Wednesday, January 31, 2007

9,000 word essay*

Today i am doing a photo essay. A few months ago i did a post about things that wash up on our beach during storms. Today i went out and took pictures of some of this year's haul, so far.

Hope no one was using this at the time it washed up:

Or this: It looks like fun though, something to play with while i am waiting to be rescued. Oh, never mind, it says on the side :NOT INTENDED FOR USE AS A LIFESAVING DEVICE.

Nice, change the oil, and then throw the container over the side of the boat:

Here is a piece of someone's dock:

And another bit of another dock:

The head of a hoe. The whole hoe washed up, but we burned the rest of it as the handle was broken. The photographer's assistant was not nimble enough to move out of the picture in time.

These didn't wash up, but i thought they were cool. Deer prints:

There are many bits of LPC (Little Plastic Crap) on the beach:

And finally, a picture of the photographer's assistant after a good roll in the sand:

I had more photos, but bugger blogger will not let me upload any more pictures, i have been trying for 4 hours and am all sweaty and peevish. Might be time to get another service or platform or whatever you call it.

* i plagarized this title idea from the clever Maggie.


Lynnea said...

Oh cool, you link referenced me - and you called me clever. I'm all blushy and smiley now.

Those are fun pics. LPC - we have that same toy. Or should I say had. How did that float all the way around the continent and land on your beach?

Lucia said...

Love the photo essay. I actually thought of you when I was in Argentina picking up beach glass...and of all the flotsam and jetsam washing up at your place.

Anonymous said...

Beach detritus is fascinating!

Blogger and Photos: One of the reasons I ditched Blogger. A real PITA.

Anonymous said...

The photographer's assistant is a real looker.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a nice sand bath. Here that would mean a trip to the spa. The only sand available here unless you count the litterpan.

QT said...

Mmmm -sun and sand, and not 10 below zero. Can I camp on your beach? I would practice good "leave no trace" policies, I swear.

sari said...

What a great idea, I love all your photos, especially your assistant.

I should take photos of all the stuff that's surfaced in my own house, I'm constantly amazed at our junk.

meno said...

maggie, you are clever. It is amazing that your toy ended up on our beach. Especially since we live on a lake. Want me to send it back?

lucia, isn't it great that we think of people that we don't know in person?

ortizzle, yeah, if i knew what i was doing i would pitch blogger over the side, and then take a picture of it washed up on the beach.

de, he is a cutie isn't he? And SOOOO helpful too.

patches, a sand bath is one of life's true pleasure. But i wouldn't let him back in the house until a brushing occurred.

qt, sure, i'll even let you come in and use the shower! :) It wasn't 10 below, but it was about 6 degrees C.

lu said...

I'm fascinated by all things that wash ashore. I'm so land locked, and a hoarder of all things found. Do you keep a collection of the odd little things? A photo essay certainly takes up less space.

Anonymous said...

where you live is cool... Is your cat a "talker"? By that I mean, does he meow back when you speak to him? I really liked that little journey down by your beach. Merci!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it! I look out my window and see grey, cold and ice-crusted snow. Thanks for taking me to the beach!

karmic said...

Loved the pics, reminds me of better weather :)

Mother of Invention said...

Cool pics! (I love your cat! She looks like a sibling of one of mine, Socks!)
I couldn't believe what came in on the beach of Pelee Island from Detroit on Lake many tampons and condoms it was disgusting! At least this was neat junk!

AC said...

A beach to walk along, not 10 degrees and gray. Actually, now it is snowing. I wish I were there.

I am so hoping daughter decides Seattle is the best graduate school for her. I need a big change of scenery, even though, most of the time these mountains give me all I need. A trip to move her would be mostly vacation. I hope.

Just this smorning i was thinking of a photo essay of the oddities the stray puppy drags in. This morning it was a whole, pink flowered sheet! He dragged it for 1/2 the walk and then abandoned it, the little litterer.

Bob said...

The last time we were down at Perdido Key, I walked down to the end looking for detritus. The best (by virtue of size, anyway) was an ocean buoy.

Your cat is gorgeous.

peevish said...

I'm so happy to be your sister in Peev.

meno said...

sari, the assistant is my favorite too. :) You should take some pictures of your junk, it's fun.

lu, I don't really keep a collection of the odd things, other than i my brain. But i do keep the rusty bits of hardware that i find on the beach. For some reason they appeal to me.

caro, that cat (Zola) isn't that talker in the family, his brother (Greco)is. Greco squeaks and talks and has lots to say. De nada!

mrs.chili, You are welcome. It's always nice to see some hope of summer.

sanjay, thanks. It has been sunny here lately so in pictures i can pretend it's summer.

MOI, he is a gorgeous beast. Sometimes we get tampon applicators, but i didn't find any this time. Yeech.

ac, Seattle is a great city. Although the rain thing can be hard to take from October through June. Right now we are getting a lovely suuny streak. Funny puppy you have.

This is a lake so no cool buoys, or at least very rarely. I have always been one to walk the beach searching for bounty. That cat is my regal one.

lisa, Peevish. Might need a T-shirt of that. :)

Mona Buonanotte said...

Y'know, our cat needs a younger sibling...does that cat in your photo want to visit Michigan?? So cute! (And yes, I'm squealing "kitty" in my best 4-year old voice right's so cute I can't help it.)

thailandchani said...

It is certainly interesting to see what washes up on the beach. Why is it that the valuable stuff requires a metal detector? :)



Liv said...

I love it. I think it's so fun to see bits and pieces of where people live and work. maybe i'll see what's newly landed in the waste heap that i call my house!

stephoto said...


I've been enjoying your blog for awhile (I hate the word "lurking" - it sounds so creepy) but I guess that's what I've been doing! I also love photo essays and I also live near a beach (SF Bay Area, Northern CA) We have much of the same plastic crap as well as cool rusty stuff wash up on our beach. Good job photographing it so well that it shows the unlikely beauty of this familiar detritus...Cute cat, too.



Anonymous said...

Zola, as an Emile Zola the 19th century art critic? And Greco.....Ok now I have to know, what is the third cat's name?

meno said...

mona, Are you hoping to get offspring from him? 'Cuz he's been de-nutted. Em and i squeal at the cuteness of our cats constantly. The Mister doesn't squeal, but he thinks they are cute too.

chani, i still haven't found any money or jewels. Maybe i need a metal detector!

liv, it's a fun project, you should try it.

stephanie, well thanks for saying hi, i appreciate it. It's always fun to know who's visiting. I used to go to Stinson beach all the time w/my grandmother and hunt for carnelians. Zola says thanks too.

patches, Yes, that Zola, and Greco as in El Greco. Our other cat was named by Em when she was 7, her name is Betsy. I was afraid that Em would name her Kitty or Fluffy so i steered her to a name from her favorite book, which at the time was Betsy-Tacy.

Bobealia... said...

use flickr baby!
easy peasy.
Does your assistant have a nice ass by any chance? You know, I'm alwas shopping for new identity pics.

urban-urchin said...

I'm trying to picture you out there with a metal detector and I just can't. It's good we don't live there. My husband has a hard enough time getting rid of stuff as it is.

Tink said...

I really should read the captions before looking at the pictures. When I saw #6 I thought, "My, what furry feet you have! Maybe we should have a grown-up slumber party. I'll bring the wax."