Wednesday, October 08, 2008


A rodent has been exploring my virtual underwear drawer. (Thank you to Ms. Chica for the description.) I think it's time to tip the contents of the drawer onto the floor and expose the mouse.

Someone who thinks i don't know she is doing it, even though she promised she wouldn't, is reading my blog.

Say hi to my daughter y'all.

At first she didn't know. Then she knew, but i didn't know she knew. Then i knew she knew, but she didn't know that i knew that she knew. Now she knows. I know she knows, and with this, she knows that i know that she knows. Got that?

I discovered this mouse in my underwear drawer a while ago. I've been pondering what to do and how i feel about it for a while too. I still don't know how i feel about it. It's a little odd, but i can think of no actual harm done to me. Bemused might be the best description. Such are the risks of public blogging.

With growing up, comes new levels of relationships. Wonder if she'll be brave enough to say hi back??

Love you Fishie, you little stinker. See you in about a week. And if there's anything you've read here that you don't like, too bad. <3


Confidential to person standing next to me on the bus; Even though you can't hear it over your ipod, the rest of us can still hear you fart.


furiousBall said...

unfortunately apple has not invented noise canceling underwear yet

thailandchani said...

Who's on first? :)

People really do go into their own little worlds when they have those buds stuck in their ears. Sheesh!


Princess in Galoshes said...

Hi Em! Somehow, I am totally not surprised that you found the blog. Your mom's a fun writer, I've enjoyed her stories over the past couple(glarg, has it really been years?) years.

fiwa said...

Hi Em!

To the farter on the bus... funko.

Lynnea said...

Hi Em!

Not to be too MOTO (hahahha), but Ms. Chica found the most perfect description of a personal blog.

Oh and you're probably going to laugh or even sneer at this one, but sometimes I sorta picture the two of you like the Gilmore Girls.

Mara said...

Pssh, as if I could now not comment with such a challenge issued to me.

Hi! I see you in a week and a day! I'm excited! I'm overusing exclamation points!

Also, I thought you were talking about one of the literal mice at first. (By the way: their names are Rain--the black one--and Liz--the white one.)

Anonymous said...


Well, as one of the many old-timers, let me chime in to say how exciting this turn of events is. I'm getting that Friday afternoon Soap Opera Rush I haven't felt in 25 years!

flutter said...

hi Em!

and oh, hello there stinky bus farter, that is BAD bus mojo.

meno said...

furious, oh what a market there would be for THAT product.

chani, who's on first! I hadn't realized just how ipods cause selective deafness before now.

princess, yep, it's been years. We're getting old.

fiwa, one of the many joys of riding the bus, gas savings!!!

maggie, i admit to never having seen the Gilmore Girls. Might be time to start watching. Good use of MOTO! Ten points.

mara, hi sweetie. You stink. Did i cause you a momentary flash of panic with this post? Because that's what you caused me when i saw that XXXXXX, Ohio on my stats.

de, Do you see your future looming ahead of you? Damn kids these days are too smart.

flutter, i think he got the idea that we could all hear when i flinched and then looked at him each time he let one fly.

Bob said...

I hope the bus windows were open.

My daughter reads my blog. Has for quite a while. doesn't bother me. I, on the other hand, don't read hers. I don't really want to, either. She deserves her privacy from mom & dad.

Brad said...

Kids today....

Next thing you know she'll want to leave home to go to school or something.

Mignon said...

I'm glad my daughter doesn't read mine. She thinks the 's' word is 'stupid,' and we both act equally appalled if we hear someone use the 'h' word in public (hate). She would think I was a monster. But then, she's 6.

Mara/Em/Fishie - hi. How's college? Doing laundry sucks, huh? Coming home whenever you want doesn't suck, huh? I hope the midwest is being nice to you...

The Real Mother Hen said...

Hi to the daughter who knows too much :)

Does she have a blog which you know but she doens't know that you know?

PS: I'm glad that she will be home soon :)

ETK said...

Wow, Hi Em!!

What I really want to know is how did she find it?

Ew, Mr. iPod wearer. Ew.

Anonymous said...

hey, em! so, this ipod farter guy reminds me of my redneck youth when my grandpa took the blades of his ridin lawnmower for us to play around on. I would sing opera (or what I thought was opera) at the top of my lungs, because I really didn't think anyone could hear me over the roar of the engine. color me embarrassed when I realized the roar was only a problem for me....

Irrelephant said...

'Lo, Em! So how strange is it, reading the 'rent's blog? And here's hoping MY little rugrat (now a ripe old 13) doesn't find mine anytime soon. *sigh* I need my Geritol.

Anonymous said...

Must you mention mice? In a drawer no less?
I had a squirrel in the attic today. Caught the sucker! HA!
(Oh, don't worry you saps; it was a catch n' release trap. He's now... um... "squirreled away" behind my therapist's office. That'll show him!)

Hey there, Meno offspring! You've reached the inner sanctum.

QT said...

Hee!! Hi Em!

Ok the bus thing? Happens at the gym too, while people are on the treadmill. Yuck...

crazymumma said...

Hi Em. your mum rocks.

TTQ said...

The whole reason I blog is so that I don't bog down the people around me with my random musings or rants. Blogging for me is like the valve that releases excess steam.

Hm. I just admitted that my blog is a bunch of hot air. At least it doesn't smell or sound like farts when I have my headphones in.

meno said...

bob, i opened a window, right quick. I agree with you about the privacy. I have never tried to find my her blog(s).

brad, i know, give them an inch...

mignon, oh they are so much easier to handle when they are 6. Then they go and learn stuff. damn.

mother hen, actually, we are going to visit her, for 'family weekend' which is really a way to try and extract even more $ from us.

etk, i'll have to ask her. Or maybe she will answer herself. Depends on how soon she gets bored with us.

holly, what a great story! We all sound good when no one can hear.

daisy, sorry about the mice mention. I know it's a sore subject for you. "inner sanctum" indeed.

qt, a fine argument for not reproducing.

crazymumma, thank you dear!

ttq, oh hell, we already knew that.:)

Cheesy said...

HI eM! I sure hope my kids never find my blog lol

If the farter doesn't hear it does it really smell???

Mona Buonanotte said...

Hey there, Em! You have a rockin' cool mom, and don't forget that!

There's got to be a word to describe the ipod farting thing....

jaded said...

Em, at least she didn't coax you out of hiding by dangling Rain and Liz in front of the boys on the sidebar. That would have been evil.

So the i-pod dude wasn't schooled in SBDs?

Real Live Lesbian said...

Hi Fishie!

I'm new here....and you made me laugh the first time! I'll be back!

LMAO @ Furiousball!

Diane Mandy said...

Welcome, Em! You've got one cool mom. But I guess you already knew that.

meno said...

cheesy, do they even know you have one? That was my mistake, telling them that i had one. But it was hard to avoid when i went off to Blogher.

mona, ifart???

patches, i wish i'd a though of that! Would have taken care of Those Damn Mice. I think he thought they were SBDs, but they were only Ds.

real live lesbian, i LOVE that name. Farting is furious ball's specialty.

diane, yeah, she thanks goddess every day for having such a cool mom, i'm sure.

Clowncar said...

Wow, I wish my parents had a secret blog I could discover.

Oh, wait, no I don't.

sari said...

hi to em!

also, it's not like the farts don't smell, sheesh. then again, some people are proud of that sort of thing.

Tink said...

Welcome to the madness Em/Mara! Meno, your momentary panic was probably the same as what I felt when Hoop crawled into bed one night and said, "So... You have a blog."

Liv said...

you know what i'll say since the stinky girl has found one of the original basement areas that i'd go and cool my blog-ass heels? here we all are--and hi! and you have yourself a Mummy who loves you more than any single person on this planet loves or will EVER love you. don't make her cry. and honestly, i gotta know...will a gallon size box of goldfish really function as a cure all?

Mara said...

It's entirely true that there is no greater panacea on this earth than a big box of Goldfish.

Cheesy said...

Not yet! I have to choose my words wisely when we have talks.... I am not sure I want them to know I am seeing someone lol....Or that I am no longer a virgin!

Girlplustwo said...

Em is in the house? Hey Em, dude, for so long I've been a fan of your mama.

And I'm totally the type to take you to get a tattoo, so let me know.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I think you are probably mature enough by now to handle Em reading your blog.

My daughter checks mine out occasionally, and it makes me both proud and nervous. But then, we all know I lack her maturity and should be cut some slack.

luckyzmom said...

I wondered if Em knew because you're so close. Now I know. My daughter got me started blogging. I think about creating a blog family members don't know about so I don't have to censor myself. Too lazy to figure out how.

The smell is deafening in here....

Haasiegirl said...

Im so glad my daughter cant read yet....but if she could got to my blog she may see her mom in her underwear, which isnt necessarily flattering.


Unknown said...

Em! Hello! So you dig Metatron et. all, and I presume, Gaiman too? you rock!

Oh Meno. Don't open _your_ window; open someone else's. Otherwise the fart just comes screaming towards you to escape. Voice of experience here.

meno said...

clowncar, the thought of reading a blog of my parents fills me with horror. It would either be incredibly boring or....things i don't wanna know.

sari, i just think he was oblivious.

tink, that must have been a fun moment.

liv, you tell her sistah!

mara. <3

cheesy, What? You AREN'T a virgin? Won't your kids be surprised.

jen, Em is in the house, i just outed her. And if she wants a tattoo, i'd take her too.

hearts, she's probably mature enough, but i don't know about me.

luckyzmom, she knew i had one, but then she snuck in the back door.

trisha, Won't be too much longer before she figures out how, better be careful.

nancy, oh yeah, she's BIG NG fan. She even got me to read American Gods. Thanks for the advice!

Mrs4444 said...

Well, she's old enough, certainly. My son could care less about my blog, but Kendall reads every post. Keeps me honest, I guess, LOL

rebecca said...

Virtual underwear drawer, huh? Very witty:)

I've been going thru your posts. You're an entertaining, funny and witty writer- I definitely have to add you to my blogroll, you've won yourself a fan.