Sunday, May 06, 2007

ABC Meme, Part I

I was tagged for this meme by AC of Sonnets of the Hermit. (Isn't that a great name?) Being lazy, i am going to stretch it out for two posts, as i don't feel like answering all those questions right now.

A: Attached or Single?: I don't have a conjoined twin, so single........ Ok ok, attached, for a hell of a long time.

B: Best Friend: I can't say that i really have a Best Friend. I have friends, some i like better than others. I have my walking friend, my squash friend, my husband friend, my cute male friend, my daughter friend, my friend who calls himself "my gay friend", my go-to-things-downtown with friend, and so on.

C: Cake or Pie? What a dumb question. Yes, cake AND pie. Ice cream is essential. Vanilla, no funny flavors with cake or pie.

D: Drink of Choice? Red Wine, green tea and fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice. (Not all together.)

E: Essential Item: Laptop and wireless. Plus a cat sleeping beside me as i type and read.

F: Favorite Color: Aubergine, Tangerine, Periwinkle, Mauve, Fuligin. Mostly i just like to say these, especially aubergine, and the last one isn't even a real color.

G: Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears, i like to "bite they tiny heads off, nibble on they tiny feet."* When i worked we used them as voodoo bears and would skewer them to bulletin boards with straight pins.

H: Hometown: My father was in the military, so i never know how to answer this question. Born in California, but i have lived in and out of Seattle since i was 12. So that's got to be it.

I: Indulgence: Cookies. Everyday after lunch i begin the hunt for a cookie. Almost any kind except peanut butter, which is odd, as i like peanut butter, just not the cookies.

J: January or February? I would name a pet January way before i'd name one February.

K: Kids: 1, daughter, 16, literary geek. Once named a cell phone Ishmael so she could say "Call me on Ishmael."

L: Life is Incomplete Without: (Corny Alert) Someone to share things with.

M: Marriage Date: February 20, 1982. It's an odd date but i was ADAMANT about not getting married on Valentines Day.

N: Number of Siblings: 2 older brothers. I blame the fact that i eat really fast on this. In our house, she who hesitated, went hungry.

*a quote from a B. Kliban book.


Toni said...

Hahaha! You are a hoot! Actually- I would name a pet January too, now that I think about it! Waiting on Part 2!

Stucco said...

LOVED the Kliban reference! Did you see my earlier Kliban related humor test?

Kelly said...

lol...your daughter sounds fantastic!

mrschili said...

LOVE the cell phone name! She's a clever kid, that Em!

I'll help you out on "T" - you can tag me if you like.

Schmoopie said...

I had to laugh at the "hunt for a cookie after lunch" line. I do the same thing. I am a cookie snob. They have to be homemade, or from a really good bakery. The owners of Alki Bakery are very glad I moved here.

patches said...

Your cats are well behaved if they sleep beside, it is imperative to lay across both wrist and look all indignant about being moved about. L, how true.

Anonymous said...

I like aubergine too, just because it sounds so european.

Joan said...

Did your daughter really name her cell phone Ishmael? That's literarily hysterical!

meno said...

toni, yeah, but not February!

stucco, i did not, but now i did. Thanks!

kelly, she's pretty damned funny sometimes.

mrs.chili, you're on!

schmoopie, me too! No lousy dried up old oreo will do. Today's cookie was a butterscotch oatmeal from Whole Foods. Mmmmm

patches, they view me as warm furniture.

deb, it's just so fun to say too.

joan, she did. It was a few phones ago, but it cracked me right up.

TTQ said...

I couldn't name a cat Feb. either..I can't spell it and I'd be sooooooo busted everytime we went to the vet.

Ortizzle said...

We're opposites on peanut butter! I love the cookies, but don't like peanut butter in any other way, shape or form. :-)

Mother of Invention said...

I'm with ya on January, and cakeAnd pie with nuthin' but 'nilla ice cream.

I can't pick a best friend either..I have lots of best friends, each in their own category.

luckyzmom said...

Oh yes N. My brother is the reason I eat so fast amongst many other adverse effects he has had on me.

Lynn said...

I am right there with you on the 'C'. I like cake AND pie AND vanilla icecream, too. Em is one intelligently/creative young woman! My poor phone will now have an inferiority complex as it is 'A Phone With No Name'. (as opposed to a horse)

jen said...

ahem. more about this cute male friend, please.

a girl takes what she can get.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Oooo..can we go on a cookie hunt? Mmmmm....

Lee said...

February, so I can call it Ru for short.

Bob said...

life IS incomplete without someone to share it with.

I am REALLY missing Laura right now.

Marsha said...

Thanks Lynn, now I will be singing, "I went thru the desert with a phone with no name..."

Meno, thanks for the morning chuckle. I too can't name a specific best friend, and I am also warm funiture for my cat, and eat vanilla ice cream with my cake and pie, and cannot go a day without a good cookie.

Maggie said...

Ok my favorite part was that you made up a color. I love that. A cat named January made me think of an English style library with books on shelves from floor to ceiling with big leather chairs and a fireplace - don't know why. Of course the cat was in the picture.
Cookies are likely one of my favorite things.

meno said...

ttq, plus how stupid would you sound calling for it out the front door?

ortizzle, see how well we'd get along?

moi, i like different ice cream flavors, just not with cake or pie. It's just not right!

luckyzmom, i often look around the table and i am the first one finished. Like a Hoover i am.

lynn, well then, we'll have to have a naming ceremony.

jen, oh he is cute and one of the sweetest men i know, but he already has a boyfriend, sorry! :)

nancy, hell yes!

lee, i never thought of that. I like Ru, or maybe Rue.

bob, oh you poor man! I hate it when the Mister is out of town, like now, but at least he'll be back tomorrow. Hang in there.

marsha, i think i struck a chord with the cookies!

maggie, i cannot tell a lie. that color is from Gene Wolfe's series "Urth of the New Sun" It is described as "a color darker than black." Which of course doesn't exist, but sounds really cool.

Maggie said...

I feel so literarily behind. Someday though, in a year or so, I will begin the long road to catching up. :-)

Lee said...

I would Rue the day I got a cat. They make me sneeze and itch like a monkey. No, not a bit pretty.

GEWELS said...

HAHA! Call me on Ishmael- that's great.

In my house we learned to drink really fast. Apparently, I can suck down the gin and tonics faster than my father (and that's saying something!)

QT said...

OMG -Em is too funny! I liked all your responses, especially the someone to share things with. Corny but true.

Do Swedish fish count as "gummy" or are they in a category all their own?

thailandchani said...

Very interesting and funny answers! :)

Naming a pet "January". Hm. Have to consider that one!



stephoto said...

God, I love the Kliban reference! I actually had the poster with that very "song lyric" on it (with the cat strumming the guitar)

The cell phone named Ishmael is a riot. As far as I know, my kids have not named their cell phones (at least not that i know of...)

PS Thanks for the comment on my abstract photo.It is actually the side of a quonset hut (hope that doesn't spoil the fun!)

meno said...

maggie, you really don't need to read those books. They are absolutely beautifully written, and i have no idea what happened. You are being a mom, that's plenty.

lee, oh, how sad! Allergies are the pits.

gewels, good for you on the G&Ts. I learned how to make them when i was about 8. Alcoholics? No, not much!!

qt, i think swedish fish are different, but similar. I still like them.

chani, just change your dogs name, she won't mind, or notice. :)

stephoto, another Kliban fan. Whoo hoo! Em names EVERYTHING! Her shoes, her backpack. It's hard to tell sometimes just WHAT she's talking about.

egan said...

I'm so so glad you didn't get married on Valentine's Day. You're a wise woman. Seattle is also my hometown. What a coincidence.

Irrelephant said...

I've named motorcycles, boats, trucks, cars, bicycles and even lawn mowers, but never, EVER have I given a name to a cellular telephone.

That kid rocks out loud!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I was going to ask what color "fuligin" is. Cute. I should probably drink more.

I love Em's cell phone named Ishmael. Great kid!!