Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If i gave birth to you, do not read this

There are only so many responses one can make to complaining, only so many times you can say "i'm sorry," or "that sucks." But the urge to complain is strong within this one (like the force within Luke.)

I finally went to the doctor for my sprained ankle.

I've been sentenced to THE BOOT!

I hate THE BOOT. I spent 8 weeks in one several years ago. THE BOOT makes your calf muscle disappear, leaving it looking like a deflated balloon. Disgusting.

And, the worst visit ever with Em over Thanksgiving.

She was mean and argumentative. Constantly spouting song lyrics or inside jokes from her buddies at school. Which is boring and off putting. Talked about how much she missed her friends and how lonely she was. All this for a week away from them.

I never before have been happy to see her leave.

Guess she's finally doing some separating. In talking about it with other parents, it seems like the sophomore year at college is the worst as far as stress.

I hope so.

So, i'm a little sorry for all the bitching, but it had to be done.

Next up, a post about FLUFFY BUNNIES!


Sabra said...

Well, and let's not forget that when they put a boot on a car, it's to keep it from going anywhere...

Hope the time flies by.

Bob said...

I had to wear a shin-toe splint once when I cracked my ankle. It was a major pain (in more than my ankle).

I guess the positive side of "the Em situation" is that she has friends (and therefore a support network) at school.

Maybe she's uncomfortable at home, not used to her new role of the fledgling that's left the nest. She's used to the independence of school and she feels stifled at home, where she's being reminded of being a child? When she matures and grows more comfortable in her new independence, her visits home should be more comfortable. It takes a long time for grown children to settle into that new relationship with their parents - that of adult-to-adult. Hard for parents, too - children are sometimes always children to some parents. It was hard for me, at times, to allow my kids to be adults and treat them as such. It was also difficult for me to find equilibrium with my parents after moving out.

My daughter (now a senior in college) does what yours does (inside jokes, etc) but she explains the jokes so we can laugh too.

Anonymous said...

Um, if you can't bitch and complain on a blog, what the hell is a blog for?:)

Hope your ankle heals quickly. I fell down the stairs about a month ago and hurt my foot, no boot, but it still hurts. Which I guess kinda negates the first sentence of this paragraph. I'm in a mood.

meno said...

sabra, well this BOOT is effective for that purpose.

bob, thank you for the words of wisdom from one who has been there. I know she's separating, and that's a good thing, but i could do without the bitchiness. But it's all a package i guess.

deb, maybe you should get a BOOT. I have one i can send you. :) I understand about a mood. I've been in one for a few weeks. Take care friend.

Mignon said...

I AM sorry about all that stuff. Inside jokes. Pfft.

But I have a suggestion - perhaps you can get a second opinion (from a good physical therapist, preferably) about that boot? My PT is very anti-boot because of exactly the reason you've said. They put too much stress on your other leg and cause you to walk in a strangely compensatory way, which puts really awful strain on your other joints. It makes sense to me, I guess.

nick said...

I was pretty insufferable immediately after leaving my parents' home, it looks like you're getting off lightly! As Bob says, she's probably still getting the hang of a mature child-parent relationship.

You Use the Boot as Your New Icon said...

I was all set to say something clever about I hope you aren't going to start posting about fuzzy little bunnies unless it involves a recipe with a lovely basting sauce and then I saw nick's statement and mentally started diagraming the phrase mature child-parent relationship and noticed mature could modify the noun, child or the noun, relationship, and I thought is they really such thing as a mature relationship? Nah.

Regretfully, I remember behaving like an utter dick, during that state of flux between teenager and almost responsible young adult because my folks didn't understand I was learning and changing. Of course my being dick didn't show them I was changing in the right ways.

The Topiary Cow said...

Sorry about the boot, but if it means it will get better, all to the good.

As for Em perhaps if she can't be pleasanter company YOU should have plans next year which do not include her.

People with parents who care about them and try to please them but who don't appreciate it are idiots.

Steph said...

Ooooooh! I just LOVE fluffy bunnies!

I remember what I was like as an insufferable teen/20-something, so when my four-year-old diva daughter spouts off at me I like to say, "Listen, sweetheart, we have to get along for LONG time, so let's adjust that attitude, okay?" And I say it because I'm thinking about a future featuring exactly what you described, which makes sleep issues seem so, well, trivial.

Fluffy bunnies - YES!!

Lynnea said...

You know, I can't really say anything about the Em thing. Though I'm sure I'll be complaining before long - in about five years, that's a good wait. The thing is, I didn't get along with my parents until very very very recently and that only happened because of the nearly 3,000 miles between us. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, bring on the bunnies already!
As long as they don't look like this: Scary

luckyzmom said...

Your problem is that you and Em got along too well while she lived at home. The relationship between my daughter and I was stormy until she moved out of our home at 21. My husband often said that everyone else saw her "happy face" until she moved out. I think your experience is a healthier one.

Hope your ankle heals quickly.

Dick said...

Maybe you need to take up swimming as an exercise/sport? It would probably be easier on all of your joints.

As to Em, I didn't raise girls but I do know they are all going through some really major changes in their lives during this time. You can always remind her that you do want her around still and that is proven by the fact that you did send her your new address.

meno said...

mignon, i have my doubts about THE BOOT. But it does relieve the pain. I trust a physical therapist over a doctor about this matter.

nick, it will take some time. Hopefully there will be no murder before then.

Boot Icon, it's an irony that the people we most want to show that we've grown up to, are the ones we behave the worst around.

top cow, oooh, i'll tell her that, the idiot part. All though to be fair, i believe she does appreciate us, just not on this visit.

steph, good luck with your 4 year old listening to reason. Hah!

maggie, KILLER BUNNY! i want one. Yeah, but your parents are weird, you know, not all normal like me. hahahahahhahsahsa!

luckyzmom, i think you are right. I'll try to keep it in mind.

dick, Very funny! Didn't think of moving and leaving no forwarding address. Good idea!

Scott from Oregon said...

Take that boot and put it up daughter's backside...
Two problems solved.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, no, not The Boot. I had to wear one a few years ago after I got out of the hard cast, which brought out a surprising claustrophobia in me. The boot was actually an improvement because I could take it off, but I had to buy a pair of shoes with heels the exact height of the boot which I wore every day (well, one of them) for the duration. I never thought I could grow to hate a blue clog so much.

I guess Em is individuating, I believe they call it. My younger daughter, who is older than she, was also rather poisonous at Thanksgiving. I was blindsided because I really thought we were past all that.

Let's go get some fluffy bunnies and drink 'em, snort 'em, or whatever works best.

Robin said...

fluffy bunnies! yea!

i look forward to it.

i have no words to say about em because it is almost impossible for me to comprehend someone WANTING to come back to ohio. for any reason.

Anonymous said...

a week? Away? As in just physically apart or as in no texting or emailing? Either way, sounds like pure hell. And before you know it, winter break will be here.