Monday, September 17, 2007

Mood elevation

Yesterday it was raining.

Such was my mood and paucity of finer feeling for my fellow humans that i felt an unnatural happiness at the ruination of all the outdoor weddings that were planned for the day.

So the Mister and i took ourselves off to see the movie Dragon Wars. I have a thing for dragon movies. I get a huge thrill from Sleeping Beauty when Maleficent rises from the castle in a blaze of malevolent glory. My heart soars when the beast in Dragonheart flies. I bought the video of the movie Dragonslayer so that i could watch that wonderful beast fly through the air. (I think that one is my favorite movie dragon.)

I even went to see Eragon, although during the closing credits i felt compelled to lean over and whisper, "I'm so sorry," to the friend i had dragged with me.

I am such a geek that i think The Lords of the Rings is probably the best movie (i consider them all as one movie) ever made.

Not all dragons are okay, i loathe Barney.

Dragon Wars is a Korean movie that took 8 years to make and really is a glorious mess. The acting, the plot, the editing, all are......really, REALLY bad. But the dragons were SO COOL!

I haven't laughed that much at a movie in ages. And it is not a comedy. Just what i needed.


thailandchani said...

LOL.. for some reason, this made me chuckle.

(By the way, questions coming to you soon. Probably Wednesday or Thursday. Something is absorbing me right now. :)



meno said...

chani, no rush. The movie made me chuckle.

Dick said...

When the hospital in Auburn expanded they built a big new parking garage and painted it purple, just like Barney. It right away became known as "The Barney Building." When it started showing up with that moniker in the local newspaper, about a month & a half after completion, they repainted it. Gray as I recall. I liked it better as The Barney Building and it is still called that by most of the locals.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you're hoping they'll make "The Hobbit." Wouldn't Smaug be cool with today's technology?

I, too, often find bad movies to be good therapy. Glad it worked for you.

Marshamlow said...

Glad you are feeling better. My husband has a great love of really bad movies, movies that are so bad they go straight to video. I often find myself really enjoying them, because we are laughing at them and making fun. My Mandy loves dragons and not only did I have to watch Eragon, I also had to read that book and all the others. It was fun though.

Mermaid Melanie said...

I have to see this now! :sighs: I love laughing at bad movies. And I too love dragon movies. Glad i missed ergon.

Anonymous said...

I loved the Lord of the Ring series too. I was sooooo worried that it was going to suck. And my younger son is still pissed that Eragon was so bad.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I love dragons, too, but NOT Barney. Ugh.

"Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Dragon" was a fantastic film, although it did not have any actual fire-eating flying dragons in it.

Your magnanimous feelings about the ruined outdoor weddings reminded me of the Charles Addams cartoon of the monsters on the roof, pouring molten lead on the Christmas carolers below.

SuperP. said...

Thank you! I love dragons, too. I didn't know Barney was a dragon, but I suppose he is, isn't he! lol!

QT said...

Count me in as a Lord of the Rings lover!

And count the BF as a lover of dragons...

Mother of Invention said...

Well, you've probably done worse things on a rainy day! Some things are so bad, they're good.

Girlplustwo said...

i especially like the red dragons with fiery eyes.

i think a tattoo like that would be really superb.

luckyzmom said...

I wrote an amazing comment and it wouldn't publish. Now my mind is blank.

sari said...

Actually, Barney is a dinosaur. So take that black mark against dragons away.

Eragon the book wasn't bad, though after reading it you realize it's quite like Star Wars, just with dragons. The movie left out tons.

Anonymous said...

I don't pray, but if I had that gland in me I'd be on my knees nightly that Peter Jackson take over The Hobbit, and bring Smaug, the chiefest and greatest of calamities to the screen. To see him reclined upon his throne of gold coins, scratching idly at his diamond waistcoat...oh.

I need a cold shower.

jaded said...

Barney just WISHES he were worthy enough to clean up REAL dragon droppings.

meno said...

dick, what a great story, the Barney Building!

de, oh please oh please oh please!

marsha, i have that bad movie thing too. Ultraviolet? Aeon Flux? Krull?

melanie, oh, you will laugh at this one. In Eragon, the dragon was cutesy. Yuck!

franki, i was worried too. But i loved it. I loved the extended versions. I am a geek. Eragon was unfortunate.

hearts, crouching tiger was an awesome movie. So damned beautiful. I know the cartoon of which you speak. Chas Addams rules.

momma, Well, he's a dinosaur, so he's close.

qt, LOTR is a true love of mine.

moi, it was a great way to improve my mood. A bad movie can sometimes be just the ticket.


sari, well, it was written by a 15 (or so) year old boy.

irrelephant, i'd be on my knees with you. Wait....that didn't sound right.

crazymumma said...

Dragonslayer is an awesome movie.

bigirl was disappointed by Saphira in the movie version of Eragon, stating that the book version was more sarcastic and beautiful.

SUEB0B said...

My boss loves the eragon books. Loves, loves, loves.

Lucia said...

Um, yeah, Sari's right about the Barney is a dinosaur thing.

OK, let's do a run through of other famous dragons, and you can give them the thumbs up or down.

Puff (as in the Magic)
Custard (Ogden Nash)
Norbert (Hagrid's dragon baby)
Smaug (Tolkein)

urban-urchin said...

my favorite is the dragon in shrek. I love the little donkey/dragon babies.

Schmoopie said...

I cannot wait for the 7th Harry Potter to be made into a movie just so I can watch the blind dragon triumphantly break out of Gringott's. :) I LOVE dragons.

Lynn said...

Hey, watch what you say about Barney, the dinosaur...I spent many, many hours watching his show...(maybe that's what's wrong with me)lol. I wonder... Is it the power, or the freedom to fly that attracts you to dragons? Not that it really makes a difference...I'm just curious.

Bob said...

Anne McCaffrey wrote a series of books about dragons and dragon riders on a world called Pern.

I too am longing for Jackson to make the Hobbit into a movie.

I really miss Mystery Science Theater 2000/3000. It was the epitome of snarky comments about bad movies.

sari said...

MST3K = very, very, funny.

Very very.

Tink said...

I just bought "Lair" for the PS3. You play a dragon in it. I haven't gotten past the first level. I keep dying because I pay more attention to flying the dragon than I do completing the actual mission!

Hoop and I talked about going to see Dragon Wars. The graphics looked pretty cool. But the fact that we'd seen virtually NO advertisement for it lead me to believe it was a bomb. Glad for the review. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Lon ago I accepted Frodo Baggins as my personal savior. But before that it was Bilbo. Anyone who could sweet talk a dragon like that...

Yup, can't wait for the movie.

Jo and I will be seeing Dragon Wars when she gets back from Italia. We about died laughing during 300, so this should be grand.

Lynnea said...

I'm so with you on the LOTR. Have you watched the making of segments? I'm absolutely addicted to them.
Sleeping Beauty - my favorite princess movie. Dragon in that is scary and cool.

I need a good laugh, maybe I'll see if this movie is showing anywhere here.

meno said...

patches, but he ISN'T! :)

crazymumma, it is isn't it??? I never read the books, but my daughter did. Even she thought the movie sucked.

suebob, is your boss a 17 year ols boy?

lucia, yeah, i know, but they are genetically related, right? I knew Puff my first year of college really well, he was cool. Anything by Ogden Nash is okay with me. Norbert is cool, at least in the movies, i haven't read the books. Smaug...RULES!

u-u, he's pretty cute. But real dragons are fearsome, not cute.

schmoopie, I KNOW!!! I hope they don't cut that oart.

lynn, I used to watch alot of Barney too. I think i developed an allergy. I love you, you love me. We're a happy family... I think it's all about the visual aspect of such an amazing looking creature. That's why i like the dragon in Dragonslayer.

bob, i have never read those books. I guess i prefer the visual aspects of dragonness. I did read the Mercedes Lackey series that starts with Joust. Em gave them to me.

sari, We used to watch that all the time. Dragon Wars would be PERFECT for it. just perfect.

tink, Oh go see it, just for the yucks. It's worth seeing on the big screen.

nancy, heh heh. blasphemer! You will have a wonderful time.

maggie, you could even take you eldest. He'd get a kick out of it. Plus what better use for LA that seeing it destroyed?

Andrea Frazer said...

I never got the dragon deal. Those shops in college with the mystical creature statues holding those clear balls, all smelling of incense? Never got it. And I've never seen Lord of the Rings. And Barney is a dinosaur. Why I'm being Miss Snippy today I don't know. But there. I'm glad you had a good the movie though. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

My kids have some nice dragon t-shirts but I'm not a fan of dragons in general.

We just watched "Inspector Gadget" with the kids - Matthew Broderick, what the heck were you thinking? Abominable. And yet...strangely compelling. Okay, not compelling at all. Forgettable, almost immediately, with relief.

Anonymous said...

Oh dearie me! And there was me thinking that Barney was a dinosaur!
the fossil

Mona Buonanotte said...

Speaking of Korean movies...we rented "The Host", which also took years to make and lots of CGI, and it has a dinosaur/dragon/monster character in it. They said it was a "comedy", but it's not really, and the ending made me want to punch the director. But still, it hooked me.

Princess in Galoshes said...

How has no one mentioned Falcore, the luck dragon, from The Neverending Story, yet?

Only the most awesomest, puppy-dog-esque dragon EVER.

sari said...

I always loved that SNL with Charles Barkely where he beat Barney up.

When I was single, I had a pug, and he had a Barney stuffed toy. He would attack it and fling it about and I would just laugh and laugh.

Liv said...

I can't relate to your dragon love, but I'd happily sit in a dark theatre with you drinking bourbon out of a flask while you enjoyed dragon movies. That's how much I heart you.