Monday, January 01, 2007

This just in from Party Central

Happy New Year!!

The Mister and i partied until 9:30 or 10 pm last night, much to the disgust of Em. Whoo Hoo.

Being the cynic that i am, i don't want to believe in resolutions. But without regard to that, i am going to make a few, because inconsistency is also one of my foremost qualities.

1.) I will continue to not smoke. (Yay me!)
2.) I will continue to exercise.
3.) I will try and remember to treat the people i love as if they only had one month to live.

That's pretty much it and as much as i can handle. Oh, and this one,

4.) I will try and drink less alcohol, mostly because it contributes to my insomnia.

Notice how they were all either something to continue, or something to try. Can't go too wrong with that. I can hear myself whining "but i tried!"


Last night, or actually this morning at 12:10 am our phone rang. It was the Mister's mother, to whom he hasn't spoken in many months. They are essentially estranged. All i will say in explanation is that the Mister has good reason, although i still find it sad.

I was expecting the worst, as she is 83 and has recently moved to a retirement home. But she just asked how Em is, how i am and how the Mister is. The Mister asked if he could call her back later in the day as he was sleepy and befuddled and it seemed as if nothing was wrong with her.

There are three possibilities:

  • She is losing it, and didn't realize the time.
  • Something really is wrong, and she wants to punish him for not asking more questions. (A long-standing pattern with her.)
  • She had a fight with the Mister's sister and wants to dump on him. (The Mister hasn't spoken with his sister in over 12 years, and believe me, it is with REALLY GOOD reason. She is a vituperative bitch.)

It turned out that she just had some kind of panic attack and felt that she had to call him right then. Odd. But he did talk to her and will probably go visit her within the next few weeks. It still might be reason number 3, as she did make a snarky remark about the sister. Sigh. Patterns continue.


On a personal note from me, i have had so much fun this year writing and interacting with you all. Thank you for the sense of community you provide to this introvert. Also for the thought-provoking and the laughs. I wish you all the best year ever, really! Make it so.


Anonymous said...

Meno, you keep saying things that convince me that we were separated at birth. I was in bed at 10:30 last night. My husband woke me up five minutes before the ball dropped, and I went back to sleep promptly after. SO not night people...

Your kind sentiment is returned - I've very much enjoyed being a part of your online community, and am looking forward to next year with you in it!

Lastly, you taught me a new word today! English snob that I am - me with my Master's degree - I don't think I've ever come across the word "vituperative" before - and what a great word it is, too!! Thank you! You've given me a little geeky pleasure this evening, and I am grateful!

Girlplustwo said...

and to you, too, sister.

i love your resolutions. i might steal them, with caveats.

i hate late night phone calls. makes my stomach sink.

happiest to you.

Lynnea said...

Ha ha - "Make it so".

Thanks for being my introvert buddy this past six months. I'm so glad I found you and realized I am not alone.

Anonymous said...

meno, I've enjoyed you too. I only visit 3 blogs and they all 3 bloggers have humility and self-deprecation in common. When I went to school, I nearly drowned in the epiphanies of pals: my friends were forever realizing something essential, which necessitated, of course, my bobbing nods and grim smiles. Their persistent brilliance dulled me to true epiphany, which is rare and perhaps is always announced by, "What a fool I've been."

So, my New Year's resolution is this: "I resolve to rise everyday and declare, 'What a fool I'll be.'"

And this year, I'll seem so simutaneously smart and stupid that come December 31st, 2007, I'll be crowned both the "All Seeing Fool" and the "Forever Fool."

However, while I am yours, I will never be foolishly yours. In this one way, I am wise.

Wisely yours,

Holly Capote

thailandchani said...

I think we are all grateful for your contributions to this virtual community. Your wisdom, often presented through the use of humor, is priceless. :)



Ortizzle said...

"Continuing" is a great first word for a resolution. Keep continuing!

meno said...

mrs chili, sometime people introduce themselves to me and sometimes i find them on my own. Thank you for introducing yourself to me. Also, i love words, and i love to toss them about. I am not ashamed to ask what a word means or look one up, or to use them.

jen, thank you honey. Steal away woman, steal away.

maggie, I am a Star Trek geek. There, i said it. I feel privileged to have met you too!

holly, There you are! So you got tired of providing the audience. Smart woman. I like the resolution. I might have a T-shirt made "What i Fool i'll be," Want one? And in a coincidence, i bought your book at Amazon today.

chani, what fun we have had this year huh? Thank you for your kind words. I love your insightful ramblings too.

ortizzle, i know how to make it seem like i am making a resolution, plus i like to reinforce that which i am doing right.

Mother of Invention said...

Good tactic for resolutions. You don't want to come on too strong and set yourself up for failure. Been there, done that...
haven't written down any but in my mind is my desire to try and Keep exercising, Keep watching my diet of low sugar- low fat,keep staying connected to friends and family, and try to keep up with blogging. It does take a lot of time, but I have found it rewarding as you have.

Have a great '07!

(Hey, I guess I have written them down now! HA!)

Imez said...

I looked up vituperative. Thank you for a new word.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do think we should print such shirts! Predicting foolishness is the only safe prognostication and for once, the wearers of such shirts will be right...about being wrong.

Thanks for buying the book, Babe!

I didn't tire of being your fan. I'm just tired.

Mellowdrama said...

Hopped across to your blog frm Karmically Speaking. Hmm..your third resolution may not work - one month is a long time - enough for a nasty tiff or two. Btw have never heard of! Just made a post on the NaNoWrMo...a daily blog posting is still a possibility but 1500 words a day (or whatever) remains a pipe dream:) Cheers to the New Year!

Angry Lab Rat said...

Gotta love those middle-of-the-night calls. But what does it say about me that most of those calls come from drunk friends I haven't seen in ages? Sigh. Happy New Year, Meno!


karmic said...

Yay on the resolutions!
Maybe MIL called cos of the New Year spirit..that was my initial thought before I read the rest of the post.
Happy new year to you too!

Anonymous said...


I was wondering about the smoking! Yay.

Susanne said...

I wish you the best year ever too. And yay on the not smoking.

(I just had to react to "Make it so." I'm a Star Trek geek too.)

peevish said...

Meno, it is always a pleasure to drop by your place, unannounced and shabbily-dressed. Please feel free to reciprocate. Thank you for the pleasure of your fine company this year, and on into the next.

Keep it real,

meno said...

MOI, i like to keep it real, and possible. Now that we have your resolutions on recored we will hold you to them!

esereth, i'm glad you like it. Use it as appropriate.

holly, i was referring to being an audience for your epiphanal friends, not for me. I'm going to work on the shirts. Stay tuned.

mellow, Happy New Year to you too, and welcome. It's always fun to know from whence people wandered here.

angry, Hmmm, might be resolution fodder about drunk friends. Or maybe just to unplug the phone. Cheers!

sanjay, it would have been nice if she had called in a New Years spirit. We'll see in a few weeks what is really going on. Cheers to you too.

de, it was a nasty little secret habit. Even though it was only one or two a day i am glad they are gone.

susanne, hooray for us geeks. I have a crush on Patrick Stewart's voice.

Anonymous said...

I empathize completely about the phone calls. Three aging parents and an accident-proned brother-in-law always make me assume the worst if the phone rings after 11PM or before 7AM.

I don't have the balls to make New Year's resolutions....too afraid of failure. I've really enjoyed your company this year.

Bob said...

My midnight calls are from operations telling me there's a problem with one of my jobs. So I am annoyed, not worried, when the phone rings early in the morning.

Your blog and your encouragement was signal in my decision to keep my blog. I find a lot to think about in your amusing meanderings about your life, and it makes me want to share some of my meanderings. For that, I thank you.

My new year's resolution is that 2007 will be better than 2006.

Dick said...

Happy New Year to you! I have enjoyed reading your blog this year and appreciate your comments on mine. Middle of the night phone calls are stressful as they seem to usually bring bad news. And, it should come off the front of the roll.

Bobealia... said...

OH you are welcome. Shucks.

Re mother-in-law, it was midnight on the new year, she probably thought you were up and partying. Just 'cause you went to bed doesn't mean that she did. I was still up watching movies. When the first firework went I asked Mr. Bo if he farted. Seriously.

Happy New Year!!

urban-urchin said...

Happy New Year Meno! I love this internet thing that allows me to be part of a community of people I really like but would never have known without my lil' laptop.

Batty MIL's are something I know a little something about and I sigh along with you...

sari said...

Happy New Years! I was so glad to find you this year, I enjoy reading.

I also looked up vituperative. Great word.

I started running again, this past week. It makes me feel better because a) I'm not any kind of an athlete at all and b) because I started BEFORE new years, I don't have to hold it to myself as a resolution, I do it because I want to.

Also, congratulations on the quitting of the smoking. I used to smoke and quitting was the hardest thing I ever did, I have huge props for all who try to quit!!

We got Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (it's an animated Miyazaki movie) and one of the main characters is voiced by Patrick Stewart. Sigh. He has such a wonderful voice, I've always loved it.

And now, after this novel, I leave you with a happy day wish!

Anonymous said...

Meno Picard, your blog and the discovering thereof was one of the highlights of 2006! I hope you have a great year too. :)

Unknown said...

"She is a vituperative bitch." I'm stealing that. Fits my own SIL perfectly.

Yay! Wear your com badge proudly! Picard's a yummy, yummy man.

And from one introvert to another, I salute you. Which is to say, I avoid eye contact with you and quietly hope you'll talk to me anyway. ;-)

Sonia Wetzel Photography said...

No,no,nooooo. Thank YOU. ;-)

meno said...

patches, yeah, i pretty much assume that someone has died everytime my mom calls, but no, it's just her eeyore voice.

bob, i guess if i knew it was for something else i wouldn't be so freaked when the phine rings late. And you are welcome, i am glad you are enjoying your writing and that i helped you to get started.

dick, ha ha! I knew i was right about the TP. It's been fun to read about your happiness of late.

bo, that's funny! He must have some spectacular farts if you mistook firecrackers for one. Or else they were wimpy firecrackers.

u-u, ain't it great? (the internet thing, not the batty MIL.)

sari, i love that movie! We have the subtitled version of all his movies, or at least most of them. Check out Princess Mononoke.

platypus, thank you ma'am.

nancy, you are welcome to use that adjective. It's a good one. Where i used to work we would say that you could tell an extroverted accountant because he would look at your shoes instead of his own when talking to you. I love that.

DDM, sorry, didn't mean to make you nervous. :)

QT said...

Meno - I love your resolutions and they mirror some of mine. Except the alcohol part -on vice at a time for me!

I have really enjoyed meeting you this year. Thanks for the laughs :)

Tink said...

I haven't talked to my Dad in two years. So I understand how those things go. I just hope he doesn't get roped back in only to be hurt again.