Thursday, November 23, 2006

Poor poor pitiful me

In order to break with the tradition of the day and prove to you that i am an ornery woman. Here is a list of ten things that i have to complain about;

1. It's raining. It’s been raining forever. Or at least for a month. (Better for watering those flowers in the spring.)
2. I have tennis elbow, and i don’t even play tennis. (I play squash, and the elbow would get better if i stopped using a mouse so much.)
3. There’s cat hair all over my sweater. (I got some kitty love earlier.)
4. I have to peel and cut up 27 potatoes in a few minutes. (Mmmmm, hand mashed mashed potatoes. Yummy.)
5. Ummm, let’s see. The cleaning lady didn’t come today because it’s a holiday. (Poor, poor me.)
6. I’m not very good at complaining. (That’s bad, right?)
7. It’s hard to think of ten things. (That is too a complaint!)
8. My family and i are all healthy. (How am i supposed to complain about that?)
10. This list was too difficult.

I knew i could do it! (Did you notice that i skipped #9?)

Off to start the potatoes, potahtoes.


Anonymous said...

Blogger hates me, I can't sign in: Happy Thanksgiving!

Lynnea said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

You're lousy at complaining. That's a wonderful thing. And you were right earlier this month, you can't count either. Gotta love ya.

Mother of Invention said...

Either you must be having a huge crowd or you sure love your potats!
Happy feasting! Hope you have leftovers! The best!

karmic said...

Have a safe and a happy thanksgiving and hope it stops raining!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did okay ~ even with the complaining. The only complaint here is that it's too bloody cold!

27 potatos? !!!



Anonymous said...

Poor, pitifully blissed meno.

Happy T-day, Pumpkin.

Dick said...

I'd say you are doing pretty well if those things are all you can come up with to complain about! That is a lot of potatos. Kind of reminds me of Army days and the mess hall. I never counted them there but there sure were a lot.

I hope your holiday went as well as mine did for me.

Mother of Invention said...

Ah, your title is in a Linda Ronstadt song! Love that gal!

Andrea Frazer said...

Maybe #9 could be that you did not have all of us over to enjoy your mashed potatoes. I would have complimented and eaten 8 bowls, making the rest of your complaints go to crap. Poor, poor you.

Anonymous said...

mother of invention, wanna know what I really, really love about Linda Ronstadt? That sultry lass has gone to seed (fat), but now, instead of being adorned with youth and curves, she stands behind a mike unadorned and holds the stage with her voice. No dancers. No pyrotechnics. Just her voice. Imagine Britney Spears or Madonna without all their bric-a-bac and bare bellies and bright lights. No, don't imagine that. It wouldn't be pretty, no matter how pretty their faces or trim their figures.

Ashley Lasbury said...

I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Thansgiving!

Mother of Invention said...

Holly! I'm with Linda letting it all hang out! I haven't seen recent pics but I just love the voice which she's still got! ("You're so good you're so good...!")

Girlplustwo said...

i love a woman who is lousy at complaining. or better, mirthly complaints. nice.

meno said...

hi marsha! Thank you. Blogger is not being too cooperative today.

maggie, yeah i can't count, that why i worked in accounting for so long!

MOI, i was responsible for the mashed pots for 15 people, 3 of whom were voracious teenaged boys. And there are some leftovers.

sanjay, thank you. And it hasn't rained at all today, yet.

chani, too cold? in California? You would not do well in Alaska. But you will be warm in Thailand.

holly, thank you sweetie, back at you.

dick, my life is such that i don't really have any reason to complain. Sometimes i still do though. I'm so glad that you had fun.

MOI, i love Linda too. I want that voice.

mombat, i'm kind of contrary that way.

mamap, the pototoes were merely a substrait for the gravy. Mmmm.

holly, Linds really is cool. And i don;t want to think about those other weird chicks.

onetallmomma, thank you so much, i hope you have a wonderful time too. From your pictures, it looked like it.

jen, thanks. I could really complain about the world, but my world, not so much.

Bob said...

I can't believe no one has mentioned - the BEST mashed potatoes are those prepared with unpeeled potatoes. AND more nutritious to boot. just scrub, cube, throw in a pot with a kabillion garlic cloves (you do need to peel those, though) and salt and boil till fork tender. Mash with as much butter and cream as your arteries can stand and server.