Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What next?

This morning as i was driving out of the gym parking lot, making a right turn onto the main street, a guy on a bicycle riding on the sidewalk ran into the back right side of my crappy rental car. The noise scared the shit out of me. I put the car into park and got out expecting to see a bloody puddle. But he was standing up and was bleeding a little from his lip and forehead. Wear your bike helmets people. He said that his brakes failed. Some kind pedestrian took the bicyclist off to his house for first aid and that's the last i saw of him.

We are having really bad car karma right now. First, someone hit the Mister in my car, which is why i'm driving the crappy rental car. Then, the mister backed into my brother's car at the party, and now this. Which we will also have to pay for because i wasn't quick enough to think to get the bleeding guy's contact information before he was taken off for bandages. I was shaking and sobbed the whole way home. If things happen in threes though, we are all done. I hope.

So, since i am not leaving the house again, ever, unless on foot, would one of you mind picking Em up from school for me today? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I was going to say I go by the rule of threes, but...I never actually wait around for the other stuff to happen if one or two bad things occur, so I guess I'm only superstitious in hindsight.

Just get it all out of your systems before Em starts driver's ed, OK?

Lynnea said...

Perhaps if you get in touch with your car chakrah? I think the law of three's has played out here. You could leave the house in something motorized....I think.

Anonymous said...

I got your back, Sister. Where and when?

Dick said...

I guess the good news is that no one was seriously injured. I am going to guess this was an adult so it kind of makes you wonder why he was so stupid as to operate a bicycle without brakes. What if he had hit a pedestrian?

meno said...

de, Em will never be driving. Ever. So no need to worry. I haven't told her yet, but i'm sure she won't mind.

maggie, i am going to sacrifice a goat and burn incense in the garage tonight to scare away the evil spirits. Anyone know where i can get a goat.

OTM, thank you so much!

dick, it rained today for the first time in a while and i think the sidewalk was wet and slick and he just failed to take that into consideration. But still, it could have been much worse. I was expecting to see a decapitated body after hearing that horrendous crunch.

Andrea Frazer said...

I think if Lance Armstrong can ride a bike after losing a nut, you can drive a car after almost hitting one.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Up until recently when their friends finally filled them in we had our kids believing that they couldn't drive until they were 30. I had them going for a little while anyway.

Sorry about the bad car cluster. We have had something similar only it involves hitting deer. We hit. or have near misses, several times within a few weeks, then nothing for months etc.

Thanks for your good wishes for my mom, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh me darling. I got back in a car this summer after a break of several years' not driving, and it was terrifying. There were tears, and threats to sell the damn car, and declarations that I couldn't drive, toys all around the pram, etc.

Get right back in your car tomorrow and go for a good long drive. Put some fake blood and mangled handlebars on one of your bumpers, so everyone leaves you well alone.

(Mama P, the 'Lance's nut comment' cracked me right up.)

Anonymous said...

I agree with antonia, and Mama p. that was classic. get in a car, and own that shit!

i hate beta blogger

meno said...

mamap, HA HA HA, you are SO RIGHT!

tracy, i think 30 might be about right! Nice try. You are welcome about your mother, i hope she is mending well.

antonia, working on attaching said items to the car right now. Duct tape. I too would have a hard time driving after taking several years off.

urban-urchin, so yes, of course i got right back in the car that afternoon and raced around like the over-caffenated housewife that i am. (Is this beta blogger thing something that you had a choice about?)

Andrea Frazer said...

I'm glad you liked the Lance comment. And my apologies to any one ball wonders out there. Rock on with your bad selves. And now, to quote Lance's former girlfriend, Miss Crow herself "Every Day is a Winding Road... But I Get a Little Bit Closer. Every Day is A Faded Sign, But I Get a Little Bit Closer to Feeling Fine..." Just don't hit that sign, my friend.