Friday, August 28, 2009


Night before last i woke myself up at 2:11 am just to stop the horrible dream i was having.

It involved slit throats and rape and blood and desperate fleeing and one person having complete power over another. I seem to not have been a participant in the dream, just an observer, as there were two main characters, neither of whom were me.

I lay awake for a few hours, trying to shake the dread i was feeling, trying to find something else to focus on. I did eventually go back to sleep, but the yukky feeling stayed with me through much of the day.

I am disturbed by me, wondering what kind of mind i would come up with this.........plot line.

I sorta hesitate to ask, but does this ever happened to you?


Anonymous said...

the sort of thing that happens to me is that I put a ball of silly putty in my pocket and then my pocket is glued shut with goopy stuff that won't come off.

I seldom have dreams that I can remember and even less often am I an observer.

Sorry you had such a bad one.

Clowncar said...

Happens to me every other month or so. Vivid, lurid, bloody. I wake up, my wife rubs my back, tells me it was a dream. I go back to sleep.

thailandchani said...

Yes, it happens on occasion. It usually relates back to the things I've been hearing on the news.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Yes, but rarely. And then they are real doozies!

Hope you can shake it very soon. I totally know how you feel.

Mrs. Chili said...

Not EXACTLY, but sorta. Last night (or, perhaps, very early this morning), in fact, I had a dream where I was driving down the street and a baby carriage rolled out of a driveway on my right and directly into the path of my car far too late for me to do anything about it.

I didn't just kill the baby, I obliterated the carriage and its contents beyond all recognition beyond that there was, in fact, a life form in the carriage (though, as I recall, I was obeying traffic laws; it was entirely not my fault). I know the dream means SOMETHING, but what, I have no idea... Thoughts?

Jennifer said...

I have horrid and way too vivid dreams when I take antibiotics, although no doctor ever believes me when I say so. The nicotine patch does it to me, too.

It's awful to wake up in a sweat, absolutely convinced what just happened while you slept was real.


The Real Mother Hen said...

Have you watched any scary movies lately?
Or... cartoons? Some cartoon is just plain bloody.

luckyzmom said...


Stalkers Be Damned said...

Occasionally. I don't put much stock in them, but I don't sleep as well after them either.

meno said...

de, i have been having the most vivid dreams lately, i don't know why. It's not really a good thing.

clowncar, usually i snuggle in closer to The Mister and that wakes him up enough to hold me, but this time i was so creeped out by myself i didn't do that.

chani, i think a book i read recently might figure into it. But the book was pretty mild. I just escalated it all to hell.

RLL, it's just so creepy to think these thoughts are from me. I can't even blame someone else.

mrs. chili, interesting that the destruction was so complete. Like death is complete. But what do i know?

jennifer, doctors, bah! Sometimes they just won't listen. I can understand the nicotine patch though, that drug is crazy.

mother hen, i think it was a book. But anyone who read the same book would laugh at me for being such a weenie.

luckyzmom, it's good to not be alone, although i'm sorry it happens to you too. Do you wonder what the hell is wrong with you for being able to come up with such stuff?

stalkers go to hell, i don't usually put any stock in my dreams, but this was creepy.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I sometimes have terrifying dreams but they usually have to do with a murderer who stalked me for 12 years. I no longer wake up screaming, so progress has been made.

Don't make things worse for yourself by adding guilt to the horror. Dreadful things happen in the world every day - the fact that you dream of them is only evidence that you care deeply about life, your own and those of others.

flutter said...

pretty much every night. sad, huh?

nick said...

Happens all the time. I couldn't begin to list all the bizarre dreams I have. And there's often that aftermath of dread you mention. I don't think they mean anything, they're just the senseless garbage our resting brains produce. I don't think they say anything about our mental or emotional health either. So I shouldn't worry about them. But you need to find a way of dispelling the dread - visualising some calming images is good.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I have not had one for years, but yes. I have had gruesome dreams.

Scott from Oregon said...

Nope. My dreams are in cartoon.

Gina said...

I don't usually have dreams like that - most of my dreams are just weird, and my nightmares are than terrifying. however, I had a dream like this many years ago when I was a teen and I was convinced that I dreamed something that either did happen or was going to happen.

Same as you - it was terrible and I was an observer. If there had been internet for me back then, I would have spent hours looking for it in the news. I still remember it. Since then, I have had a few, but that is the ones that sticks with me.

liv said...

I don't think mine are that intense, but I do have things that wake me up, choking and gasping for air and reason.

Dianne said...

I have had a few, they are very gruesome, very ugly
and they stick with me for days, making me feel very odd

I have tried to correlate when they come with what's going on or how I'm feeling but never came up with anything

Dick said...

I don't think I have ever had a dream at all like that so I have no ideal what if any meaning can be garnered from it. Maybe you should write slasher novelettes? By the way, you haven't yet told us if the cats were fed and the dishes washed when you got back from your quickie trip to Ohio?

Cheesy said...

Yes they are luckily far and few between but no matter what time they wake me.. I am up for the duration... it sucks... [[[u]]]

meno said...

hearts, i can understand why that would cause you to have bad dreams. I hope he/she has been neutralized.

flutter, yeah, sad and draining. Isn't sleep supposed to be restful?

nick, it's gone by now, but i still feel creepy when i think that i thought of something so creepy. Deepest fears i guess.

cagey, well then, i hope you continue to not have any.

scott, looney tunes i imagine!

gina, i can tell how much it bothered you by the fact you still remember it after all these years. That's a lot of power.

liv, those dreams usually involve something happening to my child.

dianne, that's frustrating, to not be able to figure out where the HELL that came from.

dick, heh! The cat was fed, but lonesome. The dishwasher? I ran it when i got home.

cheesy, yes, a really bad one will keep me awake for hours. Or until it's time to get up.

sari said...

I get a lot of ominous type dreams where something is GOING to happen, but doesn't quite. I have a lot where I'm just watching as an observer as well.

Most of mine are as boring as hell. I wake up and think "God, what a waste of a night!"

Princess in Galoshes said...

Little late! But had to add my two cents. I have really graphic nightmares sometimes. And I do not tolerate violence or gore well, so they haunt me for a long time. I don't know where they come from. But there is a website called, which I highly recommend. Their dream dictionary is the best I've come across.

Princess in Galoshes said...
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Taradharma said...

oh gosh, yes, these kind of horror dreams are experienced by all. totally standard human existence stuff. there are indeed terrors in this life, how could they not seep into our dreams?