Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can you read this? It cracked me up. I don't think they appreciated me taking a picture of it but the customer is always right, right?

It's been a good week.

1.) Someone made an offer on our house. Which we accepted. And now the waiting begins.....

2.) Something good happened to Em, which is her news to tell, but it made her happy and that makes me happy.

3.) The Mister "found" some extra money that he forgot we had. Silly, silly man! (This is why i balance the checkbook.)


4.) I have a BRAND NEW laptop that is better than yours in EVERY WAY! (At least for a week until the next version comes out, but WHATEVER!)

5.) I am in San Diego visiting with a friend and so far the weather is lovely.

(Yes, number 3 and number 4 are connected.

Some bad and sad stuff happened too, but i am choosing to live in denial, just for a little while.

What's up with you?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A brief thought

A conversation from The House of Meno last evening:

Me: (after the cat had just yawned in my face) Brown Cat has Kitty Breath!

a moment of silence...

Me: I suppose his breath is pretty good considering he never brushes his teeth.

The Mister: Maybe if i only ate cat food i could skip brushing my teeth!

another moment of silence...

Me: Yeah, and then you could skip sex too.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kitty Litter Saga

We recently moved to an upper floor condominium, where my previously indoor/outdoor cat would have to use a litter box for all his potty needs.

He's a good boy, so he hasn't had any problems with this, but honestly, all the litters out there SUCK!

Attempt the first: The usual standby, clumping clay litter. Oh My God! The dust! I felt like i needed a face mask just to scoop it every morning.

Attempt the second: Compressed pellets of sawdust. Says on the package that it's an ecologically sound use of recycled material. What they DON'T tell you is that upon contact with moisture, it disintegrates into a soggy pile of smelly stink that sticks to the sides and bottom of the box.

Attempt the third: This cool looking blue and white crystal stuff. Oh My God! The noise. It sounded like he was mining gravel when he scratched around in the middle of the night. Who would have thought that kitty litter could be so noisy? PLUS, it didn't clump and some of the crystals would turn yellow with pee and that's just gross. PLUS, he tracked it all over the house and those little crystals HURT when you step on them.

Attempt the fourth: Corn-based kitty litter with "Fresh Pine Scent." Oh My God! The smell! I don't want to smell a whole fucking pine forest when i walk within 20 feet of his potty room. At least it clumped.

Attempt the fifth: Wheat-based kitty litter. It clumps. It's renewable. It has very little smell. But again, he tracks it all over the house. Sigh. Looks like i get to vacuum every day.

You'd think with all the chemical engineers we have in this country whose job it is to turn cat pee into cement there could be a perfect kitty litter out there by now.

Grumble grumble.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

I amuse myself

My dad got a k!ndle for my mom for Christmas, and since i already had one i was appointed to help her figure out how to use it. This was a smart move on my dad's part, as she tends to resent his interference and him telling her what to do, and since she wants me to like her, she will listen to what i say.

Right after Christmas i got her device all set up and registered to their Amaz0n account, and we bought a few books for her. It was painful, but we muddled through.

So far so good.

At the last family cluster fuck, she showed me her k!ndle and asked me to fix it as she couldn't seem to buy any new books. Turns out she had somehow managed to deregister it.

(As an aside, why is it that older people, at least the ones i know, all have ONE e-mail account, and ONE Amaz0n account between them?)

I got that all figured out and fixed it up and presented it back to her.

What i didn't tell her was that i purchased her an extra (free) book called "Male Call - Hot Zones Book 1" that will appear on her device the next time she turns it on. My niece and nephew (who were looking over my shoulder) and i all thought this was hilarious.

Today i signed back into their Amaz0n account and gave the book a 5 star rating.

Oh the LOLs!

They will NEVER figure out why they are suddenly inundated with recommendations from Amaz0n for trashy light porn novels.