Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have to hurry and get these pictures up before Neen does. (Only two pictures Neen, the rest are yours. :) )

We went on a wonderful hike on a beautiful day on Monday.

This critter came to very politely ask for a taste of our lunch. How could we say no? Nina had guessed that it's a Lesser Scaup and after looking it up, SHE IS RIGHT! This is a
Lesser Scaup, non-breeding male. Poor guy has no girlfriend.

Look at that beautiful yellow eye and that crystal clear water. We found out using empirical methods that the water is Extremely Cold.

And these butterflies were getting frisky amongst the grass.

I have been having so much fun lately. I have made a concerted effort to keep myself busier than usual in these first few weeks of non-parenthood. Hiking, lunches, squash, quilting..... it's all good.

I am a lucky person to be able to pursue all these things without the ditraction of work, i realize that. It also helps that the weather here is just spectacular. If it were the middle of one of our dark, dreary, rainy, endless winters, i think i would be spending most of my time in bed with the covers pulled over my head.

Carry on.


Sober Briquette said...

Wow, the water is so clear, the rocks are almost like camouflage for that Scaup. I would have wanted to get in, too.

When does Em come home? Thanksgiving?

I have a day slated for "staying in bed with the covers pulled up," but first I have to train Tony on how to get the kids ready for school and out of the house on time, and then it has to get cold enough to need covers.

Maggie said...

Proud of you and thanking the gods for being ever so gracious with Seattle weather in your time of need.

Maddy said...

Damned fine camera by the looks of things too!

crazymumma said...

Yes. So glad the water is so clear and you are a nature watcher and and and.

(Was wondering when the missing would begin.)

Big smushy hugs that have nothing at all to do with your daughter being at school. Nothing at all.

Irrelephant said...

What a handsome duck!

QT said...

How fortunate we were with the weather ~ how fortunate I was with the company!

Glad I was right about the duck. My rep was on the line...

meno said...

de, she'll be home for T-Day, but we'll see her in October for 'family weekend.' I can't hide under the covers because i keep having hot flashes and have to throw the covers off.

maggie, it is beautiful here right now in the way that only Seattle can be. Just perfect.

maddy, a Canon point and shoot. Swear to god.

crazymumma, oh the missing has beenn going on all along. But i've been successful in circumventing the sadness, so far.

irrelephant, he was a beaut all roight!

qt, you nailed that duck. No, not like that! We had a pretty perfect day out there.

Marshamlow said...

Yeah. So happy for you.

ETK said...

I hope you and Em are both doing well! :)

Dick said...

Good photos and it is good that you have been keeping busy. Digital photography is a good way to do that. Pat also pointed out to me that the "mum" in my first photo is really a dahlia. Needless to say, I am not much of an expert in flower types. I usually can tell the difference between roses, carnations and dandelions, but not much more than that. I did text Pat to ask the name of those fuchsias and it requires spell check for me to list them correctly!

flutter said...

oh yay, fun time with Neen!

Imez said...

For all you know those butterflies might have been discussing your fine weather. And why were you peeping, anyway?

You continue to show model (for me someday) behavior of how to parent and how to stop parenting.

Meno rocks.

patches said...

It's hard not to get frisky with that much grass around.

I'm glad the weather has been good somewhere. Cloudy, cloudy, crappy.

furiousBall said...

these pics are fantastic. and that water looks so clear i'd drink right from that pond... except for that duck farting in the water

peevish said...

Good for you! And the duck photo is so pretty, with amazingly clear water.

Can't the weather just make your day sometimes? It does mine.

Daisy said...

I went hiking and saw a scaup goat.

Sorry. Did someone already make that joke?

Anonymous said...

I think your frisky butterflies are a pair of coppers- purplish coppers, to be exact. :) I'm a science geek, I can't help it.

Cheesy said...

Oh baby! Fluttery sex in the wilds! BUT.. poor duck... maybe the flutterbyes will let him join in? Or at least watch~~

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wonderful life you have there :)

The weather is back to the 80s these few days. And I just don't want to know about the winter right now. Nope. I refuse to hear it.

Mrs4444 said...

I'm happy for you, and I'm living vicariously through you, so thanks :)

Diane Mandy said...

I need to follow your lead. It gets soooo dreary here and I tend to be homebound.

Vanessa said...

I love the butterflies frolicking around. Glad you are getting some great weather there too.

meno said...

marsha, i am so lucky.

etk, some slight drama, at her end, but we are doing just fine.

dick, i only know a few flowers, but my dad used to raise dahlias, so i know them.

flutter, come visit and i'll take you hiking too.

imez, i'm peeping because i'm a PERVERT!

patches, well, you're in the middle of hurricaine season. Maybe you should get on a plane!

furious, he was rude enough to fart right in front of us too!

peevish, yeah, i'm a fair weather flower.

daisy, groan, no you are the first with that line.

anon, oooh, a science geek! I looked at the link and i believe you are right. Thanks.

cheesy, he did look lonely. But he got some energy bar so maybe he's feeling more the thing now.

mother hen, winter? lala la lala. I can't HEAR you.

mrs. 4444, hey, anytime i can help you out by having fun, i'm glad to do it.

diane, but you are in a foreign country, that makes it harder, although maybe more important.

vanessa, it's STILL gorgeous here.

Cagey said...

Oooo,butterfly sex? I'd hit some of that, if given the chance. hee

TTQ said...

I stay busy too, I've never had a child but I am a stay at home wife. I rarely lack things to do. I'm even on vacation right now just with my mom. Honey has to deal with the animals including mom's. Poor Honey. Poor me, the house is not going to be in the shape I left it. GRRRR. And the cat might pee on one of my suitcases just to show me who's boss.

Sienna said...

Incredible, but I have two very similar photos, (duck on water and butterflies).

Taken not long ago, the butterflies I think are the same, just to my untrained eye, same colorings anyway...but not the same duck of course.

When I stop frigging around I'll wack them up.

Me too, the Canon point and shoot. I like it, nice and simple.

Never seen a duck with such eye coloring like that, unusual. But beautiful.


Sienna said...

Meno have sent my photos of similar stuff via email, will come thru as our obsession, it's not spam, but Pam!

Guy here says the butterfly is purple copper, I was wondering what it was. So Australia might have the same butterfly as USA?
They look the same.
My duck is probably a bird. Floats like a duck tho'. :)


capacious said...

"Carry on"? Do you watch "Project Runway"?

Watch out for those ditractions, they'll get you every time.

Slap me, I'm obnoxious. Sorry.