Sunday, May 17, 2009

In praise of retirement

I do this volunteer thing, a few times a week. It's fun, and it keeps me out of the bingo halls.

I've been doing it for about three years now so i know most of the employees. Many of them like to talk to me. They talk to me about each other. Much of it is complaining. I almost always understand what they are complaining about, and i might even agree with them. I listen and i nod and i tell them that i get it, but that, actually, i like so-and-so.

I am free to like more people because i don't have to work with them. Things that would absolutely drive me bananas (disorganization, lack of follow-through, tardiness, incessant pen clicking, baby talking to boyfriends over the phone, inflexibility, etc.) are not my problem anymore.

When i worked i was more judgmental, i suppose because i had to be to get shit done.

I don't have to do projects anymore with incompetent, lazy or just plain clueless people. I am just free to enjoy the people, and then go home.

It rocks.


Cheesy said...

I'm jello~

Mrs4444 said...

I look forward to that!

flutter said...

um, so like, with your cake schedule and everything, where is the visit to flutter?


lu said...

I feel like this when I work at the bookstore after teaching.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Good for you! :)

Volunteering is fun. I enjoy doing it do. I volunteer at the friends of library and lovin' it :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Besides, if you're ever just plain nostalgic for disorganization, lack of follow-through, tardiness, etc., those qualities are not in short supply even when people are not being paid for them.

But you're not turning into one of those goody-two-shoes like-everyone sorts, are you? I really love your way with a Gideon Bible.

furiousBall said...

the last part of this post hit home with me. i made this same decision when my father passed away. i now refuse to work with assholes. recently i quit a project because of a woman that was just flat out nasty. i told her she can keep her check (which was a couple thousand), i'm not going to continue with her.

it's quite liberating to have that rule with yourself.

Dianne said...

I'm sure it feels so free! I had a boss once who was always saying the biggest problem with team work was that you had to work with a team ;)

I loved him!

meno said...

cheesy, i'm lucky. Plus i get to like more people.

mrs. 4444, you can never retire, kids need you.

flutter, why is flutter so far away?

lu, that must be a huge difference.

mother hen, volunteering gives me some of the things that i used to get from working, with way less annoyance.

hearts, yes, i am now a reformed person and am ashamed that i ever even THOUGHT about defacing a Gideon bible. :P

furious, how i would have loved to see her face when you did that.

dianne, a great boss like that can make a huge difference.

Gordo said...

My Dad's been retired for 16 years and his joke is that he's just as busy as he did when he worked. He's just doing thing he wants to do. :-)

Mignon said...

So I haven't been reading your blog for the last couple weeks because it wasn't showing up on Bloglines, then I came by yesterday to ask you what was up, and hey! A bunch of new posts.

Then today Bloglines showed me you had two new posts, and I looked and they were from March.

So anyway. All my friends now are people I would've hated to work with back in the day. So based on that, I would not be friends with me?

Maddy said...

What a fabulous attitude! I could do with a bit of that myself.

That One Who Hides Her Identity said...

I needed a reminder of all I detest about earning an honest living. Too honest.

jen said...

what's wrong with bingo? bingo always gets a bad rap.

colleen said...

And getting paid for something can sometimes just ruin all the fun of it, or put too much pressure on it.

TTQ said...

Retiremnet does rock. Good thing Honey likes his Honey flexible *wink* i can't wait for him to retire