Thursday, November 15, 2007


A young Em, sitting pretty at about 4 feet above the floor.

My to do list today is long:

1) Vacuum

2) Put vacuum away (if i do vacuum, i can never seem to manage this last step. Makes it easier to get the vacuum out if i never put it away, right? Tripping over it for a week seems a small price to pay.)

3) Clean kitchen (this means mopping the floor too, as the cats are NOT neat.)

4) Move laundry along (I never say "Do Laundry" as the laundry is never ever truly done.)

5) Grocery shop: zucchini, hamburger, mushrooms, good bread.

6) Even up quilt blocks for table runner.

7) Cut sashing for said quilt blocks.

8) Make bed (AWWWW, there are sleeping puddy tats on it. Mustn't disturb.)

9) Go to bank (where they will try to cross sell me some shit. I hate banks, not least of all because i worked in one for YEARS.)

The list sits there and mocks me while i play
Text Twist on msn games. How many words can you make from the title of this post?

The good news is that i am having a good hair day. I am growing my hair out a bit, not from any real desire, but because the lady who USED to cut my hair started charging $60 for a haircut. With tip that's $70!!!!! I can't bring myself to justify that.

The bad news is that the only people to see me today are Em and the lucky peeps at the grocery store. Yesterday, when i went out in the evening, i was having a decidedly mediocre hair day.


Girlplustwo said...

a picture. a rare picture from Meno.

i love it. and your hair.

Mrs. Chili said...

Seventy bucks for a HAIRCUT?! At that rate, I'd seriously consider buying myself a Flowbie! Since you always keep your vacuum out, it'd be mighty convenient! (just so you know, I'm rotten at putting the vacuum away, too, though I DO make my bed every day, whether there are cute little puddy tats on it or not. I'm a bitch that way).

I've never played Text Twist, but I do that sort of anagram thing ALL THE TIME. I once made something like 80 words out of NEWBURYPORT (it was written across the chest of a sweatshirt I was wearing while I was bored out of my mind one evening). I play it with the girls in restaurants, too, and it makes me a great Weekend Edition Puzzle player (though they NEVER choose my entries...)

Andrea Frazer said...

I spent 300.00 last week on hair. How outrageous is that? It was a cut, color, highlite and who the hell knows what else. My only justification is that, well, I thrift store EVERYTHING. And I fucking deserve it. (I hate justifying things. Can you please post on that one day and give some Meno insight? Do you justify or are you past that?)

Anonymous said...

You don't want to know what I spend on haircuts, it's my only vice. My hair is very short and very fine and to keep it looking half decent I go to a very expensive salon. I'm vain. What can I say?

Schmoopie said...

I love Em's smile in that picture! Pure "cheese!" I get my hair cut once a year at Great Clips or Supercuts. I hate spending money on my hair, so I just let it be.

meno said...

jen, i post pictures all the time, just not of me. That is my 12 years ago hair.

mrs. chili, Flowbie! Ha. We tease about them all the time around here. You have gorgeous curly red hair. What do you need a haircut for? We love words around here too.

mamap, $300? I just fainted. Sure, sometimes i justify. I'll think about it.

deb, hey, if it's your only vice. go for it.

schmoopie, pure cheese, plus some fear. :) My last haircut i did myself with pinking shears.

Angry Lab Rat said...

Oh, man. I gave up on my to-do list a long time ago. With two little ones and both of us working, I can't even get to the high-priority tasks anymore.

QT said...

missy, can I just say I love this post on so many levels ?
1) a rare meno photo'
2) I dont ever put the vacuum away, either
3)cant wait to see you in person

ok, just three levels!

Anonymous said...

dang! I spent $65 on my hair one day over the summer. It was actually less than the posted sign said it would be, thankfully. I've never gone to a place that charges more than $15 for a haircut, (hmm...could that be why my hair never looks great?) but I decided when I hit 40 that I needed a pick-me-up. the guy cut, colored and highlighted it. it looked great, still looks good. but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it again. I just keep thinking of all the fabric and thread and goodies I could buy for that amount...

my to-do list often looks similar to yours. some of those things aren't on mine, unfortunately. they should be, they just aren't. that's one reason I stress when people come over...

Lynnea said...

I love the list. I hate laundry it is never ever ever done. I put the vacuum away but I rarely make my bed, isn't that just awful? I think it is mainly because when I do make it, it looks so pretty and feels so good - I ought to do it. I used to get expensive haircuts when I went through my "ooh we have money phase" for about six months. Now, my husband cuts mine and I cut everybody else's, except for the time I chopped it all off a year ago.
I was just thinking about your quilting project yesterday, that's funny. I hope you're going to post pictures of that when you're done.

Anonymous said...

Hoooly jeebus. Makes me appreciate having a wife who is a dog groomer. My haircut only costs a week of reminding her to bring the clippers home after work and then enduring being treated like an oversize Pomeranian for a few minutes.

AC said...

I curse the cord on my vac every time. It pulls out of the wall just as I am about to *finish* an area. snaps itself into the machine, scares me, and then I have to grumble all the way to the socket about how I dislike vacuuming. Often I just put it up without finishing - after all the cord is all nestled inside. Why bother it again!

I often wonder if having one of those house vac systems would be better.

I have learned to cut my own hair for just that very reason. Of course the cut is not difficult and my hair has enough natural frizz to mask the many mistakes and my favorite do is the ponytail.

jaded said...

If you can't use your cats as a reason to avoid making the bed then what good are they?

Forget the haircut, and get a massage instead.

Lynn said...

I love 'text twist' is so addicting! Let's see, what words can I make from your post title? about: but,rut,ruts,slur,blur blurt...I might have been able to find more but I have to get to work:~) I love procrastination!

Anonymous said...

I have tripped over my vacuum all week.

I am addicted to Cubis, a game on I can waste more time playing Cubis, it still amazes me after years of doing it.

I got a good hair cut one time, at Oribe. It cost a lot of money but it looked so great. I never could make it look that way again. Now I get it cut a couple of times a year at the mall when I take the boys for their cuts. Alas.

I too just wrote myself a list for today: drop off S's shirts, dye hair, pay bills (need checks), pies for Thks-giving, clean, dessert for tomorrow (neighbors for dinner, no we're not eating the neighbors, we're feeding them), PTO newsletter. There, I shared. Aren't I fascinating? I know.

meno said...

lab rat, i remember those days. Just try to survive, that's all anyone should expect from you.

qt, i am looking forward to seeing you too. Why can't they make a vacuum that puts itself away. Maybe i need a roomba.

holly, for $65, if it looked great, do it! That's a bargain for your self-esteem.

maggie, i usually make my bed at about 9pm, because i like to get into a made bed, but i hate makung it. I will post pictures, soon!

irrelephant, that's actually very amusing. Your wife, a dog groomer, cuts your hair. :)

ac, my vacuum cord injured me once by whipping by my leg because it was retracting so fast. I don't have any frizz to hide my errors. I deal with them by ignoring them.

patches, a massage! You are brilliant. I'm om it.

lynn, oh thanks for playing! I am addicted to Text Twist. You forgot slut, rub, rubs, bur, burs, burst, rust... We are word geeks, we are PROUD!

Unknown said...

That's a great picture! Looks like you guys were having fun... :)

I LOVE Text Twist! I came up with 22 words from BLURTS. All spell-checked, even.

Now I want to go play...

Bob said...

my kids used to LOVE that.

Liv said...

Oh, I'd love to be able to see you today. I have such news to share!

Dick said...

I don't have enough hair left to justify paying for haircuts but Pat says I have to as I don't get the back straight (mothers have eyes in the back of their heads- guys don't.) I like to go grocery shopping as we do most of ours at Haggens, where Starbucks is located. A dual purpose trip. Of course I get into a lot of trouble over some of those strange things that fall into the cart while I am pushing it.

sari said...

I love the picture.

And I love that having a c-section means I don't have to vacuum for a good while. Doctor's orders, you know.


Unknown said...

WE should be able to bank good hair days - there should be some kind of credit system and I really think you should work on that before getting to your actual list :)
$$$ is the reason I cut my own hair (plus the fact that the only other person I trust to do it is 400 miles away)

Kelly said...

I love how you say move laundry along - that is so true - it never is REALLY done!

Anonymous said...

Meno, you should see her when she's cutting it--she won't ASK me to move my head, she'll do like she does with her dogs and just sort of roughly push my head to where it needs to be.

Anonymous said...

What is it about putting the vacuum cleaner away? I have the same issue. Can't do it, until the whole house has been swept, and can't seem to do the whole house fast enough. By the time I finish the last room upstairs, the first room downstairs needs it again.

Maybe someone could knit me a cute little un-tacky vacuum cleaner cozy and it could become part of my decor.

Or not.

TTQ said...

Wait what?? You quilt??? And that post awhile back about shopping with the girls for notions....

Unknown said...

Good Lord. Down to the quilting stuff, that's my day today. Except for the bank. Instead I have to figure out how to get black crayon off the wall. Somebody's in BIG trouble.

Em is soooo cute.

I'm looking out the window of that photo and wishing...

Ortizzle said...

$70 is way too much for a haircut.

I am addicted to Super Text Twist.
From your post title:

No time for more...

Bobealia... said...

I wish I could find someone 'round here that charged as little as $60. It's rediculous. Silly. I'm not coloring my hair anymore because I can't afford to get it cut and color it, and I have more grey than I thought.

peevish said...

That photo is so cute. Does Em still have the blond hair?

Anonymous said...

My to do list: cuddle with Poor Bill and watch TV. Everything else can wait!

100 Thoughts of Love said...

I LOVE this list!!! I love to know other people live like I do...tripping on vacuums, good/bad hair days and the sense to tally em up, unending laundry, i have paint and canvasses waiting instead of quilts though!..And here I sit! I love to read you!

Anonymous said...

Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me or do you, dear meno, have the longest legs in the universe?

luckyzmom said...

It's a 16 hour drive to the only hair salon I consistently walked out of feeling "cutsy fartsy" after the relaxing neck and shoulder massage, shampoo, cut and style, all for $27, $30 with tip or if lucky enough to have the owner do it. When they first opened they offered a glass of wine, but the city said they had to have a liquor license to do that. It's been over five years since my last visit. Since then I have stopped in at "Supercuts" a few times. Once I asked someone at a restuarant in Reno, whose hair style I admired, where she had it done, and she said, "Oregon"! Haven't done that again. Usually I decide to let it grow out. At the point where I can't do a thing with it, I will trim it myself, sometimes having my husband help me with the back. One night I started hacking at it with cuticle scissors while I sat watching TV. A "Fantastic Sams" opened at a new strip mall near us and I've been meaning to give it a try.

I did not click on the Text Twist for fear of acquiring a new addiction. You might like to exercise your brain for a good cause at I warn you though, it is hard to stop at just one grain, nothing at all like vacumming or doing laundry, which I was also going to comment on, but this is becoming a post!

Sienna said...

Gorgeous photo, little Em has incredibly good balance, is so cute it hurts, and you! have great legs woman!!

Vaccum cleaners puh, there so friggin' clever let them put themselves away. They have wheels. They know what to do.


crazymumma said...

Look at the little Em and your long legs.

meno said...

Capacious, i bought Cubis for $20, So i know all about it. The to-do list is always interesting, a glimpse into your life.

andrea, we were! 22 is great. I am proud of you.

bob, Em liked to "fly" on my feet too.

liv, i wish i knew what it was, your news that is. e-mail?

dick, the advantages of thinning hair. Sometimes strange things fall into my cart too. Last thing was a Venus Fly Trap plant.

sari, do you do that with your kids? Excellent job on the vacuuming news. I don't suppose i could use that excuse.

wng, i will get right on that.

kelly, never, never, never done. Ever.

irrelephant, Guess she's not used to clients who speak English.

jennifer, Like the Golden gate Bridge. They paint it from one end to the other, and then go back and start again.

ttq, I know, i am becoming a real girl. This is my first quilting thing. Pictures soon.

nancy, Use 409. That is my parent's house.

ortizzle, good job. It's addictive isn't it. Plus lust.

bo, the disadvantage of the big city. Expensive haircuts.

peevish, It's pretty blond. Not as blonde, but lighter than mine.

my pool, That's the best to do list i ever saw.

pat, thank you. :) we have many similarities, despite the differences.

jennifer, well, i AM 6'1" tall, and yes, i have legs the same lenghth as my brother, who is 6'8".

luckyzmom, I love your post. Maybe you should take a long weekend and get your hair cut. I'll try the link, but curse you if i become addicted!

pam, i wish my vacuum was that smart!

crazymumma, i know, isn't she cute? They are when they are little....and then they grow up.

Anonymous said...

How did you get on with that little lot? I hope you were pleased with what you achieved.