Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Another reason to love Seattle, and a fantasy

This weekend i went to The Edible Book Festival. I took some pictures for you all too.

It's a cake! With a wrinkle!

"Where The Mild Things Are:"

Jello, Wonder Bread and American Cheese!


Not sure why the tiny hamburgers, but loved the ketchup splot.

"The Very Hungry Caterpillar:"

This is Curd Vonnegut:

Pretty damned awesome. The portrait is made with cocoa powder. Some people are SO clever.

"The Velveeta Rabbit":

I don't want to eat it, but major points for the cuteness.

The "Bread Badge of Courage", by Steven Craneberry:

This is a book i have not heard of, "Swimming Against the Current;"

And lookit here, it's "Goodnight Moon Pie."

Keep in mind that the whole thing has to be edible.

And after a while, we did eat them, although i mostly stuck to the cakes.


I know this is about escape, and i wonder if the real result would be a feeling of relief or loneliness. Thinking about getting in the car and heading South or East. No reason, just driving. Away. No luggage, just baggage. A roll of $20 bills, a bag of apples and some sharp cheddar. A pocket knife for picnics and a pillow for naps.

No plans, just the misty future.

Nothing bad is going on, but i've thought about this for years. It just seems so free. Probably something that should remain in the fantasy realm.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go without a change of underwear. But that's me.

Loving those creative cakes.

Anonymous said...

why must it remain a fantasy? I think we're all allowed to take time off, especially now that your little bird has flown away for a time.

I've always wanted to get in the car and find a road to ride until it ends, then choose which direction to turn. no maps, no itinerary.

I actually did that once, many years ago, and ended up in a very small town with a movie theater that was playing 'flatliners'. I probably wouldn't have watched it under other circumstances. the downside was trying to remember how to get home. now I have a cell phone and gps, so it would be cool.

would you like to ride together? just stopping when something tickles our fancy?

Real Live Lesbian said...

I think you should do it! Take a weekend and just drive. I've done it and it is *wonderful*!

I love Curd Vonnegut!

Mrs. Chili said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! The VELVEETA Rabbit! That one got me.

Screw fantasy realm; take a long weekend and go somewhere.

Princess in Galoshes said...

I think the jello Where the Mild Things Are was the most creative. These are fabulous!

And I have the same fantasy. Although I think I'd more likely go north than east. Kansas doesn't hold much appeal for me.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ah, I like the food, I will eat all the food, but not read the books :)

Well, you wanna drive and drive and drive to this little town in Bend? You can stay over, for weeks or months, I don't care. I'll go hiking with you, go Crater Lake with you, and when it's warmer, we can go kayaking :)

No plans. Just live humbly and just being.

The Real Mother Hen said...

I mean you can stay over at our place, if you don't mind. Come on over, and we'll have a great time by just being :)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

As long as you are not yearning for a long drive out West, I would not be worried. :-)

I love road trips and am planning on doing one or two with my kids this summer. And a few of them, I have no real plans other than a destination. Therefore, I think your plan sounds just lovely - bonus: you will not have a DVD player in the backseat blaring the latest episode of Curious George.

If you make it to Kansas City, I would sorta insist upon having lunch with you, though.

Magpie said...

I have that dream too.

And I love those cakes.

thailandchani said...

Just recently, I went to get some gas for the car. Because I'm a total weirdo who names my cars, I filled the tank and said, "Well, Fini (Infiniti), what do you think of this idea? Let's take this tank of gas and just keep driving until you need more?" :)

Seriously. It was a real temptation.


meno said...

de, i have to admit that i wouldn't go without my electric toothbrush. See what a wild woman i am (not)?

holly, oh, absolutley, let's go!

rll, i just might. I have a free weekend coming up soon.

mrs. chili, you would have LOVED this event. I might even enter next year.

princess, i think it also had bologna and marshmallow creme. very clever! I've never been to Kansas...

mother hen, you tempt me sorely..., especially after i read what you just cooked.

cagey, if i ever make it to Kansas Citym you are ON!

magpie, it looks like lots of people share my fantasy.

chani, i think about that too, when i fill my car with far could i get.

TTQ said...

Similar ideas but different executions mine involves a passport, one suitcase and a debit card and one American Express. Here's the kicker, I tell the bank and the police before I go and that anyone looking into my account/ or well being must have a death certificate. Oh and my cell phone it's got an international plan on it.

TTQ said...

Seriously I could be on a plane and headed to my first destination before anybody would know/or stop me.

I tried this stunt in '95 but was too young to have it really work..I got deported and had a broken heart.

If I knew then, what I know now..

jaded said...

Is it really an escape if you take your baggage with you? It sounds like a detour.

Now I feel motivated to play with my food. I don't know if it is a good thing I'm reading Edgar Sawtelle or not.

Daisy said...

Kurt was like those 3-D puzzle thingies that I can never see. I had to stare and stare at the blob before I noticed the face was there. I guess I haven't read enough Vonnegut...

So.... what inspired you to go to a show about food n' books? I'm impressed at your motivation!

The adventure? I always like having some sort of a destination in mind. One of my favorite roadtrips was Boston to Indiana with my sister. We had no real idea how to get there -- just go west and figure it out as we went. It was Great!

Anonymous said...

If your fantasy happens to skid into reality, point your car about four hours north north west of New Orleans. I'd be honoured to shelter you under my roof and break bread with you. I might even let you feed the chickens. *wink*

lu said...

I want to do this. I'm adding a tent.

fiwa said...

Curd Vonnegut is awesome. How on earth??

I used to have fantasies like that - only mine involved never coming back. Once on a work trip to Costa Rica I gave serious thought to it. If I could have talked the tour company into hiring me I probably would have.

Cheesy said...

How fun! Should have grabbed some of the curds for the road trip!

meno said...

ttq, you are more adveturous than i, i want to at least stick to this country, for a while anyway.

jaded, you caught that! The baggage goes with me every where, unfortunately.

daisy, a friend invited me, and i am so glad! Your trip sounds great.

irrelephant, you, sir, have a deal. Will there be a balloon ride?

lu, a tent! good idea. Much cheaper.

fiwa, isn't that something? Costa Rica. I can see how that might happen.

cheesy, cheese curds, no wonder you like them.

Unknown said...

Those are brilliant.

Anonymous said...

meno you KNOW there'll be one. *s* Hopefully one of those good ones where we get to see deer and coyotes and armadillos, and land somewhere with just enough bumps and jolts to make it interesting.

furiousBall said...

Curd Vonnegut, definitely my fave - brilliant!

Dick said...

I just ordered a car dolly so we can tow the VW Bug behind the motorhome on our trips this year. Since I traded the Saturn on the Smart Car I don't have my reliable 4-wheels down toad to take so we had to make some changes. Pat likes the Bug better than the Saturn anyway so this will work.

I'd take a few clothes along and don't forget your camera, but that might be your excuse to visit Leavenworth again. And we are coming into the time of the year when they have wonderful weather on the east side of the mountains. I recommend the Enzian Inn. And be sure to attend their great (and free) breakfast.

Girlplustwo said...

wait a month, then pick south.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I take things too seriously or I'm projecting, but reading your idea about driving away had a ring of permanency to it, not just a weekend getaway thing. "misty future," and all.

Whenever this notion crosses my mind I remember the ending of "The Graduate."

meno said...

d-man, and tasty too (at least some of them...)

irr, armadillos? Oh how cool. I want one.

furious, i have NO IDEA how she did it either.

dick, so you are going to run away, while taking much of it with you. I will rememberthe camera, and thanks for the recommendation, i'm all about the free breakfast.

jen, oh. oh. how i wish. neen has made me green w/envy.

mamalujo, i suppose that's the appeal of it, no plans to come back, no future to look to, just the road.

Gina said...

I love the edible books! Very creative.

I sometimes want that escape, too. I miss the days before marriage and kids when I could actually do that stuff. Sometimes I would be on my way to class, 15 miles in one direction and just decide to turn the car around and go 100 miles in the other direction - to visit friends, see sights, whatever. I loved it.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

These are fabulous! So clever!

As for your fantasy, now we're getting into really dangerous territory. Luckily, (or not,) my conscience is always in overdrive.

Anonymous said...

I"m thinking the same thing too. I need a break and the idea of just roaming and taking photos appeals to me. Of course I arrange me life so that this is impossible to do. Think I need to do some rearranging.

I want to see the movie, "One Week", a Canadian film about a road trip, supposed to be good.

I may be in Seattle in 2nd week of May, husband is training at Boeing down there. I'll let you know.

colleen said...

I got a real kick out of this. Who knew?