Saturday, August 09, 2008

I think this might be called a bucket list

Sometimes other bloggers tag me for memes. Sometimes i do them. I'm going to do this one before i forget. It's from Candy, over at Candy's Corner. Candy is no poodle, but i'm not sure why.

I am to list eight things i want to do before i die. Whilst reading
Candy's list, i naturally started thinking about what would be on my list. Then i saw she had tagged me. Damn! Be careful what you wish for.

I was struck by how none of the things on her list would be on mine. No fucking way would i want to own a restaurant.

Here goes:

1) Be in good enough shape to hike up Mt. Fuji. I'm not sure i want to hike up Mt. Fuji, but i'd like to be able to if i did.

2) Snorkel in the Galapagos. This might actually happen as i am starting to talk with a friend about maybe going there next year. How cool would that be? This is one of the benefits of being a woman of leisure. Although that makes me sounds a little like a prostitute. Sadly, i have never received money in exchange for sex.

3) Write a book. The trouble with this goal is that i am lazy. Writing a book would be a lot of work, and i hate work. As a woman of leisure, work is for other people. But you never know, i might. I'm not sure i even care if it gets published, just that i would write it. I have no talent or stomach for the self-promotion that would be required to write a book that actually sold.

4) Be braver. This morning at 8 am Em got into a car with 4 other girls and headed off to see something called Warp Tour. She won't be home until tomorrow. The Mister is right-now-this-very-minute on an airplane winging his way to India. I am anxious as hell. I couldn't have told The Mister he couldn't go. I could have told Em she couldn't go, but i didn't. I wish these sorts of things didn't make me so nervous. Odds are that everything will be fine. People fly to far off places and go to drug-frenzied rock concerts all the time. Right?

5) Learn to cook. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say, Learn to Like to cook. I like eating well enough, and i do cook, but i do not love it. It's a means to an end, eating. To me it seems depressing to spend 2 hours (or whatever) lovingly creating a meal, and then having it all eaten in 20 minutes or less. Then there's the dishes.

6) Make a fucking quilt. That means shop for the fabric, design the thing, cut out the pieces, sew them together in a different formation, add sashing, pay someone else to do the actual quilting and put binding on it. Not just buy the pretty fabric.

7) Learn to count.


fiwa said...

*snort* learn to count? That's what calculators are for.

Snorkeling in the Galapagos sounds great.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Good list you have! :)

There is a quilt show here in Sisters, it happens once a year, and it does have real pretty stuff. Friends who went there all have joined a quilting club, except me. I still can't see myself quilting, not even buying any pretty quilts soon.

Anonymous said...

I've made one quilt, for my nephew. I would like to make keepsake quilts for all of my kids, one day.

I'd like to travel so more, but not sure where. I guess I don't really care. Everywhere I go I find amazing things, even here at home.

Em and the mister will be fine. So will you.

Scott from Oregon said...

I hiked Fuji, and Shasta a bunch. Shasta is taller and way funner.

You need to change your to do list to climb Shasta, and then ask me how...

Dick said...

Interesting list and it does look like you may be another young person who is a victim of New Math. I can cook Nally's chili and Papa Murphy's pizza and do a fair job with nachos. But I do too good a job with eating so am always working to loose weight.

flutter said...

I would read any book you wrote.

Anonymous said...

I thank God, Meno, that you are one of the 8 bloggers in my reader (of 88 blogs) who posted tonight. (Very quiet on the Internet front tonight!) As usual, you made me laugh (and shake me head). Silly!

meno said...

fiwa, yeah, i worked in accounting for 11 years and never learned to count! I had a computer, so why bother?

mother hen, there is a quilting show here this weekend, but i guess i'm just not that into it.

deb, thank you for the reassurances. I need them.

scott, and closer. Less hydrocarbons to get there. And fewer tourists. I like it.

dick, that's my problem with the eating too.

flutter, someday i may make you prove that!!! Be afraid, be very afraid.

mrs. 4444, things are pretty quiet most weekends. People appear to have lives. What's up with that?

Andrea Frazer said...

You can do all those things. I know you can. And write the book, just get a good publicist.

Marshamlow said...

Do you have a specific idea for your book? Or is it just that you would like that experience?

I really love to cook. Not so much on a daily basis to feed my family, that is a chore. But, sometimes I do get all excited about experimenting or enjoy the process.

Gordo said...

Don't stop at snorkeling, meno. Get your scuba certification. WAY cooler and if you can swim, you can dive.

My nephew's been to the Galapagos. It's definitely on my bucket list.

Unknown said...

You rock. And everyone's going to be fine.

Top of my list right now is to someday write another post.

Eve said...

Hmm, one question. That fucking quilt... are there spefications as to who you're going to use it with? Is it, like, personal and private or will you, like, take it to the park and guys ready for fucking are gonna just appear or, like, what? And will it attract dreamy, god-like guys or just any old guys interested in fucking? Or what?

Report back. I seriously think you could market a fucking quilt to a good many middle-aged women who are at the peak of their sexual powers.

Ortizzle said...

I love quilts, but I am too lazy to make one.

Learning to love to cook is a good idea, since you will enjoy those 20minutes you spend eating much more. Also... you eat in 20 minutes? Hmmm... divide up that food into more courses, chew your food longer... I dunno... I spend a lot longer eating. But then I talk too much.

Rosie said...

I have to learn to love washing husband already loves to cook

Anonymous said...

Our lists wouldn't be (aren't) very similar, but I do like your #4. And your #8. ;-)

Anonymous said...

"Make a fucking quilt" was the best response.

It's like saying, "Run a fucking successful lemonade stand".

meno said...

mamap, i would have to hire a publicist, as my interest would wane after the book was written.

marsha, no specific idea. I know i could write better than some of the crap i read. But will i?

gordo, i did scuba a few times in Hawai'i. I LOVED it. It was like flying.

nancy, someday, you will achieve this goal. I would like it of you did as i've been thinking about you and wondering what's happening w/you.

eve, i think i'll sew some condom pockets onto the quilt. Always be prepared!

ortizzle, i am making one now. But it's the finishing one i am worried about. I was raised with two older brothers, so i tend to eat quickly.

rosie, maybe i should change thos one to "Get a husband who loves to cook." :)

jennifer, i think #8 is my finest.

arjewtino, (LOVE that name, LOVE IT!) I can dream can't i?

crazymumma said...

Learning to count is overated I think.

tt said...

Ok then.
What else??
There's gotta be more; perhaps to do with Em?? Hummm???

QT said...

Who cooks for you? ~ that would be the Barred Owl.

I would cook meals for you for 30 days in exchange for the quilt. Hmm - not sure how I'd work that, but I'd figure out a way.

And don't worry about Em. She's got a good head on her shoulders.

Unknown said...

Well looky who's a "Recommended Read" on googlereader...

And is it just me, or did anyone else get turned on at the thought of a "fucking quilt"...?

Dianne said...

You are brave! You know you'll be anxious and you wish you could keep Em home but you let go!

That is exceptionally brave.

jaded said...

A fucking quilt sounds way more useful than a crazy quilt.

Imez said...

Everyone stole my joke. "Yeah, but can we use the quilt for other things, too?" ba dum bum CHANG!

The world is that much less of a place if you don't write a book in it, Meno.

meno said...

crazymumma, as long as i understand the concept of counting, i think that's enough.

tt, well, maybe #8 should have been "Think of more things to do before i die."

qt, you are ON with the cooking thing. I could sew and you could shop and cook. Em does, i was just being stupid.

d-man, eh, what does google reader know? And it's clear that you are not alone with the fucking quilt fetish.

dianne, i suppose you are right. But i might get arrested if i locked her in the house.

patches, ha! I never thought of that. Good thing i never made one of those.

imez, no one else said that. And i wish you hadn't because i spit a little tea on myself when i read it. It ,akes me feel all warm and fuzzy when you say that about the book, because i think you're quality people.

Princess in Galoshes said...

So how'd the rock concert go???

That might be book material right there....

Bob said...

If I make it to Pakistan, I have an invitation to visit India. I might just take them up on it.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the giggles. we just watched the bucket list last night, and, as we recently realized that we have become 'people of a certain age' I think it's time to update my old list.

I think running away somewhere exotic and sexy (maybe to the mama mia locale in greece) may have to find it's way onto the list. hmmmm...

ETK said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVED "make a fucking quilt" especially when I got to "pay someone else to do the quilting". How about just "buy a fucking homemade quilt"? Just a thought.

You've totally inspired a post in me (that's actually NOT about my new fucking cat), now, let's see if I can get it written.

Lynnea said...

Write the book. Please.

Quilting is so much fun. Really.

Man you gotta go to the Galapagos. Not that I've been there to recommend it but damn, is that necessary? And of course, take pictures.

sari said...

Your label made me laugh.

And I know what you mean, when my husband goes somewhere with all of the boys, I think "Shouldn't he leave someone home in case something horrible happens? Then my whole family isn't wiped out in one swoop". Kind of like the President not flying on the same plane as the vice president.

Now excuse me, I've got to go find some wood to knock on after putting that into words.

Candy said...

So would getting paid for having sex appear somewhere on that list? I think it's a worthwhile goal, myself. Good list! Thanks for doing it!

Tink said...

Not JUST a quilt, a fucking quilt.

My list would have to include making love to a hot man from Greece. But I just don't think Hoop would approve.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I enjoy cooking but do not believe that the one who prepares the meal should also do the dishes.

I still die 1000 times when my children do things that I wish I could still forbid them to do. It never ends, sadly.

Say It said...

I would love to learn how to cook as in: look in my pantry and be able to make whip up something healthy and delicious without having to shop first. If I think I need to hit the store, I just end up eating out or calling food in. Sad.

Cheesy said...

The Siters Quilt show IS da bomb!
If you go to one you will be inspired believe me. I may have a spare room soon so maybe I wil get the urge to start quilting again?
I love to cook and even if it is gone in 20 [which is rare due to the chatter-mouths I have cooked for] I feel pleasure if they enjoy it.
My list would have to contain "learn how to spell and type" I love spell check - it makes me look like I have a few smarts..

Cheesy said...

See?? Sisters*

luckyzmom said...

I think you are already capable of hiking up Mt.Fuji, but I don't think being a little like a prostitute is any more possible than being a little pregant!

I have always thought I would write a book. My lousy blogging record may be an indicator of why that hasn't happened yet.

I think being brave has to do with trusting that all will be well.

On my bucket list would be a home where I can walk outside naked(not that I would, but could if I wanted), a personal chef, a housekeeper, a gardener, and a yoga instructor. I would also like to rock at risk newborns and live closer to my children.

PS-I may be turning over a new leaf along with my new hip and have 2 new posts!

Maddy said...

Sorry, not really lurking just reading and catching up and tired and intimated by 39 comments in front of me!

Never mind.

I'm certainly with you on the quilts and quite a few other things by the looks of it.

Anyway, I'll keep more up to date now that my google reader has recovered and you're on my blogroll.