Friday, February 02, 2007


You paint a thousand different pictures
with a thousand different brushes.
Each one will be the best
You tell me as you stroke.

And who am i to disbelieve?
Then the colours start to run.
I am running with them,
running with the truth

No picture is ever finished.
No brush is ever cleaned.
The colours all congeal.
The colour of dead dreams.

The Friday word was colour, from Mona. This week that word brought an unexpected response from me.


thailandchani said...

Wowza! Very good!



Bobealia... said...

Wow. Shot through the heart. Good stuff!

Lucia said...

Lovely! Very much enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

How very lovely and so very true.
Thank you Meno.

Lynnea said...

Ah, the poet in Meno emerges...excellent. "No brush is ever cleaned." - what a poignant line.

Mother of Invention said...

This is must keep writing poetry. I love that you can run with the truth as the colours do....and see behind the "pretty picture" that is sometimes painted to give a false impression.

luckyzmom said...

Like nailing jello to the wall.

I also see my question of resolve here.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wow. I love this. I'm going to save it.

Gordo said...

It's even spelled properly! Long live English 'u'!

sari said...

I really like this, thank you for sharing it with us, Meno.

meno said...

chani, why, thank you.

bo, shucks, thanks, i have no idea what came over me. I am usually a woman of prose.

lucia, thank you. :)

caro, i'm glad you understood it. I hate to be to cryptic. I wanted to mention you on my post about doing nice things for strangers, for the CD, but i didn't want anyone to think i was begging for a gift.

maggie, i am a little uncomfortable in writing poetry, especially in front of you. Because i really respect your poems, So thank you.

MOI, nice interpretation. This kind of fell out of my head, without me taking the time to think about it much.

luckyzmom, exactly! I really enjoy the personal experience that differs between all of us that comes from reading the same words.

de, thank you. That is very sweet. *blushes a tiny bit*

gordo, of course i did! What do you take me four?

sari, you are welcome. I am glad you liked it.

Bob said...


my first impression was that you aren't a glass-half-full type of girl, are you? I saw this as being from someone who was disappointed by another.

Or maybe it's just a seasoned view of life?

anyway, I really liked it. I am always impressed by people who can express themselves so well.

Anonymous said...

It's dark. I like it.

Anonymous said...

That's the sad thing about dreams, when they are pursued on an impulsive whim they tend to be abandon the same way... nice reminder to keep working toward the things that we want. Well composed. I hope you'll continue you to share your inspiration with us.

Lynn said...

I am no poetry critic, but your poem was very poignant and conveyed, to me, a deep and profound sense of disappointment. I hope that everything is o.k. with you. Of course being the mother of a teenage daughter, that's probably hoping for too much. LOL

Girlplustwo said...

each one will be the best.


meno said...

bob, me an optomist? HA! So not. I am a cynical idealist. Cynical in my mind means realist though. Yes, this came fron disappointment with another. Thanks for your opinion. I appreciate that you read it and liked it.

nancy, thank you. I am dark, just fron the experiences of life.

patches, are you not patches anymore? May i still call you patches? (Change is hard for old people!) I love the different interpretation of this. I don't know if i will do more poetry. Maybe.

lynn, you are spot on. I am fine. This actually came to me a few years ago when i was not so fine. It has stayed in my head all this time, rumbling around waiting for a chance to emerge. It is not about my daughter.

jen, and i tried so hard to believe it.

urban-urchin said...

wow meno.

QT said...

I really liked this - I wish I would have read it sooner...

meno said...

flutter, thank you very much.

u-u, surprised me too. :)

qt, i appreciate your reading it at all. Thank you.