Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Promise fulfilled

Ok, i did it. I did my homework assigned to me by myself in this post. I think i will even l give myself an "A" for having it in early. (I am an easy grader.)

I joined (no laughing at me) a quilting group made up of moms from Em's school. I don't know beans about quilting and long talks about fabric and design bore me, but i do like to embroider, so i will do some sort of project wherein that is the major part. And who knows, maybe as i learn beans about quilting, i will like it better.

I accomplished this by purposely stopping a mom i know in the office of the school just to say hi. And we chatted for quite a while and then she invited me to join this group. Me. In a group. I will start going next week.

Here is a picture of the swim ladder at the end of our dock. As you may have heard in the news, it's been raining a bit 'round these parts.


thailandchani said...

Awesome on the quilting class. You'll probably end up enjoying it. It's a bit obnoxious to learn but you will use the knowledge for the rest of your life. Best to you with it. :)


~Chani (Thailand Gal)

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

ACK! Your dock!

Anonymous said...

Quilting! Yes! Join us!

I started when I bought my mom a subscription to a quilting magazine, and they goofed and sent me a subscription as well. My mom got tired of hearing, "Make me the one on page 17, or page 20, or page 25" and taught me how to make one myself. Then I made baby quilts for all the fertile myrtles around me until it was my turn.

Wow! How's the back yard?

Anonymous said...

At least you have something to grab onto while you are floating away!

Congrats on the quilting club thing (I think)! I usually prefer to not talk to people because I am sure they don't like me and it is easier to not prove this.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God. In the process of completing one self-assignment, you get yourself into a handicraft group. Woman, I am not sure if you are an over-achiever or a self-flagellist (a word?). You couldn't just say Hi?

I really want to laugh, but you asked us not to.

Mother of Invention said...

Branching out can be good!
Embroider up a storm...but not like the one near your dock!
We've had tons of rain this fall...I'm thinking it's going to set the pattern of precip to give us a record snowfall this winter!!

Mignon said...

So maybe you should wait a couple weeks to swim out to that ball beyond your dock?

Good for you on joining up with those crazy quilters. It's better than Bunco - I come home from Bunco with empty handed, with a buzz and sour cream-n-onion potato chip breath.

egan said...

Sweet.... I'm really curious where you live in our fair city. We got a bit of a break today.

Congrats on the quilting group. That should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the quilting gig! You post made an impact at my house too. A self-acknowledged introvert, my mistress actually engaged strangers in conversation at the airport and she did it without actually burst into flames!

Not exactly on par with joining a social group, but you know some must start with baby steps.

meno said...

chani, you know, i'll bet i do end up liking it. (Chani is easier to type than Thailand Gal.)

ddm, it looks worse than it is as the dock is designed to get covered. But normally the lake is 2 feet below the dock, not 1 foot above it. That's one hell of a lot of water.

nancy, so you are one of the collective and resistance is futile? The yard is fine as there is a lot of beach to cover and then a bulkhead before the yard would get involved. It's about 1/3 up the beach right now.

hi kerewin, that's why i did it, so i would be forced to interact w/people.

de, go ahead and laugh, i did, after i thought about it.

MOI, it rarely snows at my house, alas!

mignon, more than a couple weeks as i am a weenie about cold water. I've been a Bunco subsitute a few times, i sort of wondered why they bother with the dice thing and don't just eat and drink. The last one i went to there was no alcohol. What's up w/that?

egan, i don't live in THE city, i live in Blahvue. It was nicer today, but the water is still filling up the lake.

patches, talking to strangers isn't so much a baby step. At least i knew the person i picked to interact with. Give her a scratch behind the ears.

Bobealia... said...

I would like to join.

egan said...

I was born in Blahville. I know those the lakes over there too well.

Lucia said...

OK, my introvert is running and screaming to get away from the idea of a group. Good for you...if you want it. I'll stay with girls gone wild for a while before heading for the quilters.

Anonymous said...

You just rock, on so many levels. I would never have taken you for a quilting group, but hey. Whatever works.

I was going to say "whatever gets you through the night" since my favorite 52 year old quilt does just that, but I wasn't sure anyone would get it. ;-)

sari said...

I'm so glad you're doing your homework!

The dock - crazy!! :-)

Lynnea said...

I'm extremely impressed. This was a major step, and you excelled at it! And hey, you may have joined a quilting group to do embroidery, but you joined a group. Besides you might teach them a thing or two. Looking forward to hearing about your first meeting.

Well now, looks to me like you're going to be suffering from some sort of water shortage this year.

Andrea Frazer said...

Congrats on the Quilting Group. And if you join a group activity with your mom you could call it your Guilting Group.

urban-urchin said...

Good for you! I'm not much for quilting (but I could talk to you for hours about fabric and design) but I would love to learn to embroider better. (I've only done a bit).

The dock thing- very scary. Wishing you dryness....

meno said...

bo, oh, you would be welcome. I wish you were here.

egan, this is "the lesser lake"

lucia, it just sort of happened. She asked, i said yes. Eeeek.

jennifer, i donlt take me for a quilting group either. We'll see. Em has a quilt from since she was born. It's name is Lammie.

sari, i didn't used to do my homework. Maybe i have learned something over the years.

maggie, me. i joined a group. ha ha. gulp.

mamap, you are funny. :)

u-u, maybe i'll get your help on the fabric talking. Is there a secret language?

amusing said...

"Crazy quilting" is all about the embroidery. Plus, it's got the word "Crazy" in it.

I talked to a mom from The Eldest's class who I haven't spoken with in months, a year, a long time and we had coffee. It was informative.

Bobealia... said...

Hey, do you mean to tell me that the one stranger you decided to talk to was nice, and liked you enough to ask you to join something?

karmic said...

Yay.. way to go with the quilting. I guess it was easy talkign to strangers?

And the dock.. Oy vey! Hope you folks get some relief from the rain.

Bob said...

You don't do things halfway, do you? I agree to the A, not only for being early, but for a comprehensive effort.

We have a quilt that was given us when we got married (soon after) by my wife's church. Everyone embroidered a square and the squares were quilted together. It has ragged edges now, we've had to put it up so it will last. It has been well used and well loved.

Bob said...

oh, I meant to add a blurb about your inundation. I heard a story on NPR this morning about Mt. Ranier national park being practically washed away. millions of dollars in damage.

it is raining here today. (queue darkly ominous music.

thinking dry thoughts your way.

Girlplustwo said...

you go, sister. baby steps. and rewarding ones, at that.

Elliot said...

If it keeps raining like this, I'm joining a group consisting of me and a therapist...

meno said...

amusing, informative. That's an interesting choice of word. I'm all about the crazy.

bo, well, she is not a stranger as i knew her name, but that's about all i knew. And she did ask me to join something and she doesn't even get any $ out of it. amazing.

sanjay, well, it wasn't easy. but it wasn't horrible either. And it still rains.

bob, i am excited to think that i could actually make a quilt! And your dry thoughts are NOT working.

jen, i bet it will be fun, unless it isn't and all they want to talk about is their kids and vacations.

jeremiah, god, i hear you!