Monday, January 26, 2009


A Seattle joke:

Q: What do you call the first sunny day in Seattle following two days of rain?

A: Monday.

Heh. So today, for the first time in a while, is sunny. Happy Monday.

What does this day find me doing?

I am carrying around a small black mouse in a hand towel. (The towel is because the bathroom habits of mice are abominable.)

Why am i carrying around a stinky mouse that i don't want and that i inherited when Em went off to college?

Because i caused her little mousy friend to be killed, and i refuse to buy her another mousy friend.

So i'm worried she might be lonely.



The Real Mother Hen said...

Where's your cat?

Lynnea said...

Lonely? With all those cats to play with?

Lynnea said...

Ooh, I just thought of something. You could set the mouse free in the house. Then it would not only be able to play with the cats, the cats would keep track of it for you. Well, for at least a day, or part of a day.

I'm just sick.

luckyzmom said...

With friends like Maggie!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to care for the mouse for an hour.


meno said...

mother hen, OUTSIDE!

maggie, that's a great idea, except for the game of 'find the carcass' that would ensue.

luckyzmom, man, she's MEAN!

anon, what a kind offer. Your generosity overwhelms me. And i would save $ on cat food.

Anonymous said...

zola is lying. But you can trust me to mouse sit.

crazymumma said...




But i like it.

Vanessa said...

AWWW Meno, you're so good to Em's little friend. Love the Seattle joke. I have a pic of me holding up the Space Needle on my site right now if you're interested.

tt said...

And the mouse is where exactly?

Dianne said...

I never knew a mouse had bathroom habits!

the badge on my sidebar is yours for the taking :)

Cheesy said...

Oh lawrd

flutter said...


meno said...

also anon, yes, i can see by your girth that you are most trustworthy, if only because the mouse can outrun you.

crazymumma, yeah, no kidding. I am as strong as....tapioca.

vanessa, i feel this strong sense of obligation to the creatures in my care. *sigh*

tt, she's back in her cage now, chewing on a paper towel roll tube.

dianne, their habit is to go to the bathroom all the time, all over everything.

cheesy, like animals!! Want a mouse?

flutter, Totally, and by a mouse no less.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Long ago when I worked in a pet shop in MA, a tiny tot came in alone carrying a box with a dead mouse, one of two mice purchased the day before by his mother.

The manager squatted to the tyke's eye level and said,"Tell your mommy that the mousy died because the other mousy porked him too much."

The little boy looked up through wet eyelashes, sniffing, said, "Okay" and left clutching his homemade coffin.

I couldn't believe anyone would say that to a child. Apparently mice don't bring out the best in people.

Anonymous said...

I can't type right now, I'm busy laughing:)

Dick said...

I kind of agree with Maggie. Maybe if you got a new cat so the mouse could have one of it's own? At least the life span of a mouse is fairly short and can be much shorter in a house with cats.

As to rain, the sunshine was nice although cold. In some ways I would rather have the normal, warm rain than that cold & snow we had this winter, but I am more than ready for spring and summer. Sunday is February after all and that is when the flowers start blooming, although there are some early ones already up in our front garden.

meno said...

hearts, wow, that's a totally unacceptable thing to say to a kid. If i had been the mom i would be pissed.

deb, go ahead, laugh at me. But if you looked into her little beady black eyes, you'd hold her too!

dick, i have yet to see a single flower sign in my yard. Of course, that might be because i haven't been outside.

QT said...

I think you should feature a Seattle joke at the beginning of all your blog for the mouse, maybe you could train it to perch on your shoulder? Over a towel, of course...

Brad said...

She can come live in my bookcase. Miss Lilly's clearly no threat.

Clowncar said...

i believe they call that transference, meno.

missing Em a little?

Real Live Lesbian said...

I live in the country....she's welcome to come here and live in the barn! It's lovely in the summer and we have no cats. :)

Tink said...

When I was 8 I used to carry my pet mouse around in my pocket.

Yeah, that grosses me out now too.

egan said...

Hmm, mice. So glad I've seen any of those in our house recently.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are SUCH a freak. Makes me feel almost normal.

fiwa said...

You really ARE a sucker. But one with a big heart.

I flew home from sunny Houston on Tuesday to snow. But hey, it was sunny yesterday and today so I feel like I'm ahead.