like you should have bought some ear plugs and an eye mask when you went to the *mart store...or maybe a video recorder so that roommate can send a recording of her sexcapades to the dad that slow down to 30. Might make him stop and time.

flutter said...

oh HELL no. They can go have sex in HIS room, so your girl can get some sleep!

Tink said...

At least they're not having sex on her bed. Been there. That sucks. I washed my sheets every night, just in case. They were worn thin by the time I moved out, six months later.

Bob said...

yes, you do get used to a child-less house (fairly quickly, I might add) and the freedom to fix whatever or go even go out to eat - it's cheaper for two instead of three.

(by the way - I was always told growing up that we ate what my mom put in front of us or go hungry. None of this limited menu 'cause one of us kids didn't like it. I always told mine that they ate what was fixed or fix themselves something else.)

I hope Em sets some ground rules about the sex in the room thing fairly quickly - before she walks in on them in flagrente delicto and everyone is all embarrassed.

Diane Mandy said...

Enjoy cooking all your favorite foods without objection! That's what I'd be doing.

TTQ said...

Are you drunk and chasing the cats around with a mouse in each hand gleefully shouting "Here Kitty Kitty! Mommy has a treat for you!"?

Because my mom total would be. Some of our best entertainment is chatting with my mom when she's hit the wine. Honey and I tag team her from two computers. Hehe , we are totally working on a plan for her birthday on the cruise ship. I hope she'll know it was out of love and bail us out if we fuck it up.

crazymumma said...

Her frankness is killing me. But that is university life or so I have heard.

luckyzmom said...

I always imagined that my husband and I would be having sex all the time all over the house once the kids moved out. Never happened.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ohhhh reading this, I could almost hear the screams coming out of the room next door when I was in college. Clint had a different girl with different levels of scream every night; a weed party, and a drinking session every week. He became a teacher after college.

Brad said...

And yet you remain so calm. Amazing.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

My daughter had the same experience in college. They didn't lock her out but she grew tired of hearing their inane comments while doing it, and took to sleeping in the dorm lounge.

This shouldn't be allowed to happen. Em has a room which you pay for so she can sleep, dress, do homework, relax, talk on the phone, in short LIVE in. It is simply wrong that this is going on, and I hope she finds a way to send them somewhere else.

One minor point. I'm getting old. Bear with me. If Roommate and this guy are already having sex, why is he merely a "potential boyfriend?"

Anonymous said...

No offense but beet and carrot pancakes sound disgusting. I made beet brownies once, they were supposed to have an earthy taste and they did. They tasted like dirt. I'm with the Mister.

I hope Em has a wonderful time at college and I hope you're okay too.

It's hard to watch our children leave, although it would be harder, I suspect, to not have them leave. We work so hard at making them independent and then damn if they don't leave us.

Cheesy said...

The youngest kidlet and I ate everything and anything with mushrooms and onions for a week straight when the twins ran off to college!

meno~ Be grateful she shares these details with you... it's a sign you did something terribly right!

capacious said...

We had two bedrooms in our dorm. One of the girls in the other room woke up one morning with a chalkboard placed next to her bed. On the other side of the chalkboard was our other roommate, loudly having sex with her boyfriend. Oy.

tt said...

The first thing I did..well, almost... ;)...when the urchins left home was cook all the stuff they didn't like. Yummy in the tummy veggies!!!! I could live on veggies if an occasional slab of meat was thrown in from time to time. :)(lickin' my chops)
someone's got to be the Mom when wee ones are dropped off. good for you sister.
Now, get busy on that next phase of your life. :)

Schmoopie said...


Maybe the guy will turn out to be a premature ejaculator so the sex won't last very long.

Hopefully Em will find a cool friend to hang out with soon, and they can be in the room to ward off the roommate.

Imez said...

Wow. I can't believe Em is gone.

She was..just such a constant in you blog. Such an extension of you. When she goes she takes a whole volume of your life with her. And it's a good thing I'm here to tell you this cuz you probably haven't thought of any of it on your own.

God I'm clever.

meno said...

furious, that method will only work for so long, but it's a good one, i used it for years.

ttq, i'm going to go with option two!

marsha, it's a big life change, that's for certain.

holly, the pancakes WERE good. Although Em wouldn't have thought so. And i am pretty sure what you say is right, i'll let you know in time.

caro, yeah, the veggies aren't working all that well as a diversionary tactic. And thank you. :)

patches, she may have a key, but she is 2000 miles away. I think we're safe.

lynn, we bought her a whole keg of earplug. We didn't think about the video camera. Hmmmm.

flutter, that's what i told her. But it's not my problem to solve.

tink, that's completely gross.

bob, she ate lots of stuff that she didn't really like, but i tried not to make too much that she truly hated.

diane, the beet and carrot pancakes were great!

ttq, my god, you ARE psychic!

crazymumma, i never had to deal with roommate sex, but i knew plenty that did when i was in the dorms.

luckyzmom, not even once????

mother hen, wow. That's a creepy memory.

brad, no choice really. She's on her own.

hearts, i don't think they are already having sex, Em is just seeing into the future as her roommate is pretty desperate for a bf.

deb, they were very good! Really.

cheesy, i am grateful. This way she can ask for help without me freaking out. That's good.

anne, oh my god, that's soo tacky.

tt, i'm working on it. The veggies are a start.

schmoopie, i imagine that if this is his first girlfriend, he will indeed go quickly into that petit morte.

imez, you and me both. that's why it's a good thing for her to separate.

georgie said...

WOW college is well WOW I have 4 yrs to prepare myself...

OH and I spit my dr pepper with vanilla all over the place with the whole "ugly peeps in walmart" line in the below post...geesh LMAO that was hysterical

Mama P said...

Good luck with the move. Can't wait to hear more and hopefully see photos. And sounds like you're okay with Em? It's a weird thing, huh, because you're so happy that your child is doing well, but she's not your baby anymore. And yes, it's not about us, but it is. Because we're just that much older and in a new stage. But we're not that old. LOTS of life ahead. Can you tell I think of this too much?

Anyway, you've done great with Em, obviously, and I hope you remember that should the blues ever hit at a weird time. Andrea.

Susanne said...

Well, sounds like your coping fairly well.

Can somebody please tell me why American students have to share rooms?
As far as I know there are no dorms in Germany and everybody just lives somewhere, either sharing an apartment with other students (but not sharing bedrooms) or, if they have wealthy parents, they have apartments of their own. I found sharing the apartment hard enough if I had to share a room with somebody I probably would never have finished my degree.

sexy said...