Monday, March 08, 2010

Peeved by ignorant sound bites

I swear to god, what is it with people and their stupid bumper stickers?

Yesterday's entry into the Hall of Shame and Dumbassery:


Great, so being patriotic and an American means that no thinking is ever required for voting? And if i ever vote for a Democrat i am not an American or patriotic? Awesome, just awesome.


To those of you who have contacted me to ask if all is well in my world, Thank you. I truly appreciate your caring. All is well actually. The Mister and i went off to Hawai'i for two weeks and had a wonderful time and avoided the tsunami.

It's whale season there right now, and we could hear them singing when we were swimming. It was magical.

I am pretty content right now. I am just busy enough and have been getting the regular exercise that i require for my mental health.

Em is coming home this Friday for the second half of her spring break. She's off in NY city right now staying with a friend and his parents. I love it when she stays with other families and sees their dynamics. She sent me this text message yesterday:

"Watching Mark and his mother interact is one of my least favorite activities. Yikes. I am so grateful for you right now."

That warms a mother's heart right through i tell you!

Up next! A story about my mom, because it's such low-hanging fruit.


luckyzmom said...

OK! Hawaii? I'm jealous*_O

thailandchani said...

Good to see you here again! :) Hawaii. Hm. Sounds pretty good to me!


Bob said...

welcome back!

yeah - I find it interesting when any one group tries to tell me they are the repository of all things Religious. Or all things Green. Or all things American.

The way I read the constitution and its amendments tells me the most American thing I can do is to have my own opinion and speak about it, write about it, and vote for it.

Having others tell me what to do, what I can say, what I must think and how I must worship smacks of totalitarianism, fascism, monotheism, and all of those other 'isms that that same group professes not to be.

people who live in glass houses....

Mrs. Chili said...

Sigh. Hawaii....

I hold you up as an inspiration. I've got a 13 year old right now, and it's been a little be of a challenge lately. I'm hoping to come out the other end as you and Em seem to have.

Anonymous said...

It makes me wonder what that person was thinking at the moment s/he defaced his vehicle (It must've been American made) with that.

One of the characters at my job regularly blurts out similarly insane hypotheses, apropos of nothing. All my life i have wished for the gift of a quick, razor-sharp wit, and never more so than now.

We just hosted a family party, sans my parents. It's so entertaining to me to watch my siblings and their spouses expound on my parents' behavior and relationship, all the while casting sidelong glances at me (the lucky one, closest to them) to gauge my reaction. Thanks in part to the exposure of blogging, I am adept at letting them spout without revealing a thing.

meno said...

luckyzmom, it was truly an awesome vacation.

chani, it was nice. So nice that we kept thinking "Hmmm, if we sell everything we own, how long can we stay here?"

hi bob, yeah, it just proves that person is a pinheaded moron who wouldn't know logic if it bit him on the ass.

mrs. chili, i can assure you that someday it will be okay. But 13 (and 14 and 15 and...) can be a rough age. Hang in there mom.

de, the word 'thinking' does not appear to apply as they were applying that bumper sticker. Hey, good for you for being able to hold your tongue with your family. It's a feat i am seldom able to pull off.

fiwa said...

Hawaii? Very nice! The whale singing sounds beautiful.

Heehee... I feel the same way Em feels whenever I go home and am around my sibling's spouses. I'm so lucky to have the spouse I do!

nick said...

Okay, so people aren't entitled to freedom of opinion. In that case, they may as well make it compulsory to vote Republican, then they wouldn't even need the bumper stickers....

It must be gratifying to know all your maternal efforts are appreciated. It's easy to take good parents for granted until you compare them with other parents who're sadly lacking.

Anonymous said...

Hawaii sounds lovely. Glad to hear you're well. Deb

sari said...

Glad to hear all is well in the Menoverse...and you make me laugh - "low hanging fruit". That kills me.

Gina said...

I'm glad all is well. Hearing the whales is REALLY cool. As for that bumper sticker - sadly, there is a whole lot of not-thinking going on in this country.

Justice my ass said...

The phrase "low hanging fruit" gives me a disturbing visual when it comes to senior citzens. Why must gravity behave like such an asshat?

Lynnea said...


I was just thinking about you this morning.

I'll bet that that means burning flags and protesting makes a person unAmerican and unpatriotic too. In other universes, not nearly as nonsensical, do you think if I burned my bra it would make me not a woman?

This all brings the word unitard to mind.

I get the same feeling when I pick the twins up from preschool and they come running out yelling "Mama!" with their arms spread wide and little sparkles in their eyes. Here's hoping they feel that way at Em's age.

meno said...

fiwa, and isn't that a great way to feel after visiting relatives?

nick, nope, no freedom, because freedom would be UNPATRIOTIC! And we can't have that.

Deb, it was lovely. Wish i could have stayed forever. It's a great place to avoid reality.

sari, menoverse! ha ha. You made me laugh too.

gina, bumper stickers are a great way to piss me off by reducing complex situations to a single catchy phrase.

Justice, *looking down* i have no idea what you are talking about.

maggie, why yes, that WOULD make you not a woman. That's as logical as anything else.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Too funny - I just mentioned to one of my daughters tonight that MY mother was low-hanging fruit, and she said that although she loved Grandma, she knew it was true.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful vacation in one of my favorite places. And that Em will soon be home and appreciative. It doesn't get better than that.

Clowncar said...

Vitriolic bumper stickers of any political stripe annoy me. When I lived in Denver the car in the space next to mine always had these mean spirited left-wing slogans on the bumper. I agreed with her, but the bumper stickers made me a little embarrassed I did.

I love the phrase "low hanging fruit."

Dick said...

I think that with all the silliness going on in the other Washington (DC) it is likely true what I've heard on the news that people who claim to be either a D or an R are declining and many more are now calling themselves Independents. Makes sense to me.

Hawaii sounds good this time of the year and two weeks is just about the perfect length of time. Good for you two.