Saturday, March 24, 2007

Music is the Universal Language

Ok, i am done wallowing in the past. It's safe to go back into the water.

I was tagged by QT to do a list of seven songs that i have been listening to lately. I listen to music mainly in my car. I do not have an ipod. I am a Luddite.

1) I Don't Give Up - Patty Griffin from Running with Children
2) The Dreaming Dead- Jesse Sykes from Oh My Girl
3) Pony - Kasey Chambers from Wayward Angel
4) Bring Him Home - the 10th anniversary concert soundtrack of Les Miserables
5) God Says Nothing Back - The Wallflowers from Rebel, Sweetheart
6) On the Radio - Regina Spektor from Begin To Hope
7) Shelter - Ray LaMontagne from Trouble
8) Romeo - Patty Scialfa from 23rd Street Lullaby

I still can't count. :)

As i look at this list, i realize that there are two artists on there that were recommended to me by one of you. People i had never heard of before. How cool is that?

Em is flying off tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn for a five day whirlwind tour of east coast colleges. I am trying not to stress out as it is almost 6 pm and she has NO CLEAN CLOTHES. I am actively reminding myself that this is NOT my problem. She is old enough to deal with this herself and i have already reminded her once.

I am making pizza tonight for dinner. Her favorite meal. The kitchen, and i, are covered with flour.


Special K ~Toni said...

Great list! Haven't heard of most of it! Maybe I should get out more, eh?

Hope Em has a safe and fun trip!

amusing said...

Well, who takes her? How does that work? Are there tours you can sign them up for these days? Are you going?

We were living in Scotland, so I never got to do the tour thing.

jaded said...

Diverse play list you have there. 50% recognition isn't so bad...even added a few of your selections to my infamous itunes wishlist (119 tracks so far, oh where do I begin downloading).

I wouldn't worry too much about the lack of clean clothes....she'll run out of them by the third week of college. Might as well get used to the smell now.

Andrea Frazer said...

Great selection. That Bring Him Home kills me every time. Now that I have a son? Oh, man...... is it ever emotional! This list makes me want to complete one of my New Year's goals right now: get a website of my own where I can link and add You Tube stuff to my heart's content. I know I can learn it here, too, but Blogspot isn't going to suck up my learning curve. I am going to give it to myself on my own freaky site.

PS: Not to bring up the past, but perhaps Em leaving has you worried - now that you're alone, it's going to be you, the mister, and all those demons. I know... I think about it, too.

sari said...

I like Regina Spektor and Ray LaMontagne.

I hope Em has a great trip, you're a good mom for making the pizza.

Anonymous said...

That patty Griffin album is soooo good. And Rebel, Sweetheart, mm mm mm.

Oh yeah. We're gonna get along. :-)

Patches, you like Russians? I know a good site...

Girlplustwo said...

good luck, em. good luck, mom.

i recommend folk in times like this. a little joni should get you through.

meno said...

toni, there is SO much music out there that i give up trying to keep up on it all.

amusing, it's a tour company that works through her school. She's going off with 3 teachers/staff and 40 or so kids from her school. I am not going. Thank gad. I never toured either. It sounds like fun, i mean if i were 16.

patches, i don't mess around with itunes, i would never be seen again. She managed to get herself packed and out the door without my help. YAY!

mamap, and that man's voice on that song, whew! I always worry when she goes away. College should be interesting. I think we'll be okay as she rarely wants to do anything with us anyway.

sari, those are the two people that i learned of through recommendations from fellow blogville residents.

nancy, we just saw Patty last week here in Seattle. It was wonderful. What a voice.

jen, she has strict instructions to, at the very least, TXT message me every other day to say she is alive. Joni is the Queen.

jaded said...

Nancy, Do mean for drinking or for listening? If you mean for listening, I've got eclectic taste, and I'm willing to give anything a listen once.

lu said...

Dang, you are so good--letting her be in charge. It's so easy to make everything a Mom problem. I'm working hard at letting go and giving the boys that self-reliance. It's so much easier said than done, and I'm in awe of people like you who balance it.

And Oh, hello, Pre-empty nest syndromesomething...big o' triggerfacter.

peevish said...

Hey, I'm making pizza for supper, too! Actually, pepperoni rolls. But with homemade pizza dough.

I love that my kids request Regina Spektor when we are in the call. Lyra scream/sings Your Honor: "I kissed your lips and I tasted blood! dadadadadadadadada!" from Soviet Kitsch. And On the Radio is one of their favorites, also. So much better than Raffi.

peevish said...

In the call?

No, in the CAR.
can't. type.

Mother of Invention said...

This is her solo flight. She'll feel great about it after she's done it. I hope she finds the right school for her.

Lynn said...

Three teachers/staff and 40 those are brave souls. Good for you that you weren't there. I am in awe that you made pizza and clearly not the frozen you have a good recipe? Not that I would ever find the time to make it! Just curious...are you missing Em?

meno said...

patches, i was hoping she meant White Russians.

lu, she was up this am at 4 in order to get the last load in the dryer. "Not my problem" was my mantra, repeated often.

lisa, We are pizza hounds in this family, and everyone likes mine better than the rest. Raffi will cause a diabetic coma if listened to too often. :)

moi, she went on a west coast tour last year and didn't stop talking about it for 2 days.

lynn, it's all about getting the crust really really thin. The dough that i started out making 1 pizza with, now makes 6 pizzas. It's just a standard pizza dough recipe. I am actually feeling quite happy that she is gone. The Mister and i can spend some time together and we can make healthy food without listening to whining about it. :)

jaded said...

Forget the healthy food, just think, you can leave the bedroom door open five days without worrying about scarring her and you for life....look out kitchen table!

thailandchani said...

I've only recently become aware of Regina Spektor. She has a beautiful voice!

Best to Em. I hope she has a very good time and that you are able to get some rest, too. :)



QT said...

Great list - I've got some of those in my rotation too, esp. Ray LaMontagne.

Good luck to Em - and you -with her whirlwind tour. Fun times!

egan said...

Are you and EM doing well? She must be going to Boston and NYC, is this right? I hate too much tonight here in Florida. Vacation eating doesn't have carbs.

Regina is all the rage these days.

Elliot said...

I rarely encounter a list of songs where I don't know at least one of them. A few of the bands I've heard of, but, otherwise, you've awaken the music geek. Luckily, I subscribe to Rhapsody and can subsequently be caught up by tomorrow this time.

Good luck to Em in the whirl-wind. That actually should be memorable. I wish I'd done that. My whirlwind tour of colleges was actually conducted by reading an article on the Top 20 Party Schools in the nation...none of which, by the way, my mom let me attend.

gary rith said...

Perhaps your daughter will visit Ithaca, and maybe she will not say 'Ithaca is gorges', but instead 'Ithaca is COLD'. But best wishes to her, and really, I appreciate the link you had to Tracey H, the painter! Whoohoo! Fantastic, and maybe one of my neighbors too.

karmic said...

Great list. Good luck to Em on her college tour.

Joan said...

Thanks for the playlist truth, I recognize not one song so I'm going to have lots to discover.

I hope Em enjoys her college tour and what a great way to expose kids to their college options.

meno said...

patches, well, there is that too. :)

chani, lisa of barlyru recommended her to me.

qt, thanks for the idea. It was fun.

egan, She will be starting in DC and then going to Boston and somewhere else. To tell you the truth, i'm not all that interested in her college stuff. She'll do fine on her own.

jeremiah, i didn't think this was all that obscure. But have fun. You should do one of these lists too. I'll bet i'd learn some new stuff.

gr, I love Tracy. She was one of my first commenters, and i read her everyday. I LOVE her paintings.

sanjay, thanks!

joan, not even the song from Les Mis? Well then, have fun! I love finding new music that i like.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine a world without music? I sure can't. College, college, college... We thought about that, L.P and I, how in the States, college often means you have to say goodbye to your kid for a couple of years. Whole different ball game...

egan said...

Alrighty then...