Monday, December 22, 2008


I know you in the actual Midwest and Northeast and Canada and etc. will laugh at us here in Seattle, but we are not used to this.

SNOW! It's so beautiful here. I just can't believe it.

Em made it home from Ohio on Saturday, between storms and only about 40 minutes later than scheduled. I was anxious that she might get stuck somewhere as she flew through Chicago's O'hare airport, but all went smoothly.

Well, except that her luggage didn't show up until 11:30 last night, but on the plus side, she looks cute in The Mister's jeans.

The Mister's fancy-ass SUV FAILED to make it up the driveway on Thursday morning. (Not gloating, not!) This thing is so fancy it has many special settings for driving in different conditions:
1) Loose gravel less than 20mm
2) Loose gravel greater than 20mm
3) Gravel that stays home at night
4) Plague of locusts (crunch, crunch)
5) Snowing lightly
6) Snowing heavily
7) Snowing somewhere else

What it does lack is a setting for getting it up the driveway.
So we spent 2 hours clearing the driveway (we have a long driveway) and got his car up and it has been parked on the street ever since.

It's been kind of fun. We venture out once a day to hunt and gather (at Top Foods) and then head back home to watch trashy movies and eat popcorn.

Today i went to the hardware store, hoping to maybe buy a snow shovel. Of course i am the 5,436th person with that idea, but they did tell me that they were expecting a small shipment in about an hour.

After lunch i called the store back to see if they were in yet and was told to hurry back as they were in and going fast. I had to shove a few old men and a woman with a baby out of the way, but i am now the proud owner of a $15 red plastic snow shovel. Wheeeeee!!

More snow expected tomorrow. Thank god i have my shovel.


Anonymous said...

Snow. I'm sooo envious. When am I getting MY order of show? They tell me it's backordered but I've heard that for going on 9 years now. :(

Merry snowmas, meno!

Anonymous said...

Be careful with that snow shovel, LeRoy.

I undid weeks worth of therapy and ultrasound on my achilles by slipping in the driveway yesterday.

Just enjoy it! Don't try to move it.

jaded said...

Loving this. Totally loving this.

I don't know about driving in snow, but I now have new tires, so I don't have to worry about doing 360's around hairpin curves when it rains anymore. Live and learn. Unless you actually believe in all the features your SUV boasts.

Does your Mister still believe in Santa too?

The Real Mother Hen said...

Haha you made it sound so fun :)
I heard about SEATEC being shut, people in Seattle skied instead of drove etc, and I thought about you, and wondered when you would write about your snow experience. Now the wish has come through. Stay warm and have a great holiday with your family.

luckyzmom said...

Last huge Seattle snow I remember was November of 86'. My daughter and I flew from NM when my mom had her stroke. Really messes things up.

Anonymous said...

I want to teleport in for the popcorn and trashy movies! (But it would intrude on family time, so I'll just recreate it here... less snow, anyway!)

My garage won't open at all. Luckily I got the car out in the nick of time. Just can't get it back in before all the ghastly weather arrives here.

For the file: drugstores also carry snowshovels (akin to the guys on streetcorners selling umbrellas in the pouring rain) and no one thinks to look for them there. Good possiblity in an emergency.

Stucco said...

I've been told about the Misters vehicle... Bwah hah hah hah hah hah! He bought one of THOSE? Dear lord...

crazymumma said...

You novice!

It must be so nice to have Em at your beck and call (what with your bossy red shovel and all).


Schmoopie said...

Drove downtown from WS today to pick up Stucco. What the hell?!? I have never seen streets as crappy. It was like trying to drive on the moon over all of the craters. Huge potholes of ice. It was bizarre. Not going to do that again. Ever.

I am coveting your red shovel from across the way. :)

SUEB0B said...

It looks pretty, in theory. In practice? I don't think I would be good at it, mostly because of my Snow Terror.

meno said...

irr, it really is fun to see! I should be sick of it after 4 days, but i'm really not. Besides, it might prevent the family from coming over for Christmas.

de, i'm not really accomplishing anything with the shovel, just getting out in the fresh air and getting some exercise.

patches, i don't believe in any of it any more! Well, except the Easter Bunny.

mother hen, there were people sking around the streets where i live today. i can honestly say i've never seen that here before. As long as we don't lose power, we are good as gold.

luckyzmom, what a yukky memory for you. We so rarely get real snow that we don't know how to act.

daisy, oh, we'd find room for you on the bed. (Our TV is in our bedroom, so we all snuggle on the bed. I LOVE it!) I did look at the drugstore, but they were out too.

stucco, i am going to explode from holding in all my smugness. And yes, yes he did buy one of those godamned things.

crazymumma, i know, i have much to learn! I am very hapy that Em is here and safe. I've missed her.

schmoopie, i KNOW! Isn't it awful? But you still have have my shovel. Nah nah nah.

Cheesy said...

I feel for you folks up there! We got a wee break with a warming tread here in Eugene... I love the color of pavement! My Mom in Salem still doesn't have power which pisses me off seeing they got all the business at the end of her street up and lit yesterday! Bass-tards-
Totally screwing up our Christmas plans but we will survive. Be safe deary!

Cheesy said...

trend* lol

peevish said...

I absolutely love being snowed in. And somehow, shovelling snow with a RED shovel is way more glamorous and less like work. At least, that's what I tell Mr. Man.

Anonymous said...

Snow in Seattle? I know, I know - like the Spanish Inquisition - you weren't expecting it. You poor PNW types have no idea... 8 inches over the weekend here in lovely New England and we're hanging in there. Enjoy a very happy holiday, stay warm, be well.

fiwa said...

I'm so glad Em made it in safe and sound. They sure have been showing some horror stories around people getting stuck in the airports. And it looks like it will be going away the day after Christmas. YAY!

It's funny - we live on a hill so a great part of my entertainment for the last week has been watching the cars that can and can't make it up the hill. Pickup trucks have a rough time UNLESS they have 4 wheel drive. Some cars do just fine, others fishtail all over the place.

I'm so thankful I didn't end up going out yesterday - when my husband finally got home last night we had to shovel for 30 minutes before he could get up the driveway. If I'd gone out alone I would have been stuck on the street.

Stay warm!

Mignon said...

I remember Portland in 2003/2004 Christmas/New Years - the city completely shut down. It was beautiful and maddening, but mostly beautiful. I can't imagine driving the hill-y streets of Seattle in snow or ice. Take care of yourself! Have you seen Lars and the Real Girl? It seems like a cold-weather movie...

Dick said...

I don't have a snow shovel. When they were still available (well, maybe Ace Hardware had one) last summer I didn't realize that I really wanted one. We have something like 16 inches of the stuff in Mt. Vernon and more predicted for tonight and tomorrow. I think we need to fire all the weathermen and hire new ones that don't know the word, "snow."

Imez said...

holy crap! I missed you! You know, you're first on my blogroll.

Also, snow is cold. Yes, very.

Vanessa said...

I lived there for five years and was never graced with more than 3 inches of snow (cumulative). I see what a fickle b**ch Seattle is. Don't worry, I'd still love to move back Seattle. Leave the light on for me? Please Seattle?

Anonymous said...

I miss the sound of snow falling. Thanks for the photo.

meno said...

suebob, while i understand snow terror, i am also aflicted with Snow Joy.

cheesy, Judging from your and Scott's sites, it looks like you got a pretty good dose too.

peevish, i love shoveling snow. It's very zen for me. "Snow must be shoveled with as little desire as possible."

josh, NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition! And thank you, you too!

fiwa, i was so scared that she wouldn't make it, so for that i am lucky. I love watching (as long as it's other people) cars play bumper cars in the snow.

mignon, it really does take my breath away, it's stunning. And we get this so rarely that i am really enjoying it. Lars and the Real Girl just came yesterday from Netflix! How's that for timing?

dick, 16 inches? Wow! That might be a lot for a snow shovel to handle, i think you need a snow blower.

imez, i been busy lovin' with my family. Snow is cold. You guys get any?

vanessa, i love Seattle. So i understand. Come back anytime.

Scott from Oregon said...

Lucky lucky you guys...

Princess in Galoshes said...

Hey! Congrats on the shovel, and congrats on getting Em home. Does she seem at all different to you?

And yes, it was 10,000 Waves where I was this weekend. I was naked too, just not at the same time (fortunately) as Naked Guy. :-)

Robin said...

i hate snow but if you think it's pretty, well then, glad you got it!

merry christmas to you and your family!

Brad said...

Merry Christmas! - Good to hear Em made it home. Have a great holiday.

We're at about 10" up here on the hill and it's still coming! We never get this kind of snow. Ya can't do anything but enjoy it.

We're in the same mode. Eat & watch movies. repeat.

Lynnea said...

Say hi to Em!

Trashy movies are the best. With lots of buttered popcorn and soda. And followed by a cookie or two.

Happy Holidays you guys!

Dianne said...

Oh the fancy ass SUV failure to do driveways made me laugh - not at you but at my son's giant pick-up. Damn thing can't handle the ice so of course everyone is suddenly interested in borrowing my little crappy car

Happy Merry Everything! So glad Em made it home. My neighbors kids are stuck in an airport somewhere and she hasn't stopped crying yet.

Anonymous said...

It prevents family too? Oh gods meno, if you ever loved me you'll box up and ship me as much of that powdery white blessing as you can.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear. (hugs)

luckyzmom said...

Had to come back and wish you a Merry Christmas. It is okay that you are borrowing our snow this year.

Schmoopie said...

Happy Christmas to you, the Mister and Em!

meno said...

sally, i miss light and warmth! You are welcome. :)

scott, i feel lucky, punk!

princess, no, she seems exactly the same, so far. I haven't been to 10,000 waves in years. It was always dark, so we could see the stars and not each other. Plus, i was always with people i know.

robin, merry christmas to you and yours too!

brad, 10"!!! wow. We topped out at about 8" here. I discovered cinnamon and sugar popcorn recently. That's been a nice variation. Merry Christmas!

maggie, Em says hi back! You taught me the above mentioned cinnamon and sugar popcorn. Merry Christmas!

dianne, Merry Christmas! Oh no for your neighbor. I owuld be crying too.

irr, well, it looks like they will make it after all. :( Merry Christmas!

luckyzmom, thank you and Merry Christmas! back at you. I love your snow, even after a week.

schmoopie, Thank you my dear, and Merry Christmas to you and your awesome husband and adorable children.

sari said...

I'm glad you're all together and enjoying the Christmas. We're having a great, great day here! I guess we got your rain though, since you have gotten someone else's snow! :-)

Mrs4444 said...

White Christmases rock, don't they? Ours is PLENTY white, but I'm not complaining; i love it. :)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Here in San Francisco, it was more along the lines of "I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas."

I'm glad you got your Em home, and snow, too.

Happy holidays to you and your family, Meno, and much joy in the New Year.

Anonymous said...

Oh, snow. I miss it. All I want is to be snowed in.

Don't worry about the woman with the baby - she can use her stroller as a snowplow.

Merry Christmas!

Magpie said...

Fancy ass SUV left in dust, huh?

Our snow was foiled by a torrential downpour the other day.

rebecca said...

a few old men and a woman with a baby, huh? so that was you! LOL glad u finally have your shovel, geez.... :)

have a wonderful post-holiday!

flutter said...

ha @ the plague of locusts!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately I do not have to deal with snow, pretty or otherwise, as I don't do 'weather' any more, that's why we moved here.

egan said...

I'm going to buy my snow shovel in July.