Friday, February 15, 2008


About ten years ago, when i was still working (god i love saying that!), i was called down to the front desk because some flowers had been delivered for me. There were three peach colored roses with some greenery and baby's breath in a little glass vase.

The flowers came with a card that said "I think you're cute!"

Awwwww. How sweet!

I immediately called The Mister at work, "Thank you for the flowers," i cooed. "They are so beautiful!"


"You sent me flowers for no reason, i love that," i went on. "That's my favorite reason for flowers. Thank you!"

"Well, now i wish i had, but i didn't send you flowers."


**Awkward silence**

I called the florist to try and find out who the flowers were from, but they had been paid for in cash. I still don't know who sent them. I could never decide if it was creepy or fun that i had a secret admirer.

I was reminded of this when i read
amusing's last post about the day of Valentine's.

Have you ever had or been a secret admirer. Did you secretly send me those roses about 10 years ago? Well, thank you, there were much enjoyed.


Tink said...

Creepy would be someone sending you a goat head in a box. Flowers are always sweet, no matter who they're from. Unless they're from my ex. He had the WORST taste in flowers. They always looked like he'd pulled them off a grave.

Em said...

Oh that is very cool. I've never had a secret admirer that I know of. . .I mean someone may have secretly admired me but whoever it was never gave me flowers. I've never secretly admired anyone either. Geez. . .if I like someone they know it. I am really not shy about verbalizing it.

But what a mystery!

furiousBall said...

That reminds me of this clip

flutter said...

I will bet you the mister was wishing he HAD!

ms chica said...

If the Mister had been thinking in his feet, he would have just rolled with it. Flowers for no reason sex, is always good sex.

tt said...

Don't they make movies out of stuff like that???
Crazy!!! sweet, but and....interesting. hummmm

Anonymous said...

about 20 years ago, I was working in an office with 5 other women, four of whom were quite a bit older than I. one day out of the blue, flowers arrived for me, with a card that said something about a secret admirer. of course there was much speculation, and the next day, the guy called me at home. it was the son of one of my co-workers, he was in the process of leaving his wife, and a world class jerk. I never did tell anyone who my admirer was, because I was afraid of hurting his mother. she really wanted him to step up to the plate and be a man for his wife and kids. man, I had forgotten what a creep magnet I was back in those days, thanks!

meno said...

tink, a grave? i think we are all glad that he's your ex.

em, it is a mystery! And remains one to this day.

furious, ha ha ha ha. that was funny. Thanks.

flutter, i bet so too!

ms. chica, he got the sex anyway. Lucky man.

tt, i know! I still wonder who thought i was cute.

holly, sorry to remind you of that. But thank you for the stoey.

ETK said...

How exciting! Secret admirers rock! I can't believe you didn't find out who it was though, you would think he (or she) would want you to know eventually.

Lynn said...

Boo hoo...I've never had a secret admirer...sigh

amusing said...

The comments here give evidence to why next Valentine's Day we need to all Adopt a Lonelyheart and send a "Secret Admirer" something or other. (In college, we called it "elfing")

Everyone needs to have a Secret Admirer at least once in their life!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't me. And can you believe, I can not honestly remember if I've had a secret admirer or not. crap, this is going to bug me all day.

Liv said...

huh. i am guessing blogger ate my comment earlier. bitch.

i was going to say that i never got anything from a secret admirer. it must be pretty nice.

oh, and i was going to say some other stuff, but it was only because i'm in a bad mood.

hurry up and disregard me.

Maddy said...

Nip on over and collect your award [as at todays date]

Mignon said...

I've never had one, but I've been one. When I was 13 we moved across country (from CT to WA) and for the next several Valentine's Days I sent a big sappy card to a boy I knew at my old school. I didn't really have a crush on him, but he was a really nice boy, sorta on the ugly/dorky side. Now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't that nice? As I recall he tried to start up a pen pal kind of thing with me, which I didn't reciprocate... huh. Maybe I was more of a Secret Tease.

100 Thoughts of Love said...

I like amusings idea of adopting a secret admiree...even a secret pal for non valentines day admiring..just to do little things for, even a card, a candybar..think I will do that at work!

sari said...

I received candy at work once from a secret admirer. I received a lot of teasing over it because my boyfriend and all my friends worked there too, but we never really knew who it was. I sort of thought maybe it was the guy from the bank (I had to take the money to the bank every day) but I never did find out.

It was good candy, though.

No one is as good a valentine as my husband though, he knows what to get me. Usually I accept no gifts (only a card) but he got me a gift this year, Guitar Hero III, so he's top dog in my book. ;-)

meno said...

etk, that's what i think too! Now thati remembered it, i am thinking back over the possibilities.

lynn, maybe you should become someone's secret admirer.

amusing, what a great idea! You could organize it through your blog.

my pool, not you? Rats! Let us know if you remember anything.

liv, bitter is the new you? I bet you have had secret admirers. They were just shy.

maddy, thank you for that. I will be checking out the others too.

mignon, a memory best not examined too much? That was nice of you!

pat, i thik i will try doing this more too. Could be fun.

sari, mmmmm, candy! Your husband is awesome.

QT said...

I love this story - I love that the mystery was never solved!

I have not ever had a secret admirer, or been one. pooey on me.

Antonia Cornwell said...

I got a Valentine's card with E.T. on the front when I was about 13 or 14. I didn't care that E.T. wasn't exactly an icon of romance (it was probably the only card Mr X had the courage to buy) - I was dying to know who sent it. Never found out.

Still, I'm with Mr Right now, so I'm not losing sleep over it any more.

TTQ said...

Does the peeping tom I had back in high school count? He used to watch me getting ready every morning until my neighbor caught him.

Getting flowers from secret admirers leaves me unsettled, unless of course there is something on the card that would reveal a previous conversation.. then it's kinda sweet.

Allison Horner said...

Wow, how weird!!!

I haven't had a secret admirer since elementary school Valentine's exchanges (HA!), but have received some flowers from creepy guys in the past....

That gives me an idea for a post...

Joan said...

Years ago, someone would leave small little gifts and cards on my desk at work. Since I worked at a library, most of the employees were women so I knew it had to come from a library patron. Quite frankly, it got a little creepy and I felt like I was being stalked. Finally, the patron revealed himself to me and, while I was flattered once I knew who he was, I was thankful that he moved out of town shortly after.

amusing said...

er. Okay, apparently there need to be some suggested approaches for being a secret admirer/elf so as not to inspire paranoid "I'm-being-stalked" feelings in the recipient.

Hmmm. Okay. I can iron out those wrinkles. I still think random surprises are a good idea for brightening someone's day....

Scott from Oregon said...

ummm, back when I was young and cute, I got so many secret admirer notes and flowers that I wanted to choke a donkey...

Thank god I grew out of that!

Andrea Frazer said...

I have never gotten flowers from someone who I wasn't involved with. I love the idea, tho. How fun for you!

Anonymous said...

I think it's esp. sweet that the secret admirer never revealed his identity. He truly gave you those flowers selflessly, with no ulterior motive.

Diane Mandy said...

Ok, you found me out. After I pretended to be my own secret admirer, I decided to be yours. How did you know?

Lynnea said...

Nope not me. At least, no gifts from said admirers.
However, my husband was a secret admirer of me for awhile - passing my cubicle to check me out. But that's the only instance I know about.
You gotta wonder why a person would send a secret admirer gift and then never do anything about it. At least I've always wondered that. If you get that far, why not another note naming yourself? The hope must have been there. Of course, at the time, considering your marital status, maybe that's the answer.

Cheesy said...

How wickedly fun!

Not a secret admirer story but a fun flower story..

Years ago the hubby took the kiddos shopping for mommers day and boy twin came home with a large gift bag and an ear to ear grin....
"I picked this out all by myself Mommers!"
[he was about 5 at the time]

I opened it and slowly pulled out the red [plastic] carnations.
I unfolded the arragemnet to see that it was a easel type flower arrangement for a grave...
He was so proud that he had found my fav flowers...
I still have it stored away with my precious keepsakes~~~

Mother of Invention said...

I have but then it was revealed and the gifts kept coming and then it DID have a creepiness to it.

meno said...

qt, well, you could always become one! You have lots of not so secret admirers.

antonia, E.T. is cool. You never wonder? Ever?

ttq, i never could decide if it was sweet or unsettling. I think peeping tom sits firmly in the unsettling category though.

alli, glad to provide blog fodder for you!

joan, it does feel creepy to not know who it is. Glad yours left town.

amusing, i think so too!

scott, i've seen you, you may be as old as hell, but you are still cute. :)

mamap, maybe you should send some to someone.

franki, i sure am curious though.

diane, your handwriting gave you away.

maggie, damn, i was so sure it was you! Yeah, it's not like i was available.

cheesy, awww. That is sweet. I'm glad you still have them.

wng, two dozen! wow! I would have claimed credit for that too.

moi, that's too bad. Kind of ruins it.

Mermaid Melanie said...

sadly I have never had a secret admirer. well, one that sent me flowers anyway.