Friday, September 03, 2010

A bunch of pictures and the results

The Mister and i went hiking over in Eastern Washington last week.  Here are some pictures i took with my own teeny tiny camera.

Purple flowers majesty;

This is the potty at the top of Goat Peak.  If you look closely you can see the guy wires that hold it in place in a high wind:

Doug fir flowers.  Loved the colors.

Adorable mushrooms clustered in the shelter of rock.  Fairies dance here at night, you know it's true;

Okay, now for the results of my excisional biopsy.

No, the lab did not call back on the day they said they would.
Yes, it's a Phyllodes tumor.
Yes, it's benign.
Yes, the edges of the tumor were close the the edge of the excision.
Yes, i will most likely have to have more tit tissue removed. ('Nother appointment with the surgeon on Wednesday.)
Yes, i am likely to post a picture of the scar, but not now, as it is not a scar yet, but a wound.
Yes, i am anxious and annoyed.

My final word on the subject;


furiousBall said...

that tree has a heiney

Magpie said...

I'm glad it's benign and I'm sorry they need to cut you more.

That said, pooping with a view is awfully nice, though that particular outhouse looks a little scary...

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Up with benign, down with more cutting. BOO.

I am happy that you were able to go such a gorgeous walk - I suspect it was healing to your soul to be amongst such beauty. Sigh.

Bob said...

awww - the tree has a wound on its tit too.

you didn't do that, did you?

yay! on benign. Boo, they (potentially) left some behind.

have fun on the pain meds.

Lynnea said...

what's this 'titular'? how bout just "Head"?
now you can call yourself Scartit

"You wanna f* with me? Say hello to my little friend!"

glad it was the B word.

Anonymous said...

I think your last word on it shall be my last! Can't top it.

If they mess with you, take them to the outhouse.

meno said...

furious, that's what i saw, but The Mister saw boobs.

magpie, not the outhouse to use after a few drinks.

cagey, it was indeed beautiful. Helps put it all in perspective.

bob, i did not wound the tree tit, or the tree ass (as that is what i saw). I wish i could have fun with pain meds, but they don't like me.

jelli, mostly good, and as i keep saying to myself, its not liver cancer (as a friend of mine has).

maggie, it's more fun to say titular. :)

de, can't top a bottom! Heh!

SUEB0B said...

Yay for benign. Boo on cutting.

Taradharma said...

oh my, you slay me! That last photo put me over the edge. Because you were talking tits (good news, btw, it could've been worse I suppose) I thought it looked like boobage with a new nick in it.

why do outhouses always have moons on them? is this a pun about dropping one's pants? Am I clueless? Obviously.

Steph said...

Very glad you're okay. And ain't nature great? A T&A tree, something for everyone?

Frozen peas help w/ swelling said...

Outhouses can be charming...provided you aren't required to stand within thirty feet of them.

Gee, again? The truth is they just want another opportunity to bask in the glory that is your rack.

nick said...

Ooh, I'd be nervous about using that toilet, not sure those guy ropes are enough to keep it from falling off the cliff....

Sorry to hear you need a bit more surgery. Bums indeed. Some very cracked bums. They could do with several pots of heavy-duty moisturiser.

mischief said...

Blech, biopsy.... but beautiful benignity. Best.

Scott from Oregon said...

Yoohoohoo benigninity!!

luckyzmom said...

Benign, be ten,
Sorry you must
So it again.

My Haiku for you

Student_Nurse_Ninja said...

Scars are sexy. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a puppy. Carly Simon says it better than I can.

You're just more titalicious.

Wish I'd known about topless Friday. I had my OB/GYN class. I thin they would have understood.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The news is mostly good, except for the cutting part. I'm very glad it's benign. Lovely photos, especially Brunhilde at the end. (So to speak.)

Gina said...

Benign = YAY!
More surgery = BOO!!

rebecca said...

Now did you go looking for that final word? That I was not expecting! Fun-ny!

On another note, glad to hear it was benign. That's always a good thing....

sari said...

Well glad to hear it's benign. That's good.