Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can you read this? It cracked me up. I don't think they appreciated me taking a picture of it but the customer is always right, right?

It's been a good week.

1.) Someone made an offer on our house. Which we accepted. And now the waiting begins.....

2.) Something good happened to Em, which is her news to tell, but it made her happy and that makes me happy.

3.) The Mister "found" some extra money that he forgot we had. Silly, silly man! (This is why i balance the checkbook.)


4.) I have a BRAND NEW laptop that is better than yours in EVERY WAY! (At least for a week until the next version comes out, but WHATEVER!)

5.) I am in San Diego visiting with a friend and so far the weather is lovely.

(Yes, number 3 and number 4 are connected.

Some bad and sad stuff happened too, but i am choosing to live in denial, just for a little while.

What's up with you?


sabra said...

The Chinese restaurant we go to advises us not to park at the McDonald's next door, but not with the amusing flair of the notice you got! In completely unrelated news, I am craving a new laptop, and will gladly celebrate the newness, fabulousness and superiority of yours! (Can also relate to bad and sad, but like you, will continue living in denial)

Dick said...

Parking at the Green Car Co in Bellevue is non-existent and they strongly suggest that you not park in the restaurant lot next door, too. I could read it.

Congratulations on the new laptop! I also have a new one and finally did get some photos and a new blog post made about it. Now to see if I use it enough to justify the price. I know I'll use it when we travel but still bet the desktop machine will be my mainstay while at home.

Bob said...

okay - since you won't share your all of your news, I'll share most of mine.

I too have a new laptop - macbook pro bought in January. 3 frickin months before they turn the new ones loose. It's still lovely, though.

Laura and I leave in 3 weeks for a 2-week trip to Greece and Egypt. Our honeymoon. (it only took 25 years to take).

Laura's 86-year-old dad has cancer. Hard to say which way it will go. Laura is up visiting now. Our afore mentioned trip might get canceled if he takes a turn for the worse.

(you used to be fairly forthcoming here, and lately not, and not nearly as frequently. I wonder what has changed?)

nick said...

Glad things are going well. Always nice to discover an unexpected bit of cash!

Jenny is currently stranded in York because of the volcanic ash cloud and flights wipe-out. Goodness knows when she'll be back in Belfast. A bit of a nightmare.

meno said...

sabra, and i will celebrate with you when you get yours, and it will be superior to mine in every way!

dick, i will have to walk over and check out their sign and see how it measures up. I use my laptop exclusively, even at home.

bob,the news i am not sharing has to do with Chani. Again, as with Em, it's not my news to share, and perhaps it's no one's. Also, because my rat fink kid reads this now, i feel that it's unfair to my husband that she would know things about our relationship that even he doesn't. So i feel a but stifled. I hope you are able to make it on your trip. It sounds just wonderful and you to crazy kids deserve a honeymoon.

nick, what a mess over in Europe! I hope Jenny can make it home soon. The Mister is supposedly going to India in a week or so, through Frankfurt. I am wondering if that is going to happen.

Marshamlow said...

I love the sign! I am very jealous of your new laptop. I hope you have a good trip.

My life is really busy with absolutely nothing going on. I am trying to stay busy with Jeff deployed so that I don't sit around feeling sorry for myself. So far it is working pretty well, but I find that without quiet contemplative time I don't really have anything to say either.

TaraDharma said...

ah, San Diego, great place!

I love finding extra money - but it's usually not enough to get me a trip.

good news on the house -yay!

Sad stuff always seems to be happening...WTF? Shouldn't be....

Maggie said...

Ah denial. A well worn hiding spot.

But the money and the laptop and San Diego trips rock! Oh and the offer on the house. Hopefully it tips the scales to the good side.

If not, go look at pictures of puppies. It makes anyone a puddle of goo.

Clowncar said...

I literally danced when we got an offer on our house. Congrats.

And being raised white, Protestant and Midwestern has allowed me to set up a comfy chair, a rug and a reading lamp in the house of denial.

sari said...

I have new fiber-optic high speed internet, woo!

Sick kids home, boo!

Putting on an art show in a few weeks, woo!

Freaking out about the work, boo!

Other than that, good. :-)

Maddy said...

Denial works for me too, always accentuate the positive. Glad you're getting a break AND a new laptop.

flutter said...

you are NOT a stingy and unpleasant affiliate.

just sayin

egan said...

I wish I could find some big money in the cushions of our couch to fund our new roof.

That sign is very awesome. I love when businesses are hostile towards one another in an overt way. It's endearing.

I'm not in San Diego and haven't been there since about 2000. Have fun.

That One Living in Pollen said...

Ah, the joys of passive aggressive Engrish.

Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

I just drank wine with my favorite Gay. Nothing else matters. (Congrats on all the good stuff!)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love the sign too. Somewhere I have a pic I snapped of a sign in the parking lot of a local restaurant that says "Be quiet and use trash can."

Congratulations on all the good stuff, and I hope the rest of it isn't too bad and passes quickly. Enjoy San Diego!

Saint Dolores said...

I miss Em stories. Many have stuck with me but a few I think have acutally influenced how I'm going to raise my daughter. Mostly the sex ones.

Princess in Galoshes said...

That is a good list. I hope the happiness is more than the sadness.

In my baby is crawling! So that's exciting.

Mrs4444 said...


There is nothing exciting going on here, except that I'm tearing my hair out waiting to see if Kyle finishes his Eagle project before he turns 18 next week. That, and Mr.4444 finds out about a potential new job by Tuesday (but shhhhh!!! It's very top secret right now and CANNOT be mentioned on my blog.) Wish us luck! :)