Sunday, September 03, 2006

Party, bleh

Next weekend we are having a party at our house for my dad's 80th birthday. You can read about how the hell i got myself into this here. So we have spent the day doing projects around the house that we should have done years ago.

I really don't care for parties. I don't much care to socialize with more than 6 or 7 people at once. I went hiking on Friday with my brother Don and sister-in-law Karen. She loves parties and organizing things. She said something that struck terror into my heart. "Wonder what i should wear to the party?"

Shit, i hadn't thought of that. I told her that i guessed that i would be wearing a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, unless it is hot, and then i would wear shorts.

That was the wrong answer. I was told that such casualness might not be appreciated by the old folks. Karen is only a year or two older than me, but sometimes she seems like someone from a different generation, an older one. It was only last year that she allowed her kids to wear jeans to Thanksgiving with the family, when the rest of us have always done it. I am more into the casual (read lazy) lifestyle.

So i will have to steel myself for some disapproval, but it's not like i haven't been there before. And i really do appreciate that she is helping me with the shopping and the food preparation. If it was up to me we would be having chex mix and li'l smokies.

There will be lots of old people at the party. When our caller ID showed a name of one of the oldest men this morning, my first thought was that i hoped no one had died before the party. Ms. Compassion, that's me.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about organizing parties.

There are people who live for it -- who like nothing better than to whip a bunch of other people into some kind of organized "fun." Also, me too with the clean pair of jeans and a shirt. I say, go with it.

Anonymous said...

That's awful about the caller ID.

Welp, if nothing else I'm sure you'll have some amusing stories to post in the aftermath. Hurrah for that!:)

Andrea Frazer said...

You make me laugh. In some ways, the oldest person at the party will be you, you little curmudgeon.

Josephine said...

Throwing a party takes a lot of work! My mom has hinted that she wanted me to throw a surprise party for her birthday this year...but I weasled my way out of it because I've been "way too busy" trying to buy my first home...

...but, I'll have to make it up to her, she deserves it. Best of luck, though, and wear whatever the hell you want, nobody will care!!

Bobealia... said...

I hate parties too, especially at my house.
Dressing up can be fun. Go buy a satin shirt and wear it with those clean jeans and a fancy pair of shoes. That will show them!

Anonymous said...

From my point of view, hosting a party is uncomfortable enough; there's no point in putting on a costume, too.

Congrats to your Dad! I love the word "octogenarian."

Lucia said...

Do I ever get the "bleh." I would hate this. Maybe you can throw something together to wear that's really funky...that way you wouldn't be underdressed and you will have flown in the face of the "dress code."

Lynnea said...

I dont know about this "might not be appreciated by the older folks" comment. I think that depends on the older folks you hang with. My grandparents are the "wear what you like" type. In any case, its at YOUR house, I think the dress code is your call. I'm all for respect, but hey, its a party, its supposed to be fun!

Marshamlow said...

For me dressing up means a clean pair of jeans. Hosting a party is pretty stressful, best to be comfortable. I think the older generation will be thankful for all your trouble more than judgemental, if not who cares.

meno said...

i love you people.

marian, i am so going w/the jeans and a shirt. Otherwise, no one would recognize me.

hanni, i am getting through this by hoping for good stories.

mamap, what would you know about it you extrovert you. Bah humbug!

josephine, i will totally wear what i want. Did that make me sound like i was 12?

bo, sadly, there are no cute shoes for me, i have ENOURMOUS feet. So i try to cloak them in invisibility.

daufiero, i can't wait to unleash "octogenarian" on my dad.

lucia, also sadly, funky and i are not really in the same universe. But i will try.

maggie, i don't think the old people care either. One benefit of having a party where i am among the youngest, is that i look fantastic!

jeego, thanks for the compliment. Those are always nice.

marsha, yep, i don't really think they care, i think my SIL is the only one who will be judgmental.

Bobealia... said...

How about sparkly flip flops?
I have ginormous feat for my size... if it makes you feel better.