Friday, August 17, 2007

Girl, Entertaining

This week's Friday word from Mona is Girl. This word, and Maggie's post, made me think of all the silly love names i have called Em over the years.

Mrs. Fish
Monkey Pie
Pie Made out of Tiny Monkeys
Sunshine Binar
Stormcloud Binar
Girl who really should be spanked (from Rudyard Kipling)
Banana manna
Love Puppy
Cat Attack

And here's what i did to her yesterday:



It's fun having a girl.

What are your child's/pet's/whomever's nicknames?


thailandchani said...

I have never assigned a nickname to anyone ~ but this will definitely be an interesting thread to read. :)

You didn't tell us your nicknames! You're a girl, too! So? ... What are yours?



flutter said...

My nickname for my niece is "turbo" because she talks warpspeed.


LazyLazyMe said...

Your daughter has a hairy face.

I called my sister Tic. As in Tickyvoria. As in Victoria.

luckyzmom said...

Baby Girl
You Little Fart
Shawnawnaw(she never liked that)
Her first and middle name
Her first middle and last name
(With a stamp of the foot)
Per resh us
Sweetie Pie

Mrs. Chili said...


My eldest, at ten, is Punkin' Pie or some variation it (Punk, Punkin', whatever). She's also "Kid," but it's pronounced "keed."

The younger girl has a lot more nicknames. Her primary moniker is Beanie, but she also answers to Bean, Beaner, and Beanie-Bopp, Goon, Goonie or Gooner and, sometimes, Wretched Child.

Anonymous said...

good names! Love the hair.

Names I've lovingly called my girl: Spicy sausage, Gabagool, Miss Tish, Tishous, Tishous Delishous, Baby girl, Sweetie/lovey/darling. (Please note that I stopped calling her a spicy sausage by age 3)

Names I lovingly call my boy: Camelot, Cannelloni, Canoli, Sweetie Boy, Sweetie/lovey/darling

meno said...

chani, really? Not even your little puppy? My nicknames are all too close to my actual name for me to post. If you want to know, i'll send you an e-mail.

flutter, at our house we tell my daughter "Set it back to 33 and try again." Since she has never seen a turntable, she doesn't know what the hell we are talking about.

lazy, it was a full moon last night, she didn't have time to shave.

luckyzmom, ha ha. I like them.

mrs.chili, it gives me a chance to indulge my inner hairdresser.

my pool, ooh! Two kids. Double the nicknames. Canoli, yum, now i'm hungry.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

In my family, nicknames are HUGE. You get one and it sticks with you for life.

I call my son Arun the following:
Arun Macaroon (the official nickname)
Arun Beta (an affectionate Hindi term for son)

My daughter Anjali is only 6 weeks old, so her names are few:

Since you brought it up, I'll admit something. In my family we do rhyming nicknames (I'm Kelli Belli, my sisters are Jill the Pill and Queen Maureen) I am very stressed because NOTHING rhymes with Anjali. I've spent a good part of my pregnancy trying to think of a good rhyming nickname. My son has one, she must have one, too. Right? :-)

Schmoopie said...

Beautiful color for her hair! Love the cut on her too.

A.- sweet pee, punkin pie, baby girl, thumper, peanut, and the one that stuck: Ali-Bear.

Z.- zoodle, zugga-zoo, zachy-zoo, whiner 49er, zachmo, sweetie pie, darlin'

Taradharma said...

the hair rocks!

pumpkin butt
ghetto bootie = and boy does she!

Lynn said...

Love the hair color in both pics. The nick names for both Ten and Twelve are variations on their names. I don't think I had a nickname...although some kids used to call me 'skinny lynnie' but no one would call me that anymore. sigh

Liv said...

It IS fun having a girl! So, the kids:
D: blueberry, DD, little man,

A: Toodlepeep, Peepy, Toodles, Meggie, Avey

Bob said...

I like em's hair. my son wore his blue throughout his senior year.

my wife was the one with the nicknames for the kids, I always called them both sweetheart when they were younger. now he's boy, sport, or son and she's girl.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

I REALLY, really dig Em's new hair color!!!
Nicknames....ready? Bugga, boogies, yawunga, dagingy, e-boogie, bubster, babaloo, Bub, Woogies, lawooga, wubster, lou.

Airam said...

My favourite is "pie made out of tiny monkeys". That sounds so endearing!

And I love the hair!

Lynnea said...

Thos are so clever - but of course.

for B (my oldest)

Buster Punk
Squishy Butt
Rink a Dink a Doo
American Idol
The Idolizer

for G (twin boy)

He who must be silenced
Little G

for W (twin girl)

Curly Girl
Hurly Burly Girl
Sweet fille
P'tite fille
Tiny Dancer
Tootsie Roll

Anonymous said...

Is Em's hair pink? Or vibrant red? I can't really tell on my monitor. It's so smooth - is that correct product use, or genetics? asks the brillo pad.

Fiona doesn't like nicknames (high-strung little control freak that she is), which doesn't mean I don't use them, but.... The one she does like is Biscuit, which is because her hands are always nice and warm, like a biscuit right out of the oven.

We call Enzo "E-Z." And lots of other stuff that rolls of the tongue, but he's young so it's hard to say what will stick.

Oddly enough, I thought of something I wanted to ask you about Em yesterday, but it's fled my brain. Drat.

Ortizzle said...

Love that hair. That calls for a new nickname. Mahogany?

Girlplustwo said...

love the hair and the nicknames. i recycle through them w/ M. Currently I call her Butter.

meno said...

cagey, Anjali the dolly? Does that rhyme? Or the Dali? We'll keep working on it? Anjali the little Bee?

schmoopie, funny which ones stick. For Em it's usually Mrs. Fish. I can call her that in a crowd and she'll answer.

tara, those are great. Ghetto bottie!

lynn, that reminds me of some of mine from when i was about 15. Stretch, spaghetti, bird legs, freckle-face strawberry.

liv, i imagine it's fun having a boy too, but i don't. I like toddlepeep.

bob, we tried to do Em's blue once, but you have to bleach it first, we were told, and i was uncomfortable with doing that, since i don't know what i'm doing.

DDM, pretty vibrant huh? Nicknames are so cute.

airam, i like that one too.

maggie, pretty clever yourself there young lady. Squishy Butt?

de, it's kind of purple. i think the color was called Burgundy. You'll remember what you wanted to ask in the middle of the night some night. That's how it works. :)

ortizle, Purple Rain? Grape Woman?

jen, butter is sweet. We reycle too.

stephoto said...

Love the hair color! I've got two boys. Nicknames rule in our house. Here are a few.

For Henry, the oldest:

Mr. Man
H. Man
The H.

and for Ethan:

Little Bit
E Ye Yethan

My husband's got some good ones,too, but I'd better quit while I'm ahead...

Anonymous said...

Ha! Your daughter has almost as many nicknames as my daughter. My husband is overly generous with his appointments of such things...for instance, he calls me Aunt Bea every four weeks or so (speaking of "girl"). I'd like to claim it has to do with my Mayberry-homestyle cooking, alas it turns out it's "B" as in bitch.

While deserved on occasion, those times he chooses to use it are most inopportune.

Unknown said...

Purdy hair! I love it!


For Jack:
Wacky Jacky
Frodo Jr.
Elijah's Love Child
The Eldest

For Declan:
Baby Boyo
The Youngest

Frick and Frack (when they were still unnamed in the womb. Declan was Frick and Jack was Frack).

Thing 1 and Thing 2

The Boyos

Interchangeably: Stink, Stinker, Stinkpot

Guys! (usually shouted at just one of them)

Bob said...

we didn't have to bleach zack's hair. his is a shade or two darker than em's and we were usually able to get a deep shade of blue.

if y'all are interested, let me know and I'll send the details.

Scott from Oregon said...



TTQ said...

My cat: BabyfFRED! baby waby, sugar wooger, pumpkin lumpkin, BaaayyyyyBE!, pretty girl, sweetie eatie

Honey: Honey, asshole, jerk, son of a bitch, you f*cker, cranky bear

Mom: Grammy Lambie

I have way too many nicknames

sari said...
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heartinsanfrancisco said...

My children's nicknames are mostly too close to their names, but our cat, Truffle, is called Truffleuffagus, Truffis, Your Highness, Chicken Breath, or Truffian by me, and Flip calls her variously Skeezix, Doodoohead, and occasionally Dickhead (when she yacks on his guitar equipment)and My Best Girl the rest of the time.

Imez said...

This post has caused me to realize I am less creative than I thought.

I thought

Sugar Puss
Sugar Beet
Ellie Belly

were all very creative but not compared to "Pie made out of tiny monkeys."

I gotta say, your daughters hair was really beautiful in the before picture. Also, I'm glad you posted that. She doesn't look anything like I'd been imagining. I pictured kinda gothy and heavyset, I don't know why.

Dick said...

We regularly called our two boys by the standard shortened version of their names (ie Tom for Thomas) but when in trouble it was the full name, all three of them. Happily neither of them was in trouble a lot.

Our cat, PeeWee, is often called Mrs. Peasley, Huggy is just Hug and Molly is Miss Molly.

QT said...

Pie made out of tiny monkeys is my favorite of ALL TIME!!!

The BF is The Buck, I am the Doe. Thankfully, there are not too many variants on this. The BF will sometimes call me "babys" (that is how he spells it in text messages).

If either of us is about to ask the other to do a disagreeable task, the request starts with "Love of my life...."

Miles = Peanut.

Samson = Fat Bastard or Fat Lab

I am digging Em's hair, too.

Andrea Frazer said...

I grew up with the nickname Arfie. That says volumes.

Anonymous said...

we never really did many nicknames until recently, so poor kris doesn't have any. he was never really a nickname kind of kid anyway, ya know?

jessica is jesska

tony has been punkin butt, charles ampony, chuckie monkey, and bumble bee

maddie has always been ladybug

emma is stinkerbell

by the way, em's hair looks great, I love any shade of red, I think over the years, I've road tested most of them.

sari said...

I deleted my was bugging me that maybe I shouldn't have put the nicknames since I'm completely freaky about my kids on the internet.

But I do love the haircolor, it's a great one! I used to do mine that color but was too lazy and didn't want to handle the upkeep. And was too lazy to do it well at home. So now it's just it's brown.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin, sweetie, sweet pea, chickadee, shithead. The last one is only for the dogs:)

meno said...

steph, some of the "nicknames" i have for my husband aren't fit for publishing either. I do call him Mister Man though.

jennifer, nothing will turn me into a bitch faster than being called one, without regard to whether it was true to begin with.

nancy, frick and frack! I love it. Did you see the movie Cars?

bob, i am curious what product(s) you used. Em would love blue hair.

scott, too much information? Avtually it's just a carryover from the cats. The nickname, not the hairy ass.

ttq, ha ha! Sounds like our house.

hearts, we used to have a god named Tess. We called he a bassatessalope. From Bloom County.

esereth, oh hey, give yourself some more time honey! More to come, i swear. Em is thin but curvy. She'd like to be Goth, but she's too happy.

dick, i love kitty nicknames! Ours have many, since they are too stupid to recognize their own names, it doesn't matter.

mamap, hmmmm. Arfie? Why is that? I have seen your picture and you are quite attractive.

holly, punkin butt! I love that. We like the word butt around here.

sari, i understand completely. It's a big weird world out there. I was born to be a redhead myself, i am just too lazy to be a redhead. :)

deb, not for the hubby? Of course, i would never call mine that either. Ahem.

Andrea Frazer said...

I was called Arfie because my initials spell ARF. Thanks for the compliment.

Susanne said...

Great color! And I always thought that I'd be too serious to call anyone I love by silly names... Ha! My poor husband and son.

amusing said...

Interesting what a plethora of pumpkin variations there are....

May I request a future post on the origin of Pie Made Out of Tiny Monkeys?

Tater tot (older bro came up w/that one)
Rabbits (when together)

Unknown said...

That looks fantastic!

crazymumma said...

look at her.

she is a woman.

freak me right out....(it is fun having girls)


Andie said...


all pet names for my dog, Scruffy. LOL

Bobealia... said...

NICE red hair!!!