Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Be careful what you ask for

I practically begged Amusing to tag me for this meme. Do you know why?

Me neither.

Actually it was because i thought it would be hard to do. I'll see if that's true. Because it would be way WAY WAY easier to do a list of ten things i don't like about me. And that's sad.

That's what i like about me, yeah!:

1) I would never cheat on any partner. Ever. I would not cheat with someone else's partner. Ever. I like to flirt with men i like, but only with the very clear understanding that NOTHING will ever come of it. If i wouldn't do it in front of my husband or his wife, i wouldn't do it.

2) I like my vocabulary. I love words and i like to use them. I like that i don't pretend to know what a word means if i don't know. I'll just ask, and then admire the word.

3) Sometimes i really can shut the hell up and listen, really listen, without waiting for the other person to finish their silly little prattle so i can tell MY fascinating tale. When i do listen, damn if i don't usually end up learning something really interesting.

4) I am dependable. I will never say yes to something and then bag out because a better offer came along, or i just don't feel like it, or i'm tired or...... Kinda like Lassie, without the ass-licking.

5) I can almost always find something to like about every person. This skill came in handy at work when i managed people. Sometimes i really had to work at this, but i could usually manage it.

6) Ummmm. (This is hard. I feel like i should be apologizing for saying good things about myself. I want to argue with me and tell you why i'm really not very nice.) I will protect and comfort any animal or child in my sphere who needs it, not just mine. Well, except for the ones i eat.

7) I like my breasts. Not too big, not too small. Not falling. No, i will not post a picture. There are plenty of much nicer tits on the internet for you to see.

8) I take responsibility for my stuff. This is a big deal because where i grew up, fault was a BIG HUGE HAIRY deal. We would sell each other out in a heartbeat in order not to have it be our fault. Endless argument would go into who's fault it was. Let it go. Don't miss it. (Sometimes i have to remind myself that it doesn't matter, but still.)

9) I work hard to try and keep my body working and in shape. I know that i need to exercise in order to keep my mind on an even keel as well. I could always do more of course, but i do pretty well.

10) When i really think something is funny, i will burst out in noisy laughter. It's a nice noise.

I am a beautiful and unique flower who blooms where i am planted.

I just had to go and cheapen it didn't i?


Princess in Galoshes said...

I am impressed. That's a good list, Meno.

Andrea Frazer said...

"Kinda like Lassie, without the ass-licking." 'Nuf said.

Lynn said...

I guess that #2 is why Em had to correct the spelling on the board in Drivers Ed, and #3 is a fine examply of why you are such an awesome mom to Em.

Girlplustwo said...

i am racking my brain now trying to recall those breasts of yours and wish you'd pointed them out at dinner.

and you are a good listener.

amusing said...

Fabulous job, dearie. Don't you feel better now?

That blame thing -- it runs through my family too. The Eldest did it to me today; something was my fault because I distracted him, not his fault because he didn't do it. There was a bit of a lecture, I'm afraid, about taking responsiblity for one's self, and not pointing the finger elsewhere.

Liv said...

You are lovely and loving in every way. The things you listed make me feel so into you---in a blogging girl crush sort of way, and not in an ass lickingly Lassie way. Not at all.

flutter said...

Lovely work, Meno.

Anonymous said...

"Well, except for the ones i eat.'

Kids or animals? I have recipes.

Can I add to the list that you move with a lot of grace?

Lynnea said...

Well I was reading and nodding and confirming in my head until I got to the flower part and then there was coffee everywhere. Damn woman, can't do that kind of thing to a girl so early in the morning.

alphawoman said...

Loved it!

Mrs. Chili said...

I LOVE number one and number eight. Too few people do those, it seems.

This is a great idea, and I'm going to steal it; for no other reason than I've been suffering from the blahs lately, and I feel like there's very LITTLE about me that's worthy. Maybe, being forced to sit down and think of ten good things about me will help snap me the hell out of this funk. Look for it as my next Ten Things Tuesday.

Airam said...

I love this list! The ass-licking comment made me laugh!

Oh and you're countdown clock to nothing is too cute!

Imez said...

It's weird how nice it is hearing good stuff about people. It's not braggy at all. I got tagged with this and gave up almost immediately.

You sound like such a solid girl, Meno. With solid boobies.

meno said...

princess, thank you. Why don't you try it? C'mon, it'll be fun!

mamap, arf arf!

lynn, she is much less tolerant that i of errors, but she'll figure out soon enough that she makes them too.

jen, Racking your brain, heh heh. i should just start introducing myself with "Hi, i'm Meno, and these are my breasts."

amusing, it was harder than i thought. The girl thing about never saying anything positive about oneself runs strong in me. Silly. Maybe i should make one of these lists everyday.

liv, you just want to see my boobs! Thank you. *blushes*

flutter, thank you ma'am.

nancy, kids, of course! That's interesting that you would say that about me, i think of myself as clumsy. I think that's leftover from the days when i was still growing into my feet.

maggie, i knew that would get you.

alphawoman, i'm glad. Now you try it!

mrs.chili, oh please, go right ahead. It's surprisingly hard, at least it was for me. But in the end, it was fun.

airam, i hope you weren't drinking anything at the time. I swiped the countdown clock from Popeye's blog.

Her Bad Mother said...

I love you for number six. I love you for the *proviso* to number six.

gary rith said...

yeah, you seem like a good person!

QT said...

You and I have #4 and #6 in common, friend. I just can't, won't back out unless I am in an emergency room somewheres...

And all the little birds, kitties, puppies, frogs etc that are injured manage to find me somehow. I think they know all about #4 and that there ass is safe.

Bob said...

but you ARE a beautiful and unique flower.

I can't speak to the blooming part, as I am not anywhere near your garden.

good list. I admit to my base nature, I am curious about #7 - but YOU brought it up.....

I really like #10 - I laugh out loud too. just about anywhere. Yesterday my daughter commented that I must have been reading a good book 'cause she heard me laughing from where she was watching TV across the house.

Anonymous said...

Nice list. Faithful, dependable, and responsible are all great things to be. Its hard complimenting yourself. Good job.

ms chica said...

I think Bob might be flirting...I was wondering how many posts would pass before the flower reference, I guess it's Maggie's turn next.

Remember the only reason Lassie licks her ass is because she can...

megabrooke said...

i love your list! i love that you did it, even thought it was hard. you rock.

thailandchani said...

I like this list, too! A lot! You know, it never ceases to amaze me how many people *are truly invested in assigning fault*! So glad you're not one of them. I'm not, either.

My energy is too important.. and too hard to come by... to waste it on trying to find fault with others.. or assign fault.. or hold grudges.

Neat list.. :)



sari said...

It's hard to say nice things about yourself, especially out loud.

I like the laughing out loud one the best, a good loud blaring laugh is one of the best things there is.

meno said...

esereth, hmmm, if you won't do your list, maybe i will do one for you. Get crankin' or else.

her bad mother, well, i do love animals, and i do eat them.

gary, you too! And you make cool pots.

qt, i wish more people would honor their commitments. It's a testement to you that you do. I really like that in a person.

bob, it's not your base nature, you are a man, breasts are interesting to you. But still, no pictures. Sorry. A good laugh is a fine thing.

my pool, i sound more and more like a golden retriever. :) Thank you.

ms. chica, that bob, what a cad! I think maggie needs to post about the beautiful flower that is her vagina. :)

brookem, thank you. Now you try it!

chani, i know, it was a big deal growing up. So my interest in fault is not my fault. :)

sari, it is hard. I want you to do this next. Okay?

OhTheJoys said...

The beautiful flower part was especially great.

Schmoopie said...

You are a really good listener. I wholeheartedly agree.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. What a good sharer you are.

Mother of Invention said...

Nice exercise to do for focusing on the positive...we so clearly see what we don't like. You have many good traits here and I probably share many of them...the true blue friend thing and keeping my, not the breast thing at all!

Anonymous said...

Good ones. Like most of the blogs I read, I've been reading you, like for-evah, so no surprises here.

I have been tagged for this one, too, and for each thing I come up with I think of how I manage to twist it into something not so great...

Anonymous said...

We have a lot in common. Except that I need to do more exercise, and when I burst out in noisy laughter... well, it's contagious, but maybe not so nice, LOL.

lu said...

I loves me my Meno!

TTQ said...

Haha! You got the same thought about I did about racking and breasts. ..just sayin..

Bob said...

I must have really missed something when I was hibernating. I completely missed the point about the flower/vagina reference. teach me not to pay attention. and here I thought I was just being a nice guy in my comment above (well, except for the comment about your rack).....

crazymumma said...

Isn't it amazing how hard it is to put together a list of likes as opposed to dislikes?

you sound fairly awesome.

meno said...

Oh The Joys, and it's true, we are all a beautiful flower. :)

schmoopie, thank you. That really is a high compliment.

mcewen, cheers back at you!

moi, no on the breasts? Oh well, that's because mine are small.

de, it's so easy to dis ourselves. Try to be positive. Because you really are cool.

ortizzle, laughter is always good, even if you are a snorter, or whatever.

lu, <3 Thank you sweetie.

ttq, that's 'cuz we are clever like that.

bob, it's a thing from Blogher at Chicago, because i knew it would crack up Ms. chica and maggie. You need to come visit. Then you can tell us about your beautiful pistol, or whatever.

Bob said...

stamen. (you-all are the ones with the beautiful and unique pistil) and I don't know about beautiful, but maybe proud? monumental? obelisk-like in it's statutoriness? (this, of course, is purely a generic description and by no means is meant to represent reality in any way, shape, or form.)

"ata-men: The pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower, usually consisting of a filament and an anther."

the first time I read that definition, I read anther as antler and thought, woo-hoo - not only a filament (not a positive associative analogy for most guys) but an antler too. (more positive association, chock full of male-type stereotypical yada-yada)

I would love to visit and discuss the esoterica of plant physiology, but there will be no pictures of any stamen, real or implied - however proud its owner might be.

(I really shouldn't write this stuff late at night. and I really should delete this instead of pressing ent...)

Anonymous said...

LOL....Ah, Romance!

Tink said...

"If i wouldn't do it in front of my husband or his wife, i wouldn't do it."

You confused me for a second there. I thought you meant the wife of your husband, which would be you. So I thought, "Is this Meno or her split personality talking?" :D

Susanne said...

Great list. And what Maggie said (only it's late in the evening now).

And I really like the "I won't cheat"-part because it comes down to a moral decision doesn't it? One can't promise never to be tempted but one can at least act responsible.

sari said...

Meno, I will, next week.

meno said...

crazymumma, like most people i can be both awesome and awful. But for today, i am awesome.

bob, damn, you really went and learned me something. I think you should always post late at night. You cracked me up!

nancy, makes you want to weep doesn't it?

tink, both od me agree with you.

susanne, yes! we can't control our emotions, but we can control our actions. I feel strongly about this. Can you tell? :)

sari, oh excellent!!

luckyzmom said...

I am proud to have made your aquaintance.