Friday, February 20, 2009

trip report

For those of you following along at home, i am back home after my big adventure in Ohio and Tennessee.

Em and i went to see Coraline (good) and He's Just Not That Into You (I'm sick of movies that portray all women as desperate to get married without regard to the suitability of the man. Gag!) and then she made me watch High School Musical 3 in the hotel room.

Dreadful movie. I read a book while she watched.

We ate good food, drank some champagne and had a good time.

I only got to meet one of her friends, so i didn't get the chance to use my advanced interrogation skills on the future ex-boyfriend. Damn! In fact, the future ex might already be the never ex. You gotta move fast on these things or you'll miss your chance to intimidate.

Monday i flew off to to meet with Ms. Chica. The weather was cold and beautiful. We spent most of the day on Tuesday hiking along the Cumberland Trail. The scenery is so different from here that i was fascinated. Deciduous forests, delicate streams, elaborate rock formations, good company, icicles, turkey sandwiches that i didn't have to make, moss theft. It was all good.

Here i am preparing to ride my broomstick across this bridge.


flutter said...

looks like fun!

Mrs4444 said...

Looks like a wonderful place to explore! :)

Anonymous said...

Change of scenery is important.

You left out the cookies.

luckyzmom said...

It appears to me that you were walking softly and trying to hold on to the scenic experience. Sigh.

Mignon said...

What a great trip. Did you buy her anything cool for her dorm?

Looks like you're (Lodge)pole-dancing.

Gordo said...

Walk calmy and carry a big stick. Definitely what one would expect. :-)

Coraline's on my must-see list. Neither of the other two in the same county as my list.

Scott from Oregon said...

Gearing up to join us on Shasta in June, no doubt...

rebecca said...

"future ex-boyfriend" - i like that..

and, you poor thing, you actually had to sit through "high school musical?" chinese water torture, huh?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so glad you had a great time, but sorry about the missed opportunity to intimidate.

I lived in TN for awhile and the vegetation is amazing. Also, it's so cool to finally see a picture of you!

meno said...

flutter, 'twas!

mrs. 4444, i really liked it. I love a good tromp through the woods.

daisy, how could i? The cookies were superlative.

luckyzmom, you have it exactly right.

mignon, nope, i just bought her dinners. Poor abused child.

gordo, the big stick is soooo important!

scott, you are doing that? Hmmm. Must comsider.

rebecca, better than future ex-husband. :)

hearts, i know, i was so looking forward to it. There have been a few pictures, but not many.

Anonymous said...

There's no snow in the photos. How do you do that? Is it photo shop or are there places in North America that don't have snow all winter? Please tell me? Waiting anxiously for answer.

Robin said...

i'm glad you had a good time. tennessee is beautiful, i've always thought.

i don't know why, but i've always pictured you with short, dark hair.

fiwa said...

Count me for the short dark hair too... I wonder why? I'm envious of those long legs.

He's just not that into you looked bad in the previews - if they can't even make it look good in 2 minutes, you know there's no hope.

Glad you had a good time with Em and with your hiking buddy. That scenery is gorgeous.

Cheesy said...

Hey there Lanky Gurlie! Looks like a wonderful day... My oldest daughter got married in Clarksville TN... It was a very pretty place to VISIT.. but was August lol/ Dammit I was looking forward to the tails of "Him that may not live" ~~poop...

QT said...


The Real Mother Hen said...

That's you? You're SO YOUNG? Heck all this while I've pictured you as a grumpy old lady with cats and more cats! Holy smoke, you're so tall and young and you even look bloody fit!

meno said...

deb, of course it's photoshopped! The whole country is covered in snow all winter, even San Diego. :)

robin, i had short hair much of my life, but it's never been dark. Now it's mostly grey.

fiwa, those long legs come with 6'1" of woman, so don't be envious.

cheesy, it IS disappointing that i didn't get to kill and eat anyone.

qt, you would have loved it.

mother hen, yeah, i'm freakishly tall, but not so young. Much of that hair is grey.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you finally let us get a glimpse of yourself! you have such long legs, I think my waist would probably come to about your knees.

sorry you didn't get to use your mad intimidation skills, but hey, the bad movies made up for it, right?

it's nice to know there are fellow broom riders out there :)

Anonymous said...

TN is pretty amazing. But I always drool when you post your scenery. So glad you had good visits.

Brad said...


Glad you had fun. I'm sure Em will supply you with fresh candidates to intimidate in the near future.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Wow you're tall indeed!
You need to look down at me when you speak to me.

And I think you're a lot younger than you want us to believe :)

sari said...

Well add me to the "I always think of you as dark haired" group. Isn't that funny?

Maybe because I identify with a lot of the things you say and I'm darker haired. I don't know.

Glad you had fun with Em, and Ms. Chica.