Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have a curse.

I do have a curse. Not “The Curse”, at least not right now, but a curse nonetheless. Whenever i go to movies, these people come and sit behind me. That’s not so bad. But they talk throughout the movie. Whenever i go to the movies with my daughter, and we are waiting for the movie to start, or watching the previews, and THEY come in and start talking, she looks at me and says “They’re heeere”.

So i went to the movies with my husband the other day. We were seeing “A Prairie Home Companion”, and they came in and sat behind me to my left. And they started talking. And they kept it up. So what do I do? I wave my hand in front of them, which they ignore. And then, (and i still don’t believe i did this) i wadded up my popcorny napkin and i threw it at them. And then hissed “Be quiet’.

Then I sat there in disbelief. Dear god. I THREW A NAPKIN AT STRANGERS IN THE MOVIES. Can i never go to the movies again?

But it worked. They shut up. And as I was preparing myself to apologize to them as the movie ended, they high-tailed it out of there as the first credits rolled.

But still, what if they had been packin’?


Anonymous said...

Here, I'll be rude and tell a story, too! (only mine's not as funny as the popcorn napkin throwing, so maybe it's okay) I was at the movies with my little brother years ago and when no one would shut up when the movie started he YELLED the little public service announcement that they used to run on the screen, "HEY!!SILENCE IS GOLDEN!" Everyone shut right up.

Thanks for commenting on my blog; I'm happy to have found yours!

Andrea Frazer said...

Ha ha ha. I can already tell that you say the things I say on paper but would not say to actual people. Good for you. I like you. (Even if you scare me!)