Friday, December 08, 2006

madness meme

I was tagged for this meme by liv at madness, madness i say .

In my case it’s a mother-daughter meme. I am to tell you 5 things about me and 5 things about Em that you don’t know.

I crochet and embroider (not very well). I don’t like to sew on a machine. This surprises many people who know me although i don’t know why.
2.) I have arranged my life so that i have lots of time to do nothing. I get to spend a few hours alone on most days, and i thrive on it. I don’t know how people work 40+ hours a week and still have time to do anything else, even though i did it for years.
3.) I am a wiggly sleeper. The Mister tries to snuggle with me but after a few minutes he gives up and moves to the other side of the bed because i have already turned over 3 times and sighed heavily 5 times.
4.) Most of my life before i had Em, i assumed that i would not have children because the world sucks and it’s no place for an adult, much less a child. In an act of complete selfishness, i had one anyway. I am not sorry, at least not for me.
5.) Politics bore me. I feel badly about saying that, but it’s true.

1.) Em has had a blanket since she was born. His name is Lammie. She still sleeps with Lammie and will come down in the morning wearing him on her head or as a skirt.
2.) Before Em was born, she was scraped on her head with the amniotic hook thing. She had to have 10 stitches right away. I think the doctor was trying to carve her initials on Em’s head.
3.) She is completely crazy about cats. Her first word at nine months was “kee-caa” while she was looking at a little plaster statue of a cat. I felt like Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan in the water scene. Communication! She hasn’t shut up since.
4.) Em can touch type about 120 wpm on a keyboard without looking, and she can type almost as fast without looking on her phone.
5.) On her very first day of school, she looked at me and said “It’s easy to make friends isn’t it mommy?” It broke my heart. I nearly decided to home school her at that point, even though i am completely unsuited for that, both academically and temperamentally.


Anonymous said...

Have you gone to the quilting group yet? I'm sure others besides myself want to hear about it.

What is it about cats? We have a dog, so I wasn't surprised that "woof" was the first word for both my kids, but they both also went nuts for cats(in the abstract, before even seeing a real one), both sleep with a stuffed cat now.

And, I guess I won't re-enter the workforce as a secretary if that typing skill is typical of the young 'uns these days. (of course, they're looking for the big money right out of the chute, anyway, so I'd probably have my pick of menial jobs.)

Mignon said...

There's no shame in shunning politics. Politics are like Us Magazine compared to National Geographic. Number 4 shows you're down with National Geographic.

Anonymous said...

Its good to surprise people you know reminds you and them that people are so exceedingly complex it's hard to ever REALLY know anyone.

Politics have a way of making you lose all faith in the goodness of humanity...which judging by number four, you have just enough faith in.

Platypus said...

Nice post, Meno. :0)

Lynnea said...

I'm a wiggler living with a snuggler too. Politics bores me sometimes and interests me other times. I think maybe I'm worse for admitting that I'm only interested when it's something I like. But hey, as long we're not making politics, that's probably a good indication that we're honorable people.
I love the image of Em with her Lammie in the morning. Perhaps my little ones will do this. I still have my baby blankie, its tucked into a safe, air tight bag now.

Girlplustwo said...

i wiggle too.

Speaking of, that Em of yours wiggles her way into my heart every single time i hear more about her.

i want to be a mom like you to M when i grow up.

meno said...

de, yes, i've been twice. They have the "never admit that you want to eat" disease, but so far so good. I think it will develop into something more as we spend more time together as a group. Kitties! Both Em and i squeal almost everytime one of our 3 cats walks by. I have one right now tucked under one arm. He is snoring gently.

mignon, It's all so smarmy. And repetitive. And sad. And backwards. And self-serving.

patches, i like it when people surprise me in a good way. I think most people don't think i'm girly enough to hand sew. What do they know?

platypus, thank you!

maggie, is that because you wear the antlers to bed? I never had a "transitional item" as a kid. I can't believe that we've managed to hang on to this blanket for 16 years.

jen, you already are a great mom to your beautiful M. And (gush) Em is a great person.

thailandchani said...

These "ememes" are kind of interesting. It must be difficult to think of things like that. Em sounds like a wonderful person. :)



Anonymous said...

Aw. I love that she still has her Lammie, and wears him proudly!

QT said...

I really liked this post - nice work.

Lynnea said...

Oh yeah, Hubby finds the antlers so sexy!

urban-urchin said...

one of my son's first words was meow which sounded more like Mao.

THe first day of school bit got me. It's so heartbreaking when they reveal their fears isn't it?

Lucia said...

I am SO envious of your 2). I can't even express how badly I WANT this time alone. I like spending time with myself! I don't know myself how I work 40+ hours a week, when what you've got is what I really badly!

I'm a wiggler with a snuggler too.

CGHill said...

Politics = boring because politicians want it that way. Were it interesting, you'd take part, and you might actually oppose their pet projects, and we can't have that, can we?

meno said...

chani, i am sad to say that it's not hard to think of these things. I guess i have too much time on my hands.

nancy, lammie is an honored, albeit tattered, member of the family.

qt, thank you.

maggie, oh baby!

u-u, I sometimes look at the picture of her in her little outfit from the first day of school and all those feelings come right back.

lucia, i feel really lucky to have that time. I know that most people don't have that luxury.

cghill, is it really that simple? I take part in it anyway, but probably would do more if i could stay awake.

Liv said...

Thanks for playing! I knew you'd have some good stuff. Em sounds like my Toodlepeep who happily runs her mouth about cats all day even if it's just the one word "cat" all day.

Andrea Frazer said...

Little lammie wammy... lovey dovey that so much. And now you know why you are taking a quilting class... because one day you can weave that into a beautiful art piece for your daughters apartment and frame it so that she always has a piece of home with her.