Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Update, no biggie

I told the Mister last night that i have a blog and that i've had one for almost a year. His response was "That's cool. You should show it to me sometime."

I explained that i didn't trash talk him here, or refer to him as "that fucking asshole" or anything like that, but that really, it's all bathos and pathos here. So, i told him that no, i would rather he didn't read it as it would make me self-conscious.

I talked a bit about how much fun i am having. And, as i suspected, he is happy and supportive. Although i know he would like to read what i have written, it's not a big deal to him. We'll see if it comes up again.

<3 (- a sideways heart)


Special K ~Toni said...

Thats great! I was self conscious at first also. Hubby reads it every once in a while. I'm okay with that!

XD- right back at ya!
<3- If you say so.

Joan said...

My Hubby knows about my blog but seems completely dis-interested in it which is fine with me...I certainly don't take it personally. Quite honestly, I like the fact that I feel free to speak my mind without having editorial interference from him. If he wants to speak his mind, he always has his own blog which is sorely underutilized at the moment. Maybe your Mister might like to start his own blog.

Lynn said...

I think that this is one more example of how men and women differ. Men tend to take things at face value ie: "you enjoy blogging, that's great" end of subject, no big deal... women tend to be more curious and dare I say it...more suspicious ie. "you've had a blog for a year and you didn't tell me...what were you hiding? I want to read it now". Mind you not all men or all women fall into these categories...but I bet many do.

I'm glad that your Mister is happy and takes lots of pressure off.

Anonymous said...

Well, that was easy. (Sound of someone hitting the Staples Easy Button.)

My guess at this point is that he will probably resist the temptation to sneak a peek at your blog. Men are funny that way. They are far more capable than women of resisting that sort of urge.

Anonymous said...

I do love that Staples Easy Button.

Thanks for clearing up the dif between IM and texting. I'm smacking my head here, because I should have known it.

Whew. Glad that's over. I was tense, way over here.

When I shut down my blogger account, my husband said, "Hey, you should do what you can - your outlets are so limited," blah, blah, blah, basically encouraging me to continue blogging. But I didn't tell him about my new spot because he was constantly getting his undies in a bunch about nothing.

urban-urchin said...

Good for you and him.... And the sideways heart looks vaguely testicular.

Does Em know about your blog?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Chili knows about my blogs, and it's been an occasional source of tension (he doesn't understand why I feel the need to express my inner workings to potentially thousands of random strangers). I'm not sure if he reads or not, but I wouldn't be bothered if he did. There's nothing in my writing that he doesn't already know.

(by the way - "trimming your pubes" is TOTALLy going to be my next cop-out excuse. You're TOO funny!)

Anonymous said...

I don't know why my comment appeared twice, but I can't delete one of them. Sorry for jamming up the airwaves...

meno said...

toni, it's a relief to have it not be a secret. Now i can explain all those hours on the laptop.

joan, i think he might, if he had the time. Hmmmm....i wonder what he'd say about me? :)

lynn, an excellent point. I would try almost any underhanded trick i know to get to his blog, if he had one. i admit it, i suck!

ortizzle, first he would have to find it. Assuming that he doesn't already know the URL. He's a total computer geek and if there's a way to find it, he knows it.

de, i get snorted at all the time for saying IM when i mean texting. I can visualize the Mister getting his knickers in a knot too. Who needs it?

u-u, testicular? Well, i guess that's one kind of love! No Em doesn't know. She would KILL me for some of the stuff i have written about her.

mrs.chili, i guess there's a few things that i have resisted telling the Mister about what i think of certain things, but for the most part, it's all known stuff. I'm glad i amuse you!

meno said...

mrs.chili, i deleted it for you. :)

Liv said...

remember, it's my blog that ruined my marriage. not the cheating.

(pause to laugh hysterically)

i'm glad it went over so well at your house!

QT said...

I am so happy to hear this ~ I am pretty sure he would be bored to tears with all of our "feelings" wouldn't he?

thailandchani said...

I'm guessing most men would be bored with women's blogging. Too much ruminating and talking about things that wouldn't be interesting to them.

Oh, but post something about sports, drinking beer or getting laid and most of them would be right on it!




Girlplustwo said...

isn't it funny how anticlimatic these things usually turn out? i'll spend time in my head and then it goes over like a flat coke. no biggie.

being a dude must be fun sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Private space is good. I sometimes wish I wrote under a pseudonym. I would feel freer. You have your pseudonym and its accompanying private space, Meno. Protect it. It's precious.

Dick said...

Pat knows about my blog and reads it sometimes but I don't think she is really particularly interested in it. Also I don't write anything that I'd not want her to see. But as I have been doing a lot less traveling over the last year and that was the original idea behind the blog, it is sort of changing as to what it is about. And I am not sure that I know the answer to that yet.

meno said...

liv, no! really? your blog? Seriously? He said that? What an ass.

qt, i don't think so, but maybe.

chani, some men, for sure, but i don't want to say that absolutely as some men read here.

jen, there is a different thought process for sure.

holly, i may be outing myself by going to blogher. But i think it will be worth it. it's nice to hear from you.

Unknown said...

Yay! I'm gald it's no big deal.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Flip supports the fact that I have one, but hardly ever reads it.

He likes me to listen to his music, though. He's a great musician, and I enjoy this. Playing and recording his own music is his blogging.

I sometimes read him other people's posts if they're so wonderful that they must be shared. Usually the funny ones.

SUEB0B said...

Man, what a nice guy. Mr Stapler used to read my blogroll and make nasty comments about the writers, as if I had some hand in their quality or lack thereof. Not to mention what he would say about my posts.

Lynnea said...

Did you mark that off your list? You know the one that started with: make a list. :-)
Glad it went as well as you hoped.
So, I'm curious, did you learn these emoticons yourself or did your teenager have a hand in educating you? I used to know some when I was a worker bee and IM'd my fellows during work hours. Now, I'm so out of the loop.

Lee said...

Yay Meno! Secrets are a bummer. Good for you!

jaded said...

Yah! There are some aspects of our partner's predictability that make life easier. Knowing how they react to certain things is one of those little jewels. The Mister, the sister, and the cat sitter know about my anonymity isn't exactly in tact. The Mister encourages blogging though he doesn't read it with regularity. Don't really know how often the sister reads it, But she isn't to be trusted with sensitive information and the cat sitter isn't much of a threat. The Missus reads it a lot. I think its time for her to start her own.

gary rith said...


(heavy metal devil's horns fingers, meaning party on, aren't these little text symbols fun? what does that have to do with anything??? oh well)

Anonymous said...

And it's nice to visit again!

BlogHer, huh? Just go as the International Woman of Mystery that you've always been and always will be. Applied chest hair and inserted bad teeth are optional.

Anonymous said...

Well, that sounds lke it went well .. .

Tink said...

I mentioned my blog in passing about a year ago and Hoop, bored and sleepless one night, looked it up. I was surprised at how accepting he was of it. Now that I think of it though, why wouldn't he be? A big chunk of the damn thing is about him! I'm glad your "confession" came out OK. I'd hate to lose such an amazing fellow blogger.

Kellyology said...

My husband's always known that I have a blog. Sometimes I wish he hadn't because then I wouldn't have to endure his "helpful" But if I had to do it over again I would because well, I can't keep a secret to save my life!

Bob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mona Buonanotte said...

Well, hells yeah! The Mister is one cool cat! (So are you, but that's a big ol' given....)

stephoto said...

It is always interesting what we share - or don't - with our spouses. Glad that your "confession" went well. My husband has always known about my blog (esp. since when I first started it, the idea was that it would mostly be photography)

However, he rarely reads it! he just isn't that interested.

I have always had a feeling though that if my blog were anonymous, I'd be much more revealing and would post alot more often.

hmmmm....something to ponder.

Kelsgarden said...

my DH and I both have blogs - and he skims mine on occassion . . .

Actually he travels, so it has been a great way for him to keep up! LOL!

and yes - we IM each other across the room - all 10 ft between desks!

Anonymous said...

Well that was easy. Good for you. Things are cool at my house too.

meno said...

hi dick, your life has really changed since i started reading your blog. All of it seems good too. It will bw interesting to see where you go with it all.

nancy, i just don't think i could be with someone who would make a big stink over this, you know?

hearts, that's a great analogy between music and blogs.

suebob, used to? Am i safe now?

maggie, ha ha, this wasn't on a list, at least a written one. Some of the emoticons i knew, some she has taught me. Remind me to tell you about asscons sometime. :)

lee, yeah, it will be easier now that he knows why i am always on the computer.

patches, there are many things i could say about the Mister, but he is NOT a control freak. Your sister is not to be trusted with sensistive info? Time for the missus to start her own blog instead of making you do all the work. :)

gary, i can't wait to use this on Em so she knows how cool i am. *snort*

holly, i just shaved my chest today! damn!

popeye, he's a good man. Kinda cute too.

tink, I wouldn't have stopped, but thanks for the compliment. *blush* Does Hoop read yours on a regular basis?

kelly, oh "helpful" i can TOTALLY live without.

deleted, It was pretty funny actually and got your point across.

mona, yeah, we can be cool. of course i can be a real jerk too. But then i feel badly about it.

stephoto, i am kind of a secretive person. I was raised by someone who would use knowledge against you. Go anon, you won't be sorry.

monkeydragon, i IM with the Mister when he is siting downstairs. It's easier than shouting.

caro, cool, but quiet at your house. :)

egan said...

I'm glad you shared this with him. I'm curious if he will bring it up again. Do you think it will change how you blog?

Mother of Invention said...

Does it make you feel relieved to have let him know? Sometimes I truly think we don't have to let our partners know everything and other times it makes me feel better if I do.

sari said...

I just realized I said IM yesterday when I meant text.

My phone doesn't text, I always get mixed up. I mean, my phone CAN text, but I don't pay for that service.

I told my husband about my blog a few months after I started it and he reads it but doesn't say much. I think I probably don't say things as freely though, knowing that he and my family read it.

I guess that's good though, otherwise I'd just be known as "that ranting bitch", ha ha.

meno said...

egan, no, i don't think it will. He doesn't know the URL and so i'm not sure how he would find it anyway.

moi, only better in that i can talk about things that i read on blogs without worrying about giving away my terrible secret!

sari, the Mister and Em both roll their eyes at me when i get it wrong, which is all the time.

GEWELS said...

Funny- I, too, have told those around me that I have one. But, have not given the address to anyone.
It would make me self-conscious too and I would not be as honest as I want/need to be.
Some things can just be left for ourselves.

egan said...

Okay, good to know this. I don't know The Mister do I?

amusing said...

Thanks for explaining about the heart thingie. I'm with urban-urchin -- I saw it elsewhere and thoughts immediately went scrotum-ward.

Anonymous said...

I told my wife I wanted to blog in advance.

Fortunately she finds it so fucking boring that she barely bothers to read it.