Wednesday, June 27, 2007

That's gross!

Mamap tagged me for a meme. Eight things about me. Some of which you probably don’t want to know. There are rules, but i don't need no stinking rules. Please swipe this meme if you like.

1) After i take a shower and before i towel off, i use my hands to squeegee myself off in the shower stall.

2) I love little baby ducks, coffee in a cup, slow moving trains and rain. Oh, sorry. I tend to recall the lyrics of odd songs at the least provocation. And i like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and the feel of the ocean, and the taste of champagne. Damn, i did it again. It clearly doesn’t have to be a song i like.

3) I don’t wear underwear. Yep, it’s true. (Although i often, but not always, do when i am wearing a dress.) For some reason i just can’t stand them. They cause me to spend the day plucking and scratching at myself. I’ve tried thongs and bikini and high cut and low cut and boy briefs and corrective underwear. None of them work. I also have to take the tags out of shirts too or i scratch the back of my neck until i bleed.

4) I am going hiking on Saturday with someone i met blogging. How cool is that? Most people i know, including the Mister, only pretend to like to hike, so i hope i have found someone who really likes it. (Hi Schmoopie.)

5) I am a salad snob. I make fantastic salads. I use all kinds of unusual ingredients and i don’t own any bottles of dressing. I have 7 different kinds of vinegar and 4 different oils and fresh lemons. There is no need for anything else. Most salads are served with too much dressing. It’s supposed to be a dressing, not soup.

6) Sadly, one of my biggest accomplishments for the day is that i did NOT slap my daughter, but i soooooo wanted to. Oh yes i did. But i didn’t. That’s good.

7) The Mister has been out of town too long. I can tell because i am starting to kiss the cats with my eyes closed. But we have been having the best conversations on the phone, which is odd because i hate using the phone.

8) I learned how to make a Gin and Tonic, light on the tonic, when i was 8. It is a skill that has served me well. I also make a mean margarita, on the rocks, no salt.


Anonymous said...

You make a mean margarita AND an excellent salad? I could totally be friends with you.

Liv said...

but I can't stop reading you even if "you're not into yoga. if you have half a brain..."

ms chica said...

You mean there are other ways to make margaritas? My neighbor taught me the art of salting a glass when I was ten or so, but he didn't bother to share any additional info.

DId we take the family car out for a spin today?

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Ah, I haven't had a gin and tonic for AGES.

I agree with you about salads, except that I can't make a good one at home. I'm wondering if maybe you should share some of your recipes with us. Hmmm...

Bob said...

"I was drunk the day my momma got out of prison. And I went to pick her up in the rain. But before I could get to the station in my pickup truck. She got runned over by a damned old train."

I recall song lyrics, and snatches of movie dialog, often at inopportune times.

meno said...

brandy, sounds like the basis for a fine relationship!

liv, i said it was a song i didn't like. And i really don't like that song. The yoga reference being one reason.

ms. chica, your education is sadly lacking. And as for the car, we tried to take it out for a spin. But there was a snotty comment. And they were OFF....

cagey, there are no recipes, just a dash of this and some of that. I know that's annoying, but it's an art. A bit of oil, olive or sesame maybe, and some vinegar of some sort, and a sprinkle of salt. Serve immediately. Never let a salad sit around in it's dressing. Told you i was a snob.

Anonymous said...

Totally with you on salads. Whoever invented "ranch dressing" forgot that it was meant as batter for fried chicken. I don't consider that snobby; it's just the way I make salads. I'm wondering what kinds of oil you use... olive, peanut, sesame, and soy?

I eyeball quantities when I cook, too. I only ever measure ingredients if it's for baking fussy stuff. But I try not to get fussy with baking too often, since even when I am very careful, it doesn't always look like the picture in the cookbook, LOL.

Lynn said...

Glad you did the are my thoughts on what you said.
#1. Doesn't everybody?
#3. So you don't have to worry about always wearing clean underwear...just in case.
#5. We get along make fantastic salads...I love eating salads.
#6. Many days, I'm right there with, I mean with my daughter...not yours.
#8. I've led a deprived childhood, because I never learned how to make any alcoholic drinks.

SUEB0B said...

You were invited over anyway, but #8 makes you double-invited.

Girlplustwo said...

meno, the salad flasher.

Mignon said...

I'm with you on the sans under-things thing. Uncomfy, make my pants feel funny, chafe my 'gina, ride up. Completely useless. Except when I'm playing something. After two kids I pee a little when I'm playing soccer, and nobody wants to see that running down my leg.

The idea of you (or anyone) kissing cats with closed eyes is inspiring me to write a not very flattering story about a person who kisses cats. Do you mind?

meno said...

ortizzle, olive, extra virgin, or sesame, or pumpkin. Maybe walnut. Never used soy, i might have to try it.

lynn, #1, the Mister doesn't. #3, saves a bunch of money. :) #5, i can't live without salad. #6, i hear you. #8 time to start!

suebob, i'll be right over.

jen, that would be me. :D

mignon, i only had one kid, so there's no leaking, thank god. And please, write away.

meno said...

oh shit, i forgot bob!

bob, that happens to me too. "I'm not dead yet. I'm feeling better!"

V said...

Ahhh...yesterday was a fine day for your 8-year old skill. I practiced a bit myself. Nothing like a G&T on a flaming hot day.

Oh...and do you ever share your salad ideas? I love making salads, but sometimes get stuck in a rut....greens, nuts, cheese, fruit kind of rut. It's good, but sometimes yuh need a change.

Anonymous said...

But why with the squeegeeing? (Did I spell that right?) For me, it's a great pleasure to grab a giant absorbent towel and be dried off in one efficient wrap.

Special K ~Toni said...

What the heck is "corrective underwear", what is there to correct?
I am the same way with salads- most of the time I don't use any dressing!

peevish said...

I actually guffawed when I got to the part about you kissing the cats with your eyes closed.

Age 8 is when my Mom started letting me light her cigarettes for her, which is a portrait Norman Rockwell forgot to paint.

You were way ahead of me on the G&T's.
Mmm, G&T's...

thailandchani said...

I'm the same with salads. Anything is likely to go in one. :)



Em said...

Okay, the title says it is "gross"...but I read them all. Nothing gross there! But you do sound like a great person to share a dinner with - great salad, great drinks, no undies! LOL

Liv said...

sorry for the misconstrued commenting. i'm in a horrible funk this week. would you pls. fly here next time the Mr. leaves and make me a salad? I too have 80 million oils and vinegars. Shit, there's even some bacon grease in the fridge...

meno said...

v, it's good to keep in practice with the bartending skills! As far as salads, have you tried the new greens called "mache"? I love them.

de. i dunno. Maybe it's because here if my towel gets too wet it won't dry before the next morning, at least in the winter. Or else i am just odd.

toni, i was just being silly. I meant large up to your armpits grandma undies.

peevish lisa, i love your new moniker, it makes me smile. I guffawed at the thought of a Norman Rockwell painting of that scene.

thailand, leftover pasta, stirfry, whatever. It's all fair game.

em, i was thinking people would be grossed out by my lack of undergarments. But i guess not.

liv, sorry about the funk. Life is just a suck fest sometimes.

Joan said...

Oooohhh...salad with homemade oil and vinegar dressing...what time is lunch???

Oh, and about that underwear thing...

Princess in Galoshes said...

I love making salads, too. My favorite one used pomegranate seeds (before pomegrates became so trendy, for I am avante garde like that) but it took FOREVER to peel those little suckers out of the fruit.

Yummy, though.

QT said...

Wow! There is a LOT of material here!

#4 -I wish we lived closer together, b/c I have NO hiking friends. Next summer I am going 3 nite backpacking trip in the Grand Tetons with a group of unknown folk. Wish me luck.

#5 -I remember this from a previous post where I suggested you allow the hubby to make salads! My dad can only make one salad, but he has it perfected - butter lettuce & green leaf, thinly sliced red onion, feta cheese, and lemon vinagrette made from scratch - YUM! I make all my dressings, too, and don't know why more people don't? It is so easy!

#* - Maybe we can share a G&T at BlogHer?

TTQ said...

I like big fluffy towels and robes and I leave trails of bubbles and water throughout the house..

I scribble lyrics down in the car when I hear a new song with good lyrics, there are tons of scraps in my visor.

My husband doesn't wear underwear either. Me it's a 50/50 chance. I tend to wear shorts and sit cross legged in whatever seat I'm underwear is prevents flashing.

I kiss my cat everyday and she kisses back when you ask her for kisses.

I make my own dressing too, right now I'm on a malt vinegar kick, before that it was white balsamic, before that raspberry red wine vinegar.. I tend to skip the oil, I still count fat grams I can't kick the habit. But I add spices and mustards, honey and lemon.

I've never slapped anyone. Or punched anyone.

I was a bartender in Ft. Lauderdale, I've had enough for a life time. Great money though.

I hiked to the top of Diamond Head for Sunrise and it was amazing we really had to hustle up, but coming down was slow and sweet.

Lynnea said...

You'll be making drinks in the room right?

I love hiking. Sadly we haven't done much since moving to Quebec and I'm so out of shape. We look forward to doing more and more as the kids grow though.

Ooh a salad snob. I love it. Simple is always better isn't it? Especially when it comes to salad dressing. A little lemon, a little oil, salt and pepper and yum yum yum.

meno said...

joan, yep, real dressing made right on the salad. Yum! Sorry about the undies.

princess, those seeds are a pain, but they make it so pretty and yummy. See what a trendsetter you are?

wng, well lay it on me, i'm ready!

qt, i do wish you luck. But my guess is that you'll have a great time. And i hope to share a G&T with you too. I'll have to e-mail you my cell phone number.

ttq, i'll have to hike Diamond Head someday. I have hiked around the crater of Haleakela (sp?) on Maui. that was wonderful.

maggie, we'll just have to shop for supplies! One of the best salads i ever had at a restaurant was just fresh romaine, lemon juice, olive oil and a little salt. I don't know why more places don't do that.

Mother of Invention said...

I should become a salad snob like you because it would be so much healthier but I'm lazy in the kitchen.

Gotta wear underwear...that thin that moms say about ever being in an accident just stuck to me too well!

Hope your husband comes home soon or you're going to have furballs!

Schmoopie said...

I threw my head back and screamed with laughter about you kissing your cats. Could you hear me ;) ?

Can't wait to hike and chat in person. See you Sat.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I forget to wear underwear. Those are also often the days I forget to put my fly up.

Sienna said...

LOL!!! Just LOL...Funny
Sorry got the giggles


meno said...

moi, i am lazy too. The advent of pre-washed spinach has been a major boon. The Mister will be coming home today (Friday).

schmoopie, i believe i did hear something! :) See you tomorrow.

d-man, it certainly causes me to be more careful when zipping.

pam, the giggles are good.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to Tom T. Hall, the author of that baby ducks song. He sent me a signed autograph and a nice note. Yesterday. Just kidding. Looooong time ago.

I often don't wear underwear either. But I don't admit it.

I've switched to rum and tonic with lots of lime when there are not enough limes for margadingdongs.

Aren't you so interested in ME and MY ways?

Tink said...

Wow, the eyes-closed kiss. What is that, one and a half base?

I LOVE hiking. Hoop and I usually stop somewhere on the way home from Tenn to go hiking. It gets the blood pumping and you usually get to see some awesome sights. It was on one of those trips that I saw my first waterfall.