Saturday, November 04, 2006

The results are in....

First off, thank you to all who guessed. I had a great time reading your comments. I was tempted to leave this up for another day, but that would be pandering. Not that i'm above pandering.

The Numbers:
9.5 people guessed #1 (the half person is Sanjay, who couldn't make up his mind.)
3 people guessed #2
5 people guessed #3
5 people guessed #4
6.5 people guessed #5

Turns out you people are pretty smart. #1 is the lie. Although my best friend did swallow a straight pin and had surgery and spent a week in the hospital. It was an accident, and i had nothing to do with it. I think she was sewing and was holding a pin in her mouth, and something happened, and oopsie.

#2 is totally true. I named her Mavis Cannister and she was half black, a quarter native american and a quarter hispanic. The first line of one of the poems i wrote went "I fly high below the earth." I reported that she had been hit by a garbage truck when she was 26. My teacher's comment, after i read "her" poems to the class was, "Too bad she died before she had a chance to express herself."

#3 happened when i was 15 and was spending the summer with another family. They had let about 6 of us out with a car. It was beyond stupid and gloriously fun.

#4 read all about it
here . I wrote about it, but that was before anyone read my blog.

#5 is true. I was angry, but scared and broke. So i walked to a shitty little pawn shop in Lake City and watched the guy do a test on the ring to see if it was really gold. We had paid a little less than $200 for the two rings 11 years ago. I probably got ripped off. But i was so depressed that i didn' t really care. It also had the Mister's name and our wedding date engraved on the inside, so it wasn't really fit for resale.


Antonia Cornwell said...

I missed this! I keep getting up to my elbows in nappies and my daily fix of my favourite blogs has become an every-two-or-three-days fix.

I would have guessed #1, though. You're too nice to convince anyone to do something like that.

Brilliant meme!

Dick said...

I haven't seen that one before but you did it well. They are interesting in that they tell us something more about the blogger that we'd never know otherwise.

Anonymous said...

You really are brilliant for making up a poet!

When I commented originally I was going to point out that I knew one of your 5 was true because you had written about it before. Then I thought it would be unfair to ruin it for others. Great story though, I am glad you linked to it. I am still waiting for said brother to find it.

Lucia said...

I'm so glad to see the answer! (I think any of us would have been tempted to pander and draw things out a little longer.)

I really enjoy reading your blog.

Marshamlow said...

I love the new blog color. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to participate in the guessing. I did the meme, it is up now, yeah. Love the dead fish, I have two brothers and have been that mad, so many times.

Bobealia... said...

I missed so much that I didn't even get to vote. Now that I have read the results first, I don't know what I would have voted for. Probably # 1 or # 5.
Oh, and it sounds like he's lucky you didn't cut his brake cables.

Liv said...

That was fun. And filling us in on the stories was even better!

meno said...

antonia, i am not that nice. Or at any rate, i might have been foolish enough at that age to try to convince her of that. I know how it is with a brand new baby. Enjoy the love.

dick, it is a good meme. You should try it. It was fun.

kerewin, i probably did more work in the deception than i would have done for the actual report. My brother is not a blog reader, thank god. Thanks for not telling. It was a freebie for old timers, you know, almost 4 months ago.

lucia, thank you. I love your blog too. It's so out of my world.

marsha, i'm glad you like the color. It does brighten things up a bit. I'll be over to guess soon.

hi bo. sorry. That is a problem with the blog every day thing. I would never have cut his brake line. I don't think i wanted him dead. Maybe.

liv, i enjoyed it too.

Anonymous said...

yay! I am glad it was #1, although I am sorry for the young lady it happened to.

I hope that your brother has grown up and that you have been able to repair the relationship. I have a brother and sister and we are separated by distance and by relationship. I love them both, but we lead our own lives and keep in touch primarily via our mom.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign my anonymous comment above.

-- Bob

P.S. Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. I will try to live up to my comments!

Girlplustwo said...

you tricky trickster, you. let me know next time you play poker - i want in.

Anonymous said...

I also love that you imagined a poet. I think that would be the best meme. Do it! Have folks make up a poet and snippets of their poetry and, of course, they're horribly untimely, deliciously appropriate death. Damn, I think that this could be a book. Really. A dozen writers could imagine the lives and deaths and lines of a dozen poets. It would be short and gruesome. Meno, when I get a manuscript or two written, if I remember, I might collaborate with you on this, if you wish. Think about it. I don't know if you do books. A book is a big commitment, for there are weeks of rewriting and months of promoting, but it's also Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. We could also promote in the character of our poet. Wouldn't that be fun? So, if one were a pale and tubercular would-be-sufferer, who was insufferably sensitive, wouldn't it be fun to do bookstore and tv gigs in that character...or another?

If you're interested, write to me at washchadblip at yahoo dot com and we'll brainstorm.

Anonymous said...

I really feel stupid because I had actually read that entry... This everyday posting is a veritable treat! I am loving it, loving it. As we say here in Québec (where it is getting very cold ,damn.) Lâchez pas mes amis!

Imez said...

Oh! I want an entire post about the life of Mavis Cannister. With some of her poetry. Seriously, it would get your juices flowing! Yeah!

Andrea Frazer said...

Okay, that is too funny. I am going to steal your idea for a blog entry. I might take from others, but I'm honest.

meno said...

bob, my brother and i are civil, and either one of us would be there for the other if needed, but we aren't friends.

jen, you actually would want to play poker, against me. I can never remember the rules so i have to figure out a subtle way of asking if three of a kind is better than a straight. Which sort of gives it away.

holly, i am both honored and terrified by your idea. I have never written anything . But it does sound like fun, kind of like Lemony Snicket. Although someone else would have to be the pale tubercular one. I dunno. *squeak*

caro, i can't remember my life, much less someone else's life. So you aren't stupid. The only part of the french i understand is the "my friends". The translator on the web i used says "Loosen not my friends". I'm glad you are enjoying the every day thing.

esereth, i pretty much told you all that i remember about her, including her sad demise under the wheels of a garbage truck. Writing poetry is no really in my skill set, as you can tell by the snippet that i did remember.

mamap, steal away!

Mother of Invention said...

Wow! I get to feel smart for a small part of the day!(HA!) Fun idea! It made us think about all kinds of factors and use are deduction skills!

karmic said...

Heh. Thank you for the honorable mention! :)