Friday, October 11, 2013

Is this a poem?

I won't compete for attention.  Not for very long anyway.

You ask me a question, and then, when i start to answer, you interrupt me and talk about yourself.

Okay, i get it.  You didn't really want to know what i had to say, you just wanted to talk some more about yourself.  


But i won't beg, and i won't return to my point after you interrupt, unless you insist.  Which you rarely do.  

I will withdraw.  My silence is my defense.

And you notice my silence, subconsciously.  It makes you talk more.  I wonder, is silence an anathema to you?  

I kind of like silence.  It would leave me space to love you.


Anonymous said...

I know versions of who you describe and respond the same.
What is your favorite tea? (yes, seriously)

~ jaded

mischief said...

It is a poem; it would leave me space to love you.

But your silence, here in this space, sometimes goes on very long and I miss your voice when you stop talking.

meno said...

jaded, Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Original, Decaffeinated. Why? :-)

mischief, sorry. haven't been feeling very chatty. But thanks.

mischief said...

Definitely meant as a compliment, not as a rebuke.

Lynnea said...

it is definitely poetry.

I have, in the last year or so, been working on paying attention. Stopping my mind from thinking of what I want to say next so that I can actually hear what someone is saying. This is an extremely difficult skill for me. Or perhaps just too much bad habit sunk in over the years that needs rooting out now. (here I am talking about myself, sheesh)

It's amazing how silence can completely undo some people.