Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We IM each other across the house, an actual conversation

em says:
em says:
But I said I would, so.
meno says:
yes, you may go, if you want
meno says:
but you can also say no
em says:
How do I say no? XD I already told her I could go.
meno says:
are mimi's parents going to pick you up? and when
em says:

meno says:
yes my own true love?
em says:
That would have been the original question. XD
em says:
meno says:
i see that. They can pick you up at whatever time they need to to get there when they want to.
em says:
;_____; I don't wanna go. Save me.
meno says:
you feel bad, your teeth hurt, you have your period, with cramps. Your cat is sick, your dad has been arrested for tax fraud. You have gas.
em says:
*cracks up*
meno says:
i could go on
em says:
O rly.
meno says:
yep. You need to wash your hair, trim your pubes, organize your sock drawer
em says:
meno says:
you might have fun. I just need to know when you'll be home so i can call the police 5 minutes after you are late.
em says:
You're horrible.
meno says:
's true
meno says:
but you like me
em says:
I do.


Anonymous said...

LOL. Brilliant. The full impact of the written word with the spontaneity of IM-ing.

What is "XD" by the way, and forgive the ignorance.

Schmoopie said...

Hee Hee! Ohhh what I have to look forward to in the coming years! Too cute :)

karmic said...

sweet!!!!! ya what's XD?

Joan said...

What a poignant conversation between mother and daughter. Almost makes me regret not having children.

meno said...

ortizzle, we have fun! XD is an emoticon. A smiling face on it's side. The XD represents squinting eyes and a big wide smile. It's like :) only a bigger smile.

schmoopie, it's actually a pretty cool way to communicate because you can't hear the whining.

sanjay, see my answer to Ortizzle.

joan, almost. :) They can be cute, but then there are other times.....

Special K ~Toni said...

'trim your pubes'- Now that is FABULOUS mother/daughter conversation!

urban-urchin said...

i thought we were the only ones (my husband and I IM each other as we're sitting next to each other on the couch both with lap tops in hand.)

And yep I'm going to Blogher- you should come!

thailandchani said...

That was a very cute conversation! LOL It looks like you had fun together.



Lynn said...

I think it is amazing that Em is, getting ready to go to colleg, and yet, she still wants to use her mommy as an excuse to not have to go to the concert, and she also wants to use her mommy, so that she doesn't have to take any responsibility for not going. How does you feel about being wanted as an excuse?

Would it be allright if I copy your list of excuses so that when Twelve comes to me with a similar problem, I will be ready with a list of excuses to give to her?

TTQ said...

I IM with my mommy daily..she's a fun mom. I told her about the car being a bowling ball and mailboxes being pins. Her response, well obviuosly you know right from wrong,cause you DIDN'T do it. Well mumsy I was thinking it was an example of my impulse control. steller. I tell ya. steller.

I'm thinking she's thinking that it's good that her place is 5 miles away from mine.

And my mom rules on going with the flow and has extracted me from many of dates I didn't want to go on..Oh that and calling me in sick to school. I preffered to keep my own hours Thank you very much.

Girlplustwo said...

meno said pubes.

i heart meno. mother of the year meno.

egan said...

All this time I thought I was the only one who made pube jokes. I guess we have something else in common Meno. I love this banter with Em.

Antonia Cornwell said...

Cool. XD

My mother still makes me laugh more than anyone else can. And Esme laughs at my jokes harder than anyone else. (Except I don't tell Esme jokes: I just have to blow raspberries and she cracks up. Nice and easy.)

Susanne said...

That actually seems like something to look forward too. IMing with my son.

He'll have to learn how to read first, mind you...

peevish said...


jaded said...

I love the way you completely stayed out of her dilemma, and left her to her own devices. BTW, are those excuses in any particular order? It seems to me the gas problem totally trumps the income tax evasion at em's age.

Lynnea said...

I especially like the calling police when five minutes late comment. Its just so you...ha ha. I am happy to learn, on a regular basis, from your blog here that you CAN be a good mom, no an out of this world mom, and be friends with your kids. Its all in the balance.

meno said...

toni, it did make her laugh!

u-u, we are geeks aren't we? It's a great way to communicate without the child overhearing too. I'll think seriously about blogher. I just don't want to go by myself.

chani, we do have fun much of the time. :)

lynn, oh she knew that she had to go. I'm big on following through on your commitments. We were just havin' fun. Copy away!

ttq, it's great to have another way to tweak your mommy!

jen, well it makes her laugh, so that's good.

egan, it's funny, but i find i am funnier on IM than in person. I dunno why.

antonia, how fun that you and your mom laugh. I remember the raspberry days. My favorite noise was to make Em belly laugh.

susanne, who knows what the technology will be by then? But you'll have fun.

lisa, :)

patches, just in the order that they tumbled from my mind onto the keyboard.

maggie, and she knows i ain't kidding either.

Mother of Invention said...

Man, motherhood sure has changed in one generation! Much cooler now! Can't imagine my mother asking me if I'd had a Brazilian Wax yet!

gary rith said...

I mean, do moms say 'trimming pubes' to their kids these days?
MOI--let us be thankful we are childless.

Anonymous said...

I seriously wish you had been MY mother. She would have never, EVER said the word "pubes" to me! You are awesome.

egan said...

Ha, I feel the same way about IM too. I should look you up.

lu said...

This is a perfect example of what I find so inspired about your parenting. You're relationship is so open with Em, so accepting and still you maintain expectations, set boundries and make them stick without beating her over the head with them. Humor is key--but with the boys- I think I'll hold off on any mention of the triming of pubes -- it just wouldn't go over with boys like it would with a girl

Lucia said...

And once again, you're a shining star of motherhood!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to need a year of frosty silence and withdrawal before this sounds all that good to me. Fiona is just one long out-loud stream of consciousness. I've recently grabbed a daytime hour here or there and realize I can still think. I dread the idea of my phone beeping or buzzing of whatever they do...well, maybe the buzzing, but then if it's my daughter? eww. And then today, I heard a commercial claiming that "your phone can even help you keep your kid off pot! Just IM now and ask what he's doing."

How could you possibly be alone at BlogHer? Please. Just decide to go already. If I didn't have kids, I would go, and I'm the most paranoid introvert in the whole crowd. I am. I claim that superlative.

Tink said...

Trim your pubes?! LMAO. You are such a nut. I love you.

meno said...

moi, no brazillian wax until it comes with morphine!

gary, she is 16, not 6. And we're the girls in the house so there is a certain amount of latitude that comes from that. Childless does have it's appeal some days!

elizabeth, i just don't ignore what she already knows. Besides, pubes are funny.

egan, curious isn't it?

lu, you are sweet to say that. I screw up as much as any other parent i expect. I think same sex parents can mention things that the other one shouldn't. Pubes are probably one of those things. :)

lucia, there are many who might disagree. i still don't know if i am doing the right thing by treating her more as an adult sometimes. Sigh.

de, this is done over the computer, As i am informed everytime is say it wrong, IM is on the computer, it's called texting on the phone. I hate the phone thing because of the triple key pad thing. No way. You are right about blogher, i should just go, because i can. But without you, it will be less fun.

Lee said...

Great banter! I don't think I'm ready for pube convo with my kids tho....

Open Grove Claudia said...

Trim your pubes? I'll have to remember that one.

sari said...

XD - I love it.

I sat in the doctor's office yesterday and watched a husband and wife im each other on their blackberries the whole entire time they were in the waiting room. Sitting ight next to each other.

stephoto said...

I just plain love this. A perfect scene for our times.

meno said...

tink, Em and i have a pretty good time. She thinks i'm silly too.

lee, use the pube reference for good, never for evil.

claudia, feel free to throw this phrase around as you like.

sari, that sounds weird, but maybe they were discussing his 'roids and you are GLAD not to have to hear it.

stephoto, it sure is!

luckyzmom said...

I can so feel the love!!!
Really you sound like a fabulous Mom!!!
And I am so proud of you!!!

QT said...

Late to this one - but I love it! I am a texting queen myself...

SuperP. said...

Love this!!

What does this mean?


SuperP. said...

Sorry.. should have read the comments, first.