Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Curse! Part III

The Mister and i went to see Casino Royale this afternoon. It was pretty fun, but i couldn't help but giggle at some of the over-the-top-ness.

But, the curse is still active! THEY came and sat right behind us after the movie had started, after i had begun to think we has escaped from THEIR clutches. They chatted happily;

"Oh, it's dynamite!"

Gasp "Oh no!"

"I think that's the bad guy!"

It went on and on. But you will be proud of me, as i didn't throw a napkin at them, or take their picture and threaten to post it on my imaginary website. Although i was tempted. I just leaned over and whispered to the Mister "Let's move." So we changed seats and all was quiet.

Maybe i am growing up.



Unknown said...

Menodear, that's why they sell Lemonheads in the concessions, so you can fling them at Them. No one actually EATS those things.

But you did the grown-up thing. ;-)

thailandchani said...

Yuh... you did the right thing. :) It is a temptation to say horrid things to them though. And I think it might be those chocolate covered raisins that are sold to toss at people. Ghods, those things are wretched~ LOL



Mother of Invention said...

There is something to be said for certain people waiting for the DVD to come out so they can watch it and comment on every line in the comfort of their own living room!

Did Daniel measure up to Sean or Roger Moore?

karmic said...

Craig was hot, *A* and her friend were drolling over him. I hate it when ppl need to talk like that in a movie. The one time this happened with me, I asked the guy to shut up (politely), he kept grumbling after that for a bit but eventually shut up.

Also liked your last post..
I grew up not rich at all and it could be tough. I did feel awkward at times, but it gave me a chance to find out who were my real friends were.

sari said...

I want to see this movie! I grew up on Bond (shockingly, I used to think Roger Moore was the best Bond) and I know it's over the top, but I like it.

Though, I would have tried a well placed SHUSH or two first. ;-)

Lynnea said...

Yeah, I like the over the topness actually, it's what makes it a Bond movie I think. And it keeps it from being too real and too serious about itself. But I liked the fact that there was less gadgets and special effects in this one.

Those people in the theater are so rude. Now, I can see where moving is the grown up thing, but what if there hadn't been anywhere to move to? I think either the lemonheads or the picture would be perfectly mature options given the situation...but that's just immature little me talking. :-)

Girlplustwo said...

ahhh...had almost the same experience last night - i wanted to reach behind me and smack them. i still need to grow up.

Ginnie said...

Some people just love to hear themselves talk...whether it's on a cell phone in public or at a movie. I try to act in a grown up way but when the theater is crowded it isn't always possible to move and that's when I use body language and loud sighs !!

Imez said...

You know why Casino Royale was the best Bond movie ever? They completely eliminated the cheese factor. No goofy banter, silly Inspector Gadget gadgets. It was serious fun.

That said, congratulations on your restraint. Save the napkin throwing for the real little bastards with laser pointers who deserve it.

meno said...

nancy, thanks for the tip. Lemonheads, who knew!

chani, i have this fantasy about taking a squirt gun to the movies and squirting people while looking innocently the other way. I haven't done it yet, but someday.....someday.

MOI, my SIL calls it "The TV generation goes to the movie." I'd say Daniel was pretty damn good. And oh is he in good shape.

sanjay, i do ask people to please be quiet, but it never seems to work. They just whisper more quietly, but i can still hear them. Why do they think they can't be heard? Why?

sari, you should go. It's trememndous fun. I too grew up on Bond. I never much liked Roger Moore, but i thought Timothy Dalton was pretty good.

maggie, you are the one who got me to go! I liked the less gadgets and less smarminess too.

jen, i totally understand this urge. Totally. I guess you are supposed to go get an usher, but i haven't tried that yet. it just seemed easier to move.

ginmie, there was a group of teenagers who sat in front of us text messaging each other throughout the movie too. Sigh. This old bat thinks that is SO RUDE.

esereth, they did eliminate the cheese, you are right, and it was great. And the stupid pick up lines too. I have never had someone use a laser pointer at the movies, i might really lose it then.

sari said...

Well, I didn't say Roger was the best, but he was the first one I remember.

I really liked Pierce, I thought he was pretty hot. Actually, still is.

But I think the 'new' guy is going to be pretty good!

Bobealia... said...

I loved the over-the-top-ness. Oh, I loved it.

Mother of Invention said...

Text messaging during a movie? I'm getting way too old! I'd have never even thought of that happening! "Why, Beatrice, don't that beat all?!"
Let me just go and sit in my rocker for a bit!

Antonia Cornwell said...

These people exist outside cinemas too. Running-commentary folk. We shared an elevator with some on the Tube one day.

"Oh hey, look, the doors are closing."

"There we go, the elevator's going up now."

"We're nearly there."

"Okay, the doors are opening."

I wish you'd been there. I bet you're glad you weren't.

SuperP. said...

I turned around and told the people behind me to please be quiet.. which a few minutes later turned into ~ hey, keep it down, will you?.. which turned into Shut Up and their F-U retort, which turned into the manager being called, them being kicked out, them threatening me with physical violence and two squad cars showing up at the theater at the end of the flick.

Sometimes, it just pays to move. But, sometimes, when you've paid 17.95 plus tax for a seat in a packed theatre, sometimes you have to risk.. gunshots?..

What is the world coming to.. *sigh*.. people like that need to invest in a 50 inch t.v. and surround sound and leather couches and keep their mouthes at home.

That's too bad that your fun had to be interrupted.

meno said...

antonia, why do so many people think that they need to narrate life? To make sure that they exist? I am glad i wasn't there, i might have thrown something at them.

hi penny, that's quite the tale. I'm glad you spoke up, but that's always what i am afraid is going to happen to me. I'll bet it ruined the movie too.