Friday, April 20, 2007

It must have been a really great party

because Brown Cat still has the lampshade on his head.

Last week there was a mighty battle. Brown Cat and Grey Cat fought like demons to keep the cat next door from invading our territory. I don't know the exact outcome, but Grey Cat has a new notch in his ear, and Brown Cat, who i thought had escaped unscathed, had a large abscess on his side lanced open this afternoon and now has a hat worthy of the queen (What? Have you seen her hats?) and two tubes sticking out of his side, a la Frankenstein, or Frankenfurter.

I don't know if the invader was hurt, but from the aftermath here, she either looks like she came in third in an axe battle, or she totally owned my cats.

{An amusing aside, when i went to pick up Brown Cat at the vet's, i frightened the vet, who had only seen me sitting down up until that point. "My God," she said, taking a step back, "how tall are you?"}


Andrea Frazer said...

I hate people commenting on my height. I would have said "I'm 6'1 and I'd like to go home, because the mister needs some pussy."

Bob said...

I've never met an amazon before.

we are also veterans of cat fights and resulting abscesses. nasty business.

Joan said...

I hate for Greco to have gender identity issues but, at the moment, he looks more like Queen Elizabeth I than King of the house!

Em said...

LOL...great cat photo. Our dog had one of those collars and kept walking into walls and stuff with it.

meno said...

mamap, i don't really hate it. if i did i'd be pissed off a lot. I love your answer!

bob, i refuse to cut off my left breast so that i can shoot an arrow better! We have had abscess experience before too, just not one this big with tubes. Ick.

joan, i won't be telling him that!

em, he is walking into walls, and backing up and trying to knock it off. Poor kitty!

Unknown said...

Poe was actually ashamed of his cat collar. He slept in the closet. Normally, he slept on me.

I promise not to say, "Jesus, you're tall," if you promise not to say, "Jesus, you're short." *s*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. The poor cat. I know ours hating wearing the collar and they get embarrassed, dogs don't. They just walk into things but cats, cats hate those collars.

QT said...

Ha! Another pic of cat torture today! The abscess deal is pretty much a given each time they fight,non?

I've never met an Amazon I didn't like. Is Em tall too?

Anonymous said...

Those collars always crack me up! Poor thing. I'd like to spend a day in a tall body. Just one day to know what it feels like to be able to actually reach for things on my own.I'm 5"1. A shrimp.

Anonymous said...

Poor cat, I know mine hated her collar when she had to wear one for a couple of weeks. Hope he heals up soon.

urban-urchin said...

Poor kitty! In this picture the bandage behind the collar looks a bit like wings. Imagine a wing-ed collared cat flying around. No one would every mess with any of you (they might send a priest round).

I'm tall 5'9 and a good majority of my girl friends are about 6 ft (including my aunt) so when we go places we get gawky stares (and I feel like a midget). Tall rules! Is Em tall as well?

Special K ~Toni said...

How tall are you then? To have startled/scared/surprised a vet? I mean they deal with rabid dogs and aren't afraid!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we make regular treks to the vets' office because of battle-won abscesses. Luckily, though, we make it out WITHOUT the funny hats or the tubes (but we do have to administer antibiotics which, after the first dose, the patient is TOTALLY hip to and starts refusing the cheese or cream that's held out as inticement to come close enough...)

Good luck. I hope everyone feels better.

Oh, and your last aside...? Yeah. That never happens to me. Ever.

Mother of Invention said...

My cat had that Elizabethan collar for the same reason and it was so annoying to hear him scratch the crap out of it trying to get it off! He got outside by accident and I had to go looking for him. I was so worried he'd get caught on something. He showed up from under the neighbour's deck, his favourite litter box!
He was so glad to get that thing off.

thailandchani said...

Needless to say, I believe being tall would be wonderful. (I'm 5'3") It's difficult to reach things. Pants are too long off the rack, blah blah blah.




meno said...

nancy, no comments will be forthcoming from me on your height, but i might be jealous of your red hair.

deb, he is having some trouble adjusting to it. When i am not trying to comfort him i am laughing.

qt, every damn time. Stupid cat. Em is not very tall because i married and reproduced with a short man, who provided some moderating genetics.

caro, he is funny. He keeps backing it up to try and knock it off. Being tall is great, but i would settle for a few less inches in order to fit into clothes better.

platypus, he should only have to wear it for a few days, so he doesn't remove the tubes in his side himself.

u-u, it does look like a wing. That's actually the gauze bow from them tying the evil thing around his neck. You are pretty tall! Em is only 5'5". That's what i get for reproducing with a short man.

toni, i am only 6'1". She was pretty tiny. I think i just surprised her. maybe it was me frothing at the mouth that scared her.

mrs.chili. and it's so disgusting because his wound is "draining. He took his antibiotics very sweetly this morning. I used my cat whisperer technique.

moi, i can tell where he is around the house by the thumping of the collar.

chani, i like being tall, but i like being healthy even better!

Lynn said...

Oh the indignities a cat must suffer after asserting his "machoness"!

Karen Jacobs said...

Geeze! Do you always get this many comments? As another six footer, I usually only frighten small children. Thought yesterday's little girl was going to walk into a wall if she didn't swivel her head back to the front of her body. I just smile, which probably scares them even more. Answers to those adults who feel the need for a clever remark (surely they are the first?) are generally answered with a loaded but silent smile as well...

Liv said...

That is one impressive get-up that Greco's sporting. How cool to be so tall?! My vet usually is only known for laughing at me and my off the wall questions.

TTQ said...

Ah ha ha...remember a two months ago when my baby beagle went in his fir his gazillion dollar operations? He had to wear one of these for about a month and half..We started calling him scoop, because after awhile he was like a bulldozer with it!
Now its "Hey, Scoop was going on buddy?" He odesn't seem to mind..we also call him Jingle Bells, because even though they are house dogs and only run free in our fenced in backyard..he has so many tags on him, in case he gets lost, he needs special care.

The picture made Honey laugh and say "Scoop!"

Girlplustwo said...

well, arguably the vet is used to a lot of smaller creatures.

it looks like wings on the back of the cat. probably just about right.

meno said...

lynn, i don't know how macho he is after getting his ass kicked, well, bitten, by the smaller girl cat next door.

hi kj, yeah, like i haven't heard every freaking tall joke a million times alredy!

liv, he's not so impressed by the get up. It is cool to be tall, i can frighten insecure short men really easily

ttq, a month and a half? Poor baby. Although dogs are generally much better natured about these things. Scoop, i like it!

jen, maybe if i was a cute little squirrel? He is a good boy, but no angel.

Dick said...

I hope none of our three end up that way when we merge them into one family after next weekend. Huggy will stay home at my house until we get back from a few days away, then the fun will begin.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

He looks quite Elizabethan. Also quite pissed off.

If you ever decide to downsize, I could use a few more inches. (Should I take a number?)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, Meno - I KNOW!! Abscesses are NASTY!

I took Small One in to have his last one checked out (he's a lawn lion and was defending the pride). My vet scooped him up, had a good, close look at the oozy, gross thing on his neck and said "OOOOH! GOOD one!" and proceeded to squeeze it. When I made a noise that was only slightly reminiscent of gagging, she looked up at me and said "Oh, we vets are weird. We LOVE pus!"


Marshamlow said...

Now you have me thinking that a good party complete with lampshade on the head is just what the doctor ordered. I cannot remember the last time I got all sauced up.

I hope the kitties are feeling better soon.

Lynnea said...

Aww poor little kitty. But you know, the smaller version of this picture, the gauze looks like angel wings.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I hope the neighbor's cat at least got a bloody nose.

Now: How tall are you, dearie?!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your cats, the notches, the abcesses and the indignities. From the presents they bring you they are obviously devoted. ( My dog steals socks and I have to hunt them down.)

Anonymous said...

Don't tell kitty I'm still laughing at the lampshade/party description.

When my daughter was born she was quite long, in the 95th percentile, I think and I so hoped for really tall for her. I'm only 5'8" but she has the 6'4" genetics on both sides. Oddly, she stopped at 5'5".

karmic said...

Hope the kitty's feel better soon, and I will avoid any references to cat fights ;)
Oh and how tall are ya? :)

sari said...

"How tall are you?" makes me imagine you striding in with your cats the size of leopards on giant leashes with jeweled collars.

*That* would be tall.

meno said...

dick, i hope Huggy makes it through okay too, since he is the one moving into the other cats territory!

hearts, he is resigned to his fate. It's sad. :( I have had several people offer to take a few inches over the years.

mrs. chili, yeah, the oozing ain't pretty. As you can see we have put towels on all the furniture and a big old blanket on our bed.

marsha, getting all sauced up always sounds like a better idea beforehand than it feels like afterwards.

maggie, he an angel. Excepy hairier.

ortizzle, i have no idea, but i hope so too. I am 6'1".

sally, he's getting better. The mighty sock hunter was busy last night. This morning there are 4 new ones in out bedroom.

ac, i promise not to mention it to him. My daughter stopped at 5'5" too. It's that short guy i married!

sanjay, he is feeling better, now he's annoyed that i won't let him out with the lampshade on his head. I am 6'1".

sari, wow, there's an image! I gotta work on getting those leopards!

jaded said...

You know, meno, he's not embarrassed by the collar, he's embarrassed by it's lack of style. You should decorate it for him with a laundry marker and some electrical tape. Everyone know the real loss of dignity was from being beat up by a girl.

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

We call that 'The Satellite Dish'. Our cat owns a nice collection of them from his array of injuries in the last 4 years.....I accidentally clipped him with the garden shears when I didn't know he was in the tree I was trimming. He thought he was *playing* with mommy...ACK! Then there was The Great Face Absess of '06 and it's recurrence The Great Face Melt Off of '06. And finally, an bald eagle tried to pick him up. Poor kitty! He's good and healthy now *knock-knock* and we'll never need to buy another satellite dish for him. You want I should mail you a couple, just in case?
I hope your kitty will heal quickly!

Antonia Cornwell said...

Can he pick up Sky News with that thing?

luckyzmom said...

In the long ago my daughter came to visit us our huge dog and our two cats, one of which slept on our daughters head when she was still living at home. In a jealous rage she lashed out at the poor puppy and blinded him in his left eye. The doggie opthamologist put a cone on his head and I couldn't resist calling him a "Cone Dog"!