Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marginally Amusing Poop

It's funny how when i am away from you, my friends, i spend time trying to remember things i MUST tell you.

So i must wander in the weeds a bit, in the telling.

Christmas Day made me hopeful that my extended family (brothers, sisters-in-law and their offspring) can actually have fun together. Because we did have fun. The nieces and nephews had a great time locating their Christmas money inside Kleenex boxes. (I think next year i will steal the idea of gluing the money inside walnut shells.) Then we all went off to see the movie
BOLT, which was the perfect Christmas movie for us.

The snow finally ended, and there is very little of it still around. But there are
Bott's Dots everywhere. I have harvested a few.

My parents were the first people (my mother kept repeating this fact to anyone who would listen) to move into their new retirement home, right before all the snow hit. This is a huge relief for all of us. We went there on Christmas Eve for dinner and inspection. The place is gorgeous. Their apartment is spacious and on the 9th floor and has a great view out over the city. Plus, did i remember to tell you that they were the first people to move in?

Our New Year's Eve will be spent in a manner befitting geeks. We are going to see a taping of the radio show
Says You, and should be home tucked in our beds by 10:30, at the latest.

Em got a stuffed elephant which she has named Rudyard.

I'm thinking of moving. The fact that my daughter reads this makes me feel stifled. So far, it's just a thought. But it's hard to be as dismal as i sometimes want to be, and i never wanted a cute little blog where i always post marginally amusing poop.


Anonymous said...

But will you be the first one to move in if you do move?

Mrs. Chili said...

If you move, will you please email me a forwarding address? I PROMISE to keep your new digs a secret!

Happy and merry to you, my friend. I'm looking forward to 2009 with you in it!

flutter said...

do what you need to long as you take me with you:)

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Hey You, Happy New Year!

TTQ said...

Witness Protection Program? Very good reason to leave Em's childhood home... Just saying what's a little white lie?

Gordo said...

First ones in? Very cool. I must remember to tell everyone.

Anonymous said...

yep. I don't like sex with condoms as much either.

Marshamlow said...

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Rudyard. *g* Seems a smidge of your coolness has rubbed onto your offspring.

Happy Gnu Year, ye who almost always lacks marginally amusing poop.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

It can be stifling to know that your family members read your blog. I have also thought wistfully of starting a new one where I can complain and tell amusing stories about my relatives and better yet, my husband's relatives.

Happy New Year, Meno!

meno said...

daisy, the very first!!

mrs. chili, natch! And Happy New Year to you too.

flutter, you are, of course, invited.

MKR, And back at you!

ttq, no lies, just evasion.

gordo, spread the word, everyone must know.


marsha, Thank you, and to you to.

irr, she's a good kid, if sneaky. Happy New Year to you too.

Cheesy said...

I have been thinking of selling the farm... Want to move here? No Botts in the roads tho.... bring your own.

Have a most wonder-filled new year dear one!

Mignon said...

I feel your (growing) pain. I can't move, though. I realized that #1, my family and neighbors and friends just need to see a little bit of the less-than-rainbow-y stuff, and #2, if I move and start saying ALL the dark stuff I think about, I will think about dark stuff All The Time. I've done that kind of writing in a journal and it makes me completely self-absorbed and overly-contemplative.

Happy New Year to you and so glad your holidays have been happy!

The Real Mother Hen said...

Well, you want to check out Central Oregon? It is like a paradise here. If you live here, everyday you wake up, look up, shake your head, "oh no, not another blue-sky gorgeous day!"

Yeah blue-sky and plenty of sunshine are sooooo BORING! :)

thailandchani said...

If you do move, please let me know, too~

I'd like to read all of your thoughts.. not just the censored ones! :)


QT said...

No moving without giving me the forwarding address!!! I hope you at least were able to hunt down a Hot Buttered Rum for NYE.

jaded said...

I can always loan you bubble wrap and a tape gun...or liquor.

fiwa said...

Hey, I wanna bott's dot! I have never noticed any of them lying around, but I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled now. (what a gross thought! eyes peeled...)

I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your family - sorta surprising when that happens, isn't it? ;)

Just don't forget to take us along if you get new digs.

Happy New Year -

crazymumma said...

I'll read you despite any kind of poopiness.

Dick said...

Happy New Year to you and your family.

We went to the New Year's Eve party of the Singles group in our park. We attended their things regularly before we were married and they have asked us to still come, as alumni. That works for us and it is nice to have a five minute walk without needing a car on New Year's Eve to get to where we are intending to go. And we were also home tucked into bed not much after 22:30.

Lynnea said...

I had no frickin idea that poop could be amusing in any way whatsoever. Perhaps that's because I'm still wiping little butts.

Cutesy doesn't suit you. Whereever you go, there I shall follow.

meno said...

hearts, i don't know if i have the energy to do it though, and perhaps it's best if i curb my dark side.

cheesy, thank you! Me. On a farm. I don't think so. Unless it's a cat farm, then maybe.

mignon, you have a valid point. Struggling against the drak side is a worthy venture. No need to let it rule.

mother hen, if i move my blog, it will certainly be to Central Oregon!

chani, thank you, that's sweet of you to say.

qt, oh no, fellow dark girl, you'd be coming with.

patches, oh the things i could do with a tape gun!

fiwa, i have few if you need one. I have no idea why they amuse me so, but they do.

crazymumma, it's more the marginally amusing part i'm worried about, but thank you.

dick, Happy New Year to you to! I love a early night combined with no driving! Us old people need our rest.

meno said...

maggie, simultaneous comment! I can never achieve that in sex! :) I can see why you don't find poop amusing, especially after your little picassos. <3

Ritz said...

Being from Chicago I had no idea what a Bott's Dot was..had to look and now I still have no idea what the hell it's for.

Like your daughter, my son wanted the link for my blog...I never gave it to him. I want to be able to talk crap about him and the rest without repercussions. Thanks for the laugh.

100 Thoughts of Love said...

I understand that, I go to great lengths to keep my son away from my blog. i don't write about him because he wouldn't like it..but i don't want him reading either. Please keep me on your invite list if you move!

Mrs4444 said...

Oh...I LOVE the walnut idea! Grandma4444 has agreed to seriously think about moving out of that big old house. Your post gives me hope that she will follow through...

Vanessa said...

Being able to write what you want, uncensored, is the best gift you can give yourself. Even if no one but you ends up reading it, getting it out is beneficial.

luckyzmom said...

I have huge abandonment issues and the thought of you leaving me behind has me in tears. I would keep you hidden in my bookmarks and zip my lips with duct tape, pinkie swear and everything!

Tink said...

I think moving is a great idea. I like to move the moment things start feeling stagnant, which is about every 5 years. There are too many beautiful places to live to settle on just one.

Magpie said...

So, what are you going to do with the harvested Bott's Dots?