Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was forced, forced into switching to the new blogger tonight. Doesn't blogger know that no means no?

It's not that there's really anything wrong with it, but i hate being told what to do, even if it's what i wanted to do anyway.

So far it looks like all is well, i changed the colors myself, in mourning honor of the occasion. Have you ever read their user agreement? I did, as a stalling tactic (like a pouting 6 year old) tonight. Yeesh, what a bunch of legalistic babble.

They are not responsible for anything, even my fucking offensive swearing.

I know this post is unworthy of me, and especially of you, but Meno is in a snit.

*stamps large feet*


Mignon said...

I know. Would it kill them to just say, "Sorry, you have to do this now because it will help us give you better service. The old blogger is hard to maintain..." and so on. Idiots.

So did you pick this color scheme to punish them or just me?

Joan said...

Ah...the dreaded Blogger switch. My husband's blog is on "Classic" Blogger and I'm just waiting for them to force him over. This is just like my cable company. They want us to switch to digital cable so they're slowly taking away all the channels we like as a way to force us into making the switch...why don't they just switch us and be done with it?!?!?

If it means anything, I like your new's nice, bright and easy to read!

Liv said...

Oh, sweetie, it does suck. I hated being goaded by those arses to change it all. But, the good news (ha!) is that it kicked all my blogrolling friends into obsolescence and forced me to pick new ones. Of course, you're still on it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, even Nano or Neon or whatever the hell Matrix Boy's name was got to CHOOSE to take the red pill. Here they just squeeze your mouth open and toss the red Beta Blogger pill down your throat like you're some kind of sick cat.

What? That didn't happen to anyone else? Oh.

Cool yellow. It does trippy things to my monitor.

lu said...

fuckers, got me too.

and I still can't figure out how to add in the linking words and how to list cool people.


Lynn said...

I guess since I came on as a new blogger, I don't know what was so wonderful about the old one... I just know that everyone who is FORCED to change is angry. Maybe the operative word in that sentence is FORCED. If they had at least said "pretty please with sugar on top" would you have felt any better?
p.s. I like your new color scheme. p.p.s. I'm wondering, how do you cross out words when you type?
p.p.s. I hope you feel better and I bet your feet are not that large!

Susanne said...

As far as I can see everything just works fine with the new blogger. But then I haven't changed my template yet. And why do you go all yelloy when I just thought of doing that? After I thought, "Well, I'd really like to have it apricot but then it will look exactly like Meno's blog?"

But then it's all my fault for procrastination. And who knows if I ever change the look of my blog from goth to cheery...

I like it when people switch BTW because it makes commenting easier for us new bloggers.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Welcome the new blogger world of unpredictability. Everything will seem fine for awhile. Then one day you'll add a button to your sidebar and the whole thing will get wiped out. You'll have problems loading images and will have to download a new browser. You'll have trouble leaving comments elsewhere. Eventually it will work out but sheesh, what a pain!

And I would also like to know how to cross out words. And I still don't understand how the whole labeling posts thing works. Do you have to add something to the sidebar?

I like the yellow much better, by the way.

Special K ~Toni said...

I joined on the new blogger, so I don't feel your pain, but you crack me up anyway!

meno said...

mignon, oh, i assure you that the new colors were chosen specifically to torment you! But some people like it (see comments). There's just no accounting for taste.

joan, why thank you, i'm glad you like the color. :) (hi mignon)

liv, well as long as i am still on your blogroll, life is good!

nancy, no that is exactly what happened! *sings* "One pill make you larger, and one pill makes you small."

lu, send me an e-mail and i'll 'splain the linking magic to you.

lynn, is isn't/wasn't so wonderful, but i'm just a curmudgeon. Send me an e-mail and i will 'splain the magic of strikeouts to you.

susanne, we can be all yellow together, allthough i liked the orange too. I like warm colors. How does it make commenting easier?

tracy, so i should not relax my guard is what you are saying. Send me an e-mail and i will explain the crossing out thingie to you. 'Tis easy. Glad you like the yellow, me too!

toni, grumble, grumble.

alphawoman said...

It was traumatic when I made the switch. Things are a little harder for me to maneuver around on the I don't!! I know they said it was easier with a lot of bells and whistles. I'm just glad mine made it over intact. I really really liked your other color.

gary rith said...

Hello Meno, on an entirely different note, you and I travel to many of the same blogs, so here is a cheery hello from GR of pottersblog. I shall visit often. This is a very spirited blog.

shara said...

Large feet are the best for stamping, I've found. I'm in snits less often now than before (The Big Snit, have you seen that?) but do love a good irritated foot-stamping frenzy on occasion. Good for the soul, or the soulless, whichever applies. Sunny yellow. :)

meno said...

alphawoman, i actually copied my old template into word before i did this in case there were issues. One vote for the old orange.

gr, well thank you for stopping and saying hi. I have admired your pig cups/bowls, and since this is the year of the pig, i think they will do well! I have fun here, i hope you will too.

shara, and since i am almost 6'1" i have just the feet for stomping! Will go and look for your snit.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

Okay. I need help. You're all smart and shit, and I've been wanting to know how to do that thing where you link to someone's blog by their name, but without doing the whole www thing.
Also, I was irritated by being forced to switch too. And I like that I can pick a category. But I don't know how to display the categories on my site. And I would like to change my template but I'm skeered.
Meno, I'm just plain needy.

jaded said...

Oh shit I think I'm lost! Could your direct me meno's blog, I believe it has an apricot colored background or is it warm sunset?

It's great to be in such good company. I don't care for change, but I will adapt as long as it's my idea...

sari said...

Dear Meno,

I know this will interfere with your snit, but the new color is such a nice, soft, buttery and cheerful yellow, I'm giggling a tiny bit at your fit.

In a good way, a nice way, of course.

PS I like the new blogger better! shhh! :-)

Mother of Invention said...

I knew they'd soon find you, too...and I didn't tell them where you were..honest!

lu said...

I'd e-mail asking for the splainin--but where do I find your e-mail address? I know--I'm a dork.

peevish said...

best labels ever!
I tried to leave this message yesterday but our computer was fucked.

Thanx for switching, even if you didn't wanna. Commenting is (usually) way easier now.

meno said...

ddm, i can help you with the link thing, send me an e-mail: I just got the categories and i don't really think i'll use them, but i will go and look at the code of someone who does have them and see if i can figure it out.

patches, the warm sunny color reflects my inner sunny nature. :)

sari, tell me why you like it better, i am curious. Glad you like the color, me too.

moi, i think it WAS you! Traitor. :)

lu, It's Before i switched to the new blogger, it was on my profile, but no longer. I'll spend a bit of time today and put it on my sidebar.

lisa, :) I feel that the label expressed my feelings very well. Why is commenting easier? I notice no difference.

Anonymous said...

Just to show what a baby I am about being told what to do, I bailed on Blogger before they had a chance to force me to switch to Beta. I moved to Wordpress a while ago, and I like it better over there, so nyah-nyah, Blogger!

Tink said...

Ahhhh! I'm blind by chip-n-cheery yellow.

I hate Blogger. They can kiss my ass.

SuperP. said...

LOVE the label for this post!

I tried not to switch for a long time, too.. but, actually, it's a nice format.

I have big feet, too.


meno said...

mrs.chili, you may end up being the smart one here.

tink, maybe you shoud read w/sunglasses on? As far as blogger, right on!

penny, except for the fact that my e-mails from my comments are all screwed up, i really see no difference. Glad you like the label. :)

Bobealia... said...

still getting used to the banana yellow, was shocked at first, I don't do well with change... at first but then I am quite flexible soon enough.

meno said...

bo, oh this from the woman who recently changed her background to mint green?

sari said...

I like it better because:

1. it's easier to change to layout. I like to change things on my sidebar a lot (like, "3 songs for today" or something like that) and it is very easy to do it now, whereas before I would be messing around forever.

2. I like that if I put things in my sidebar and I want to alphabetize them (or not as it were) blogger will do it for me.

3. I like that it publishes immediately instead of the 73 years it used to take. I like that I can look at my post, and immediately edit it if I messed up (which is 80-90% of the time).

4. I didn't like the tags before I started using them but now I do. I can use song titles or lyrics in them and just confuse the hell out of people.

5. I think that's it for now.

Still like the butter yellow. Sorry your 25 year party with your parents was ...a parent party. Good intentions and all, right? ha ha

I always seem to have those sorts of answers in my head to questions that you just can't really say out loud. But I'm glad I'm not the only one.

peevish said...

Meno: commenting is easier because now we are on the same platform. I used to have to type what I wanted to say, then copy it to my clipboard because then I'd have to log in to google and when it plopped me back onto the comment screen, my typed, oh-so-witty words would be gone, wiped away forever and I'd be all "SHit! What was I gonna say? Dammit! Meno would have laughed out loud and thought to herself, "Wow, I sure wish I could hang out with Lisa cause she is sooo cool." but now I can't remember and Meno will never notice I exist or worse, she'll think I'm stupid & boring."

it was like that.

Wow, I guess the pressure is on now, for the witty rejoinder.