Sunday, July 12, 2009



Lying liars.

People who lie. A person who lied.

Right to my face.

I am many things. Not all, in fact not many of them, nice. But i am not a liar.

(Okay, i will lie about those pants and your butt.)

I will not lie about where i am going and with whom.

I will not compound the first lie by telling background lies to cover up the original lie.

And when i am caught, i will not try to lie my way out of it.

I hate being lied to.

I am now looking back at all the things you told me, and wondering what else you are lying about.

I hope it was worth it.

Right now i hate you.


Too Truthful or is it Truthfool? said...


Trust evaporates too quickly to be so casual.

Daisy said...

I despise the lying liars. Lying = cowardice, disrespect, shifty morals, selfishness, etc.

meno said...

Too truthfool, it does evaporate, and i remember.

daisy, NO FUCKING SHIT! asshole. Coward.

flutter said...

fuck, that fucking sucks.

I am so eloquent.

Fuck! that was a lie.

What I am trying to say is, that blows.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Man that sucks! Good thing is you have choices:
#1 Slap that person. Sincerely.
#2 Kiss that person and say, "bless your heart". Sincerely.
#3 Live your life well. Sincerely.

I choose #1.
I can supply Chinatown gangsters to do the job for you too.

Mignon said...

Sometimes these people believe their own shite, too. As in, "Oh you must have misunderstood what I meant." or "You thought I said what? I would never have said that!" Makes one want to inflict bodily harm.

thailandchani said...

I absolutely can't *stand* a liar! Anything else is forgivable and quickly forgettable.

Your post is timely. I just got done spending the entire evening bringing a liar to public humiliation. She made the sad mistake of assuming that the eccentric little Buddhist girl wouldn't fight back.

Guess what? I buried her. Absolutely revealed all of her lies with documentation.

I love it when someone assumes I don't bite back. It's so much fun to watch 'em squirm!

(My Buddhist card is frozen for the next few hours. :)

Anyway, whoever ticked you off.. I suspect will get their fair comeuppance, eh?


SUEB0B said...

Dang, ok, all right. I weigh 212. Who would have thought 20 lbs would piss you off so badly?

nick said...

I wouldn't condemn all lies period. There are white lies and polite lies of the "you look absolutely fine" variety and there are disgusting lies of the "Of course I never slept with her" variety. I assume you're talking about the second....

egan said...

Well, I told you we'd buy the kayak provided you let us take them out on your lake. I thought that was part of the deal. I apologize.

lu said...

Oh, hell.

Anonymous said...


I know it's painful. Try to remember that this doesn't change who YOU are.


Anonymous said...

Trust is so easy to break and so hard to build. My son and I have this conversation often, he's a chronic liar.

Cheesy said...

Try not to let it rent space in your head. Maybe it is time to distance yourself from this toxic person?

Scott from Oregon said...

yeah... Liars and smokers...


meno said...

flutter, it's hard to be coherent and eloquent when expressing suckness.

mother hen, i may need some chinatown gangsters. I'll let you know.

mignon, denial was not possible, as i had the receipt.

chani, i feel the same way. It's one of the worst ways to betray me. It's liking using the nuclear option. Your buddist card is probably clapping!

suebob, :) You look like only 180.

nick, no, we all lie a bit, socially.

egan, you just need to get your ass over here. We've used them lots this summer.

lu, yeah. Now what do i do?

de, thank you for that reminder. i am trying to do that very thing.

deb, and no one wants to trust him more than you. But he makes it impossible.

cheesy, i think that is the way to go.

scott, two kinds of people we don't need.

Taradharma said...

sorry this happened to you. nobody needs this shit. perhaps a nice long walk reciting the mantra, "never again, asshole."

Clowncar said...

younch indeed.

sorry, meno. that one hurts.

luckyzmom said...

How do you know for sure when this person is telling the truth.

Will what you decide to do about it be punishing the liar or yourself?

Why does he find it necessary to lie?

In any case, I know that the betrayal is painful. I KNOW.

Robin said...

i always say no truth is as painful as a lie.

i can work with truth...painful or not.

lies......not so much.

i have no advice for you, but i'm listening.

we all are.

Brad said...

Tis a pity that there are those out there so insecure with in thier own skin that they can't or won't take responsibity for thier own actions, and then compound them with a fabrication.

I have no time for those types.

Ortizzle said...

I hope it was worth it, too.

But it doesn't sound like it.


And damn the liars. They make us want to go and do the same thing. In self defense, in retaliation. Except we can't. Because we're not liars.

Mrs4444 said...

Lying is so high school. I'm sorry you had to face something like that.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying my butt really does look big in this?

Liars always get what's coming to them. Always.

fiwa said...

I have a feeling that, like me, you have a long memory. I prefer to call it a long memory instead of holding a grudge.

I'm sorry someone abused your trust. I'll come help you kick some ass, if ya want.

Bob said...

well, shit.

I'm sorry. I've no advice, just empathy.

colleen said...

I always feel unsafe with people who say one thing but their body language says another.

Angie said...

I hate liars too, for me it just totally kills the trust and how do you have a relationship with someone you cant trust? Im sad this happened to you :(

TTQ said...

I hate it when they know they are caught, then keep doing it anyway You have the right to never trust that person again. Just don't mistrust the rest of the world.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm so sorry, Meno. I can't think of a worse way to be hurt, but sadly, people rarely change. Does Em know?

Sending hugs and virtual chocolate.

Marshamlow said...

I'm sorry. Sending hugs.

Stucco said...

Sorry you're surprised by a repeat performance. Something about tigers changing stripes? 350 Million in this country- go find another one. You deserve better, eh?

Schmoopie said...

You have to ask yourself, "Do I currently have any ties to this person that would make me want to be put through this yet again?"

I believe your answer is no. It made sense to try again, for the reasons you did. Time has passed. You are wiser now.

Nobody, except you, knows what is best for you.

I am so sorry and available to kick some ass. Or put sugar in the salt shaker, refill shampoo bottles with lye. Anything you need.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry.

I'm also up for a good ass-kicking. Name the time and place and show me the victim.

sari said...

One of my favorite songs I just heard last night: "I don't ask for much, I only want trust and you know it don't come easy."

Hope it's better by now.

Daisy said...

You know, considering how often I come across liars in this world, I am rather surprised at how many voices here are "con" rather than "pro" liars.... Says something about bloggers perhaps. (Or maybe some of these people are lying!)

Eve said...

... wondering how one can be "pro liar" as per Daisy's comment...