Tuesday, July 29, 2008

In which i go for a hike


Cool rock formations.

Kim demonstrating the proper downhill technique.

The snow.

PIKA! Wookit him's widdle ears!

The view from the top.

Trees and boulders.

Someone with whom to share my lunch.

Things i almost mistook for lemon gummy bears.

Ibuprofen. (Vitamin I)


Bee sting.

Fucking assholic hikers who leave their trash behind.

Old knees.


Look how Smokey is holding his nose!

Jabba the Hutt?


thailandchani said...

Looks like beautiful scenery.. but.. the outhouse? Ugh!



ETK said...

Looks like so much fun, except the stinky part!

Anonymous said...

did you try feeding the trash to jabba?

You mustn't post pictures like these too often or there will be a sudden rush to the NW. sigh.

Maggie said...

you're Jabba picture is calling to mind Fraggle Rock for some reason???

view from the top: WOW!

must. get. to NW. somehow.

Vanessa said...

Sounds like a fantastic hike and yes, those widdle ears are adorable!

Anonymous said...

hilarious! I love the rock forms and the Pika.

lu said...

Nice! The Smokey bear sign reminds me of your Japanese toilet pictures.

Kath said...

I'm impressed.
The pika is so cute.
Smokey, not so much.
The photo of the cats, although unrelated to the post, fits somehow.

Anonymous said...

You temptress. What beautiful scenery. And I canceled my meeting with you and my hike. What a fool am I.

QT said...

DUDE - stop posting pics of where you are!!! It is never sunny there, I know there is some photoshop manipulation afoot.

That being said, I think we should make an outhouse sign like the one you found for jen's belizean composting toilet. That would rock. Get chica on it, stat.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow NICE!!! :)
What happened to your knees? Did you feel the pain climbing uphill or going downhill?
Let me know, I may have an easy solution for you, only by changing how you stand.

meno said...

chani, it's all part of the package. And hey, i can hold my breath that long!

etk, it was fun, even the stinky part. I got to take a picture of an amusing sign.

de, that might have worked. I'd love it if you rushed to the NW.

maggie, you must.

vanessa, i SO wanted to pet him.

sally, the rocks we amazing. We had to scramble at the very end.

lu, i guess i must have a thing for toilet humor.

kath, is it because of how close they are?

deb, you are not a fool, and i'll fight any one who says you are! Maybe next time.

qt, okay, you caught me. These were obviously a ruse to get people to visit me.

Imez said...

Not so much Jabba...more like muppett lips....but the kind that eat you in your dreams.

flutter said...

wookit hims widdle ears!

patches said...

I've been studying too many Georgia O'Keefe paintings, 'cause Jabba resembles something more suggestive. Jeezus, I need to get out more.

Nice mountain view!

furiousBall said...

gorgeous. that little mouse looks delicious.

fiwa said...

Your hike looks great - where was that? Silly me, I took my mom to Mt. Rainier last week, not realizing there would still be snow EVERYWHERE. It's so strange - when it's sunny and from a distance it looks as though there has been a LOT of melt off, but there is still snow covering all the paths. We did get to see a small fox though, so that was exciting.

I love the jaba the hutt picture - it looks like a pair of lips.

liv said...

i simply love you. something vaginal and phallic in the same post. patches and i need to get out of bed and out into the world more.

TTQ said...

I went to the highest point in Florida, but I took an elevator. And they wouldn't let us slide down, you have to go the water park for that.

Candy said...

Almost makes me want to go hiking.

I said almost.

Brad said...

That looks like an awesome hike. What? you don't give out your secret trails?

Yeah, and the daughter post below. You made a 46 year old dude cry. Proud of yourself ?

meno said...

mother hen, nothing specific happened to my knees, i think they are just old. They can hurt both uphill and downhill, but if course moreso at the end of the hike when i am tired.

imez, it was the dripping ooze that made me think of jabba.

flutter, yes, but hims didn't want to let me scratch those widdle ears.

patches, you and liv. I should have posted that one sideways huh?

furious, they are excellent roasted. I hear.

fiwa, that's Mt. Pilchuck. This year the snow is very late to melt off. There are some hikes i can't even go on yet. I am a bit of a snow weenie.

liv, i'm all about the reproductive organs. :)

ttq, the highest point in Florida being, what? twelve feet above sea level??

candy, coward! The thing about hiking is that it always feels so good....when i'm done.

brad, no secret, it's Mt. Pilchuck. And yes, that does make me proud. :) Plus it means that you are a sweet man.

Clowncar said...

Pikas are cool. Didja hear it whistle? Love that sound.

Where were you?

Kath said...

Re. the cat photo fitting. A couple of reasons. First, they look like a "cool cat formation" and secondly after a hike, the idea of bed would be enticing to me.


Irrelephant said...

Gahd. Gorgeous, utterly gorgeous. I wish we had scenery that went up and down rather than going "squish" or "burble" or "grooooooar!*" when you step on it.

* the closest I can get to the sound an alligator makes when you step on it.

Scott from Oregon said...

Gotta love the granite.

Ever been on the backside of the Sierras and seen just how vertical the upheaval was?

caro said...

Wow! And where was this?

Sienna said...

What a beautiful place, I can't get over the snow, especially 'cos I've reckoned u guys are in summer.

The rocks look like our ironstone, our nearest mountains however are sandstone! was a huge inland sea.

I find it incredible you start out walking on beautiful mountains and then hit snow, kinda a real novelty here, (snow).

I'm gunna google Pikas, what a beautiful place, I love all that stuff.


Mona Buonanotte said...

Beautiful view from the top! I got a little vertigo, tho...so incredibly high.

Say It said...

that hike looks like it could kill a body just trying to get to the top!!! But once there, oh, the view, the view!!! Love the photos. Envy your stamina.

musing said...

Those are some awesome views. That fifth pic: looks like you could walk on the clouds.

Antonia said...

If I were in charge the sign would have said "Can't bear shit in the woods."

[trombone slide]

I have a stinking cold. My sense of humour is in the repair shop.

Gorgeous scenery - you're so lucky to live where you do.

tt said...

just looking at the pics made me cool off! Wow...you have an eye for interesting things..:)

womaninawindow said...

The sun and the snow, a helluva contrast. And yes, always trash...

Cheesy said...

LOL @ GUMMYS AND JABBA... I'm sending this link to SF he will ove it

egan said...

Stunning pictures.

Tis I. said...


"Assholic". I LOVE that word.