Thursday, August 30, 2007


A close up of my skin.

Something i thought would never happen to me has occurred. Something which has changed the whole way i see the world, and the way the whole world sees me. It has even changed the way i see myself. And it hurt me far more than i ever thought it would.

How did they know? Is it part of the president's domestic surveillance program? I may write to my congressperson. This is an outrage. I will not be treated in such a manner. I mean, HOW DARE THEY?

"What has happened?" you may ask, that has violated my spirit in such an egregious manner? I'll tell you what! In advance of the anniversary of my birth, upcoming more rapidly that i can deny, i received (*sob*) a membership solicitation from the

Those bastards!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Passion (no, not that kind)

Columnar basalt

I have been doing some listening lately, and a common thread has unwound from dissimilar narratives and wrapped around my brain.

Three people lately have been telling me about things that they do in this life because they want to, because it's a passion. One person does it as a volunteer, the others for work.

I observe the passion in these people, and i listen. Curiously, most of what i am seeing that could be called a strong emotion looks a lot like anger.

So are they having fun? I mean, is this passion a good thing? Truthfully, i try and avoid things that will make me angry. (I do read/listen to the news, because i don't want to be too ignorant, and that often does make me angry. But other than that, if it is likely to piss me off, i will avoid it if i can.)

All three of the people who have been talking to me seemed very unhappy and frustrated with a lot of their lives. I did ask one, the one who is the volunteer, why she keeps on with this task, when it upsets and angers her so much. She couldn't really answer me except for that it involves her church, and she feels like she has no choice but to continue.

I don't know exactly what i am trying to say here. I was just caught by the fact that none of these three are experiencing any joy from their chosen passions. Maybe passion isn't supposed to make you happy and i should be glad to be without one.

Then again, maybe happiness is overrated.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Reality....bites, albeit gently

Reality has intruded on the fantasy world in which the House of Meno exists. Em went back to school this morning, and the Mister back to work. And although my life doesn't change much with the advent of the regularly scheduled fall activities, i will miss having the two of them around. Except for when they piss me off.

Em has begun her senior year of high school. Ack! Senior year! Of High School! My Baby! I am both excited and scared for when she leaves home next year at about this time. Excited for the trips that the Mister and i will be able to take. Scared because she just a baby. How she will exist without her mama, i cannot imagine.

We have an exchange student from Japan here this week and through the weekend. It is difficult for me to fully imagine how strange this must be for her. But she is a trouper and just keeps on trying to speak with us. She understands quite a bit, but we must speak slowly. I admire her courage for coming at all.

She looks around at everything and says, "So big!" Our dishwasher, our car, our refrigerator, our house, even the cats. I can tell that she is not used to riding in a car because i keep having to remind her to put her seat belt on.

She cooked us a wonderful lunch yesterday and taught us how to roll tekka-maki sushi. Maybe i'll just keep her.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

This is the sunset view of Mount Baker out the window of my room at the B&B. And i woke up looking out at that view too. I am not worthy.

The B&B had a little guest book for people to leave comments. I wanted to write "Sorry about the blood on the sheets, the goat was a virgin," but my friend wouldn't let me. She's mean like that.

These flowers are called "Mouse on a stick" and feel as soft as they look. There were entire fields of them. I think they were designed by Dr. Seuss.

It was spectacularly beautiful at the top of our hike. This is a view of Mount Shuksan from our lofty perch at 6145 feet above sea level.

This little fellow startled a shriek and an "Oh, Shit!" out of me as i came upon him in on the trail.
A little bit of heaven. I tried to inhale the air and fill up my entire heart with it to hold on to forever. I think i succeeded, at least for a little while.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The CIRCLE OF LIFE....(la la la)

Time: Yesterday afternoon

Place:Check out line at the Pet Store

A very macho looking man was buying a mouse in a cardboard box, probably to feed his snake.

Em, standing in line right behind him, was buying food for her two recently acquired pet mice.


I am off again for a few days. Going hiking at Mt. Baker with my friend, Kim. We are staying in a Bed & Breakfast with feather beds. We are NOT roughing it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In Praise of Nothing

As i was racing through the bookstore yesterday, on my way to the trashy novels, i was stopped by this book:

It actually reached out and smacked me on the shoulder as i went by. So i stopped and took a peek and bought it. I haven't read it yet, but i will.

Last week i met another retired person, and he asked me what i did with my time. (I realized after he asked me this, that he really was waiting for me to ask him back so he could tell me about the fabulous things that he is doing.) I get asked that question with some frequency. It's always hard for me to answer. I exercise, i read, i have lunch with friends, i blog. Not much. Certainly nothing exciting to talk about.

I don't have a passion. I am not writing a novel or making music or traveling the world taking pictures of rare animals. (Two of which the above mentioned man was doing.) I am not collecting violins or opening a start-up company or attending board meetings of charitable organizations. I am not creating art, or becoming a master gardener or learning how to make gourmet meals.

What i am doing is being perfectly happy doing nothing of any importance to the world. I'm so happy that i am not even ashamed of my lack of purpose.

I do not want to be criticising people who do these things. Have at it, i say. But it's also okay to just be living. It's more than okay, it's great! I highly recommend it.

I looked on Amazon this morning, so as to get the picture of the book, and it appears that there are quite a few books about being idle and doing nothing. I had no idea that there is a small, but growing, movement out there for Idlers.

Damn, I hope i won't feel moved to write my own book about it.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dinner conversation

Meno's aunt Dinner guest #1: "Oh, you bought organic chicken. I read in the paper that there's no difference, so i don't bother."

Meno's mom Dinner guest #2: "And i read that free range chicken has more fat."

Meno Hostess: Rolls eyes.

Later that very same night:

Dinner guest #1: "I like this wine. Where did you get it?"

Hostess: "Costco! "

Dinner guest #2: "I can't imagine that they have anything all that great."

Later that very same night:

Dinner guest #2: "May i have some more wine?"

Hostess: "Hmmm, better not, i don't think you'll like it."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Girl, Entertaining

This week's Friday word from Mona is Girl. This word, and Maggie's post, made me think of all the silly love names i have called Em over the years.

Mrs. Fish
Monkey Pie
Pie Made out of Tiny Monkeys
Sunshine Binar
Stormcloud Binar
Girl who really should be spanked (from Rudyard Kipling)
Banana manna
Love Puppy
Cat Attack

And here's what i did to her yesterday:



It's fun having a girl.

What are your child's/pet's/whomever's nicknames?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Be careful what you ask for

I practically begged Amusing to tag me for this meme. Do you know why?

Me neither.

Actually it was because i thought it would be hard to do. I'll see if that's true. Because it would be way WAY WAY easier to do a list of ten things i don't like about me. And that's sad.

That's what i like about me, yeah!:

1) I would never cheat on any partner. Ever. I would not cheat with someone else's partner. Ever. I like to flirt with men i like, but only with the very clear understanding that NOTHING will ever come of it. If i wouldn't do it in front of my husband or his wife, i wouldn't do it.

2) I like my vocabulary. I love words and i like to use them. I like that i don't pretend to know what a word means if i don't know. I'll just ask, and then admire the word.

3) Sometimes i really can shut the hell up and listen, really listen, without waiting for the other person to finish their silly little prattle so i can tell MY fascinating tale. When i do listen, damn if i don't usually end up learning something really interesting.

4) I am dependable. I will never say yes to something and then bag out because a better offer came along, or i just don't feel like it, or i'm tired or...... Kinda like Lassie, without the ass-licking.

5) I can almost always find something to like about every person. This skill came in handy at work when i managed people. Sometimes i really had to work at this, but i could usually manage it.

6) Ummmm. (This is hard. I feel like i should be apologizing for saying good things about myself. I want to argue with me and tell you why i'm really not very nice.) I will protect and comfort any animal or child in my sphere who needs it, not just mine. Well, except for the ones i eat.

7) I like my breasts. Not too big, not too small. Not falling. No, i will not post a picture. There are plenty of much nicer tits on the internet for you to see.

8) I take responsibility for my stuff. This is a big deal because where i grew up, fault was a BIG HUGE HAIRY deal. We would sell each other out in a heartbeat in order not to have it be our fault. Endless argument would go into who's fault it was. Let it go. Don't miss it. (Sometimes i have to remind myself that it doesn't matter, but still.)

9) I work hard to try and keep my body working and in shape. I know that i need to exercise in order to keep my mind on an even keel as well. I could always do more of course, but i do pretty well.

10) When i really think something is funny, i will burst out in noisy laughter. It's a nice noise.

I am a beautiful and unique flower who blooms where i am planted.

I just had to go and cheapen it didn't i?

Monday, August 13, 2007


"Oh, Ouch!" i will blurt out as we are driving somewhere in the car.
"Where are we going?" i will ask when we are watching a movie at home.
"Man?" i will query when Em and i are walking together.

These outbursts come from inside me when i am remembering something that pains me, or i am musing about something unhappy that might happen.

"What's wrong?" Em or the Mister will ask, "Are you hurt?"

No, not physically. I try to find a way to deny what i have said, or to pretend that i was asking about something real.

It used to be that i only did this while i was alone. Now i am likely to do it in the company of others, which puzzles them and embarrasses me.

Is my filter broken?

Friday, August 10, 2007

Maybe we should move

Back home safely and all is well with the cats and the house. Grey Cat and Brown Cat are following me around and are both trying to sit in my lap at once.

Here are a few pictures:

We walked 3 or so miles down the beach on the second day we were there. In the rain. With no shoes. It was awesome. At least these pelicans thought so:

I love this color:

The Mister and i discussed buying this fixer-upper. Everything else was too expensive:

Pretty color:

There were lots of civil engineers and architects at the beach. I love going up to kids and asking them if i can take a picture of their masterpiece. They love it. These kids had spent hours making this beauty and were just realizing that the tide was indeed going to come in. They were going to build a little sand wall around it to protect it. As if.

Just a peek out at the waves for anyone who misses the ocean.

There were pelicans everywhere. They are so prehistoric looking. This group was diving into a fish ball that was just offshore. You can see the pink pouch where the one bird is swallowing something:

I got up this morning a bit early so i could go for a last walk out on the beach. The Pacific is damn cold this far north, but i spent half an hour wading around getting the bottom of my shorts wet. I wanted to take some of the salt water smell home with me.
I am both happy to be home and sad to be away from the beach. Tomorrow i have a hike planned to console myself. I love summer.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

More traveling

The Mister's pile of laundry, week 2.

Heading off to Cannon Beach on vacation tomorrow. There will be pictures as it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
I've got sunscreen and dental floss, what else could i possibly need?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

In case you were wondering

Where to start? Let's see...

It has come to my attention that children (most children anyway) act better with strangers than they do with their family.

I remember sending Em off to spend the night elsewhere when she was younger, and hoping that she would not have one of "Those Moments" while she was there.

Invariably, i would hear from the elsewhere parents that "She was great. A real pleasure to have around."

We will be at a restaurant and Em will be hissing angrily at me about some injustice done to her person. The waitron will come by and fill up her water glass or some such. "Thank you," she will say very sweetly, and then go back to hissing at me.


I suppose it's all because she feels comfortable with my love or something, but i wouldn't mind a whole weekend of her "company behavior."

I was talking about this with her yesterday and i asked her why she thought this happened. She thought about it for a few moments and said, "Those other people never yell at me for anything, and i don't really care if they like me, so it's easy to be polite. I care what you think of me and i get all emo if i think you are disappointed in me."

There you have it.