Tuesday, June 27, 2006

People like me.

I was walking along a pedestrian trail the other day with a friend. This trail borders a small river and there are always lots of bicyclists, pedestrians and roller bladers. We pass by a woman who is stopped by the side of the path under a bridge looking at the river. She turns to us and says "I saw a muskrat here 14 years ago, so i always stop and look".

friend: "That must have been neat." (Or some other innocuous statement.)

me: "They are neat, sometimes i see them swimming in the lake by our house."
Friend and i continue to walk.....

woman: (chasing after us) "You're native to this area aren't you?"

me: "Well, sort of, I've lived here on and off since i was 12."

woman: "I can tell because i go to France every year and people from here are all people like you."

me: **wtf???**

woman: "People like you always have to have a better story than anyone else. You are all so rude. French people really don't like you. You should learn some manners."

me: (Ok, this is what i wish i had said) "Oh, i go to France twice a year myself."

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