Friday, April 10, 2009

Phoning it in

*Brrring, brrrring*


Hi blog, it's me, meno. Fuck i'm in a bad mood and tired.

And we care about this why?

Because i'm just going to phone this post in.

But...where are you calling from? Any why are you bothering?

I'm not sure where i am. All i know is it's really fucking hot, there are bonfires everywhere, people screaming in agony and no water anywhere. There are even some dudes up to their necks in boiling blood. Oh, and because my public demands it.

Really? Sounds hellish.

I know! And i forgot my chapstick.


I.....i'm not sure if i'll make it. My lips are flaking already.

I don't think i've ever seen you without a chapstick, and a cookie.

NO COOKIES! *whimper*

It really must be hell. Well then, call us if you need anything. Ta ta.




Mrs. Chili said...

No! WAIT! Hit "star-six-nine" and get her BACK!!!"

The Real Mother Hen said...

For a second I thought you went to the Burning Man.. but timing isn't right yet, unless there is one Celtic Burning Man plus Bonfires going on somewhere in the Death Valley. What am I talking about? Bah!

Enjoy the great escape Meno :)

Stucco said...

If you would like to continue to phone this one in, please deposit twenty-five cents for an additional minute.

Fucking phone company. You KNOW some fucker from ole Ma Bell stole your Chap-stick.

The guys up to their necks in boiling blood- are they bankers I hope?

My SIL is Stalking Me said...

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that hitting star 69 will get you what you want?

Dry ice anyone?

meno said...

mrs.chili, my blog shows me no respect!

mother hen, never been to Burning Man, and i'm okay with that.

stucco, yes, they are indeed bankers, and mortgage brokers from Washinton Mutual Bank.

my SIL, ha ah aha hah haha hahha ha! Awesome. I can't wait to see what name you come up with next! *69, heh.

Scott from Oregon said...

I'm gonna phone in this comment too...

flutter said...

hi, you've reached flutter. she's not home right now, but she would love to receive meno's call as soon as possible.

thanks, byeee!

luckyzmom said...

Is this the person to whom I am speaking?

Cheesy said...

Must be in Texas....
At the tone please leave your messa_________

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Hey, wait a damned second. When did Blogger begin allow us to phone our posts in? Where the hell is MY update for this fabulous feature?

furiousBall said...

An eiffel tower is a threesome with two guys and a girl, where one guy is hitting it from behind, and the other guy is getting a blow job. The guys are high-fiving over the girl to make the eiffel tower shape. What do you mean that thing is recording the outgoing message?

meno said...

scott, ...please leave your comment after the beep...

flutter, i called and you didn't answer. Tag, you're it.

luckyzmom, Good gracious good afternoon!

cheesy, Texas is my first guest.

cagey, didn't you get the phone call about it?? :)

furious, you are a real education.

QT said...

Wow - even your phoning it in is enough to make me lolz. :)

Robin said...

i THOUGHT that was you over there!

now i must get back to my agony-filled wailing and begging for ice water.

egan said...

I thought Burning Man too. Maybe you just out at Alki on one of our rare warm days last week.

lu said...

I think this is my favorite post of all time. Love's me my devil child Meno!

sari said...

I love Napoleon Dynamite where Napoleon calls Kip at home and wants him to bring his chapstick to school.

I so identify with that, though I don't use the "brand" Chapstick. I always have a chapstick with me though.

And I identify with the phoning it in, I've only been posting once a week. Ack!

meno said...

qt, oh good, loling is good, as is lolling.

robin, oh hi, pass the sunscreen.

egan, if i was at Alki, there would have been the rollerbladers from hell to talk about.

lu, Bwahh ha ha hah!

sari, honey, with three kids, that you blog at all is a mircle. Also, i use the word chapstick generically, any kind will do.

fiwa said...

*Beeeep* Hi Meno, I'll be there soon. I'll try to smuggle in some extra chapstick for ya.

Brad said...

Sounds like a trip to Burning Man.