Monday, May 07, 2007

Attack of the ABC Meme, Part II

O: Oranges or Apples? Oranges are good for hot summer days, with the juice dripping down my chin and arm and causing gnats to stick. Apples are a much more civilized fruit and can be eaten at work. Also much better in pies than oranges. But i like orange juice better than apple juice. So i won't pick one and you can't make me.

P: Phobias/Fears? I am pretty silly about spiders, and scream like train brakes when i have to squish one.

Q: Favorite Quote: Strange how much you have to know before you know how little you know.- Unknown. He's as dumb as a bag of hammers.- Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman.

R: Reasons to Smile: Tons. Happy kid, healthy family, cats who like to snuggle, cookies (there she goes with the cookies again), regular sex, brains, all my own teeth, not dead yet, and on and on.

S: Season? Summer. Some of my favorite moments come when sitting in the shade with a breeze, reading a book and sipping wine coolers ice tea.

T: Tags: Mrs. Chili and Luckyzmom. (You didn't think i was going to tag anyone did you?)

U: Unknown fact about me: Some facts about me are unknown for a reason.

V: Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: Omnivore. Oppressor of animals and vegetables alike.

W: Worst Habit? Reading blogs.

X: X-rays or Ultrasound. I've had both. My tits get both x-rayed and ultrasounded with startling regularity. I think the doctor is just a pervert.

Y: Your Favorite Foods: Sushi, salad, Indian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, live, dead. Basically anything except bell peppers, and they don't like me either.

Z: Zodiac? Virgo. Although to tell you how much i think that's worth, i don't even know Em's sign.


mrschili said...

Regular sex? As opposed to IRregular sex??

Give me a day or two and I'll put mine up...

urban-urchin said...

I don't know anything about zodiac signs either. I'm also with you on spiders.

patches said...

"dumb as a bag of hammers" is first cousin to another of my favorites "dumb as a box rocks". Spiders have the element of surprise working for them. They surprise you , then you hurt yourself trying to escape their evilness.

Stucco said...

X: That's pretty much what kept me out of med school- I'm an "ass man", but there is as yet no medical reason to fondle asses. That and I couldn't really say "ass doctor" without people assuming that I was a proctologist. Feh. No thanks- I'd rather be a dentist, and that's revolting too.

Where do the supermodels with junk in their trunks go to get their booties kneaded? See? That's how I ended up in IT....

Joan said...

So...when do you want to meet for dinner? I love them all and, much like you, I don't care if they're live or dead..or, in the case of sushi, cooked!

Lynn said...

"He's as dumb as a bag of hammers" ha ha ha, that one really has me laughing...probably because I know some people that fit the bill.

meno said...

mrs.chili, i thought about that too, but some things are none o' yer bidness!

u-u, spiders, when i rule the world, they'll be gone.

patches, someday i am going to cause a car crash when a spider surprises me.

stucco, i saw this episode of some plastic surgery show where the dr gave some girl a saucy ass. How would that work for you?

joan, ain't it great to not be a picky eater?

lynn, yeah, i know those people too!

jen said...

you are funny. unknown for a reason.

this is why i like you so much.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Hey! I'm blogging from your back yard now. I've seen Mt Rainier, I've been to Alki beach, I've got sand in my shoes and I'm pinching myself. I've also got half a glass of port in me so I'm rambling.


Letter Y. You and I are soul food sisters. I can't wait for lunch with you on Wednesday. Ok, yes I can. I want this trip to last as long as possible.

gr said...

worst habit: reading blogs! Sure beats picking your nose!

d-man said...

Are you scared of Spiderman?

Toni said...

Yay for regular sex! I don't like bell peppers of any sort either- yuck!

QT said...

Kudos on the regular sex - what an elusive little bugger that can be.

I am with on Y, too - I love it all. Except oranges. Never took a liking to citrus.

AC said...

Ive heard "dumb as a box of rocks", the counterpoint to a "bag of hammers". It would make a fine pair of tee shirts, kind of like "I'm With Stupid."

I left out a great number of unknown facts about me for your exact reason as well.

Lucia said...

Like your list of things that make you smile.

Being a virgo, it might be better not to know the implications.

Maggie said...

Summer is my favorite too! Reading in the breeze, gardening, all that stuff. The only drawback about summer is that's when the damn spiders come out! And I bet I scream louder and sissier than you.

meno said...

jen, some things just don't need to be advertised. :)

nancy, enjoy the beach. What a glorious day for it! See you tomorrow!

gary, i dunno, nose picking would surely take up less of my time.

d-man, mmmm, spiderman. Not so much scared.

toni, they are the vilest things, maybe except for liver.

qt, it's great to be an omnivore isn't it?

ac, i like your t-shirt idea!

lucia, does it mean that i will die a tragic and early death? Ah well.

maggie. I hate it in the fall when i have to locate my shoes and long pants. I hold out as long as possible.

egan said...

W - reading blogs: it's like crack or something. "just one more before I eat or make that phone call". Two hours later, I'm still doing the same thing. At least you're retired.

Mother of Invention said...

Summer's my fav too...lots of relaxing time by lakes and in boats!

Hate spiders too...old phobia!

Lots of reasons to smile...even though my health's not perfect, I have a great family, a wonderful understanding husband and lots of friends, and had a pretty successful career and a fabulous childhood. Yep, I smile a lot!

Definitely apples! The first bite'e the best!

luckyzmom said...

"Dumb as dirt".

I am working on my abc's.