Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot News Item

Home from Chicago. A great city. But the highlight of the visit was the morning walks along the lake with my friend. I miss having a walking buddy who lives in town. I miss my friend.

In other news, EM GOT A JOB!

When the plane touched down last night, i turned on my phone to let Em know we had landed. She texted back with "Yippee, and btw, i got a job."

I gasped "Oh my god!" as the plane was still taxiing and then had to explain myself to fellow passengers, who were looking at me in some consternation.

It's at a national toy store with a backwards letter in its name. She filled out an online job application, from which i expected exactly nothing to occur.

But i was wrong. She got called back for a second interview and then heard back that night that it was a go. She starts on Monday.

The reasons i am so happy she got a job:

  • Earning your own money is a fine, empowering thing. ( I know because i used to do it and i remember.)
  • This gets her butt out of the house where she has been mostly languishing for the past month.
  • She will become part of a team. I have had some really fun times at crap jobs (not saying this job is crap mind you) with the other employees. Remember your first job? Yeah.
  • Plus she will be all set with a job at Christmas and for next summer. Bonus!

Now i am the only member of this family who is a useless parasite feeding upon the blood of society.


Dick said...

No, you are not a useless parasite. You volunteer your time in a worthwhile endeavor and that is something people who don't have to work can do for the good of society. Besides, you also write a fun blog to read.

Daisy said...

Hoorah! And it sounds as though she is pleased too. That's always a plus! (I remember applying for summer jobs and there were a couple I was offered that I really didn't want to get!)

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

Congrats, Em!!

I LOVED my first job (at the time.) It had a single letter in its logo, sorta arch-like and YELLOW. Easily visible from the highway. Heh. I had SO much fun at that job.

The Real Mother Hen said...

Ok at this point, all Asian mamas will spell out rules which I'll gladly share them with you:

For the daughter's take home pay:
50% goes to mama for "save-keeping"
30% goes to room and board
20% - she can keep as pocket money

So Nemo, you have a new source of income, congrats! :)

Princess in Galoshes said...

I think I liked "teat" better than "blood."

On that note, congratulations to Em! Maybe she should start a blog. First jobs are full of very awesome blog material.

meno said...

dick, you are a really nice man. Thank you.

daisy, she is thrilled. At this point in the economy, any job is a great job.

cagey, i know that place! I saw many of them in Chicago. It can be so much fun to be part of that work crew.

mother hen, great rules. We will be discussing them before she begins.

princess, yeah, teats are more fun than blood. She has a blog, of sorts, but i am not allowed to read it. Crap jobs are totally blog fodder.

Unknown said...

Oooo! She needs to talk to Ir. He has some experience with the company with the backwards letter.

Does the blood of society taste like cookies?

Mrs4444 said...

Plus, she might get an employee discount! I'll take some Silly Puddy, please.

flutter said...

I always knew you were a vampire...

nick said...

Wow, in this economic maelstrom, it's almost surprising to hear that someone's landed a job - just like that! Great news. And if you're a parasite, I'm one too, I've been jobless for 16 months. But I'm sure we both do lots of useful stuff even if we're not officially 'working'.

Anonymous said...

There is an older lady full-time cashier at our local store who is a real pip. I wish a few more college kids would have applied for the job.

I agree that it's a real plus that she'll have practically guaranteed hours whenever she is home.

I wish her well.

(Glad you had a nice vacation & time with a friend, and that you're back.)

Bob said...

Welcome home. Did the cats go nuts with the needing affection when you returned?

My daughter will be entering her 5th year in college this fall - and has yet to had a job. urf.

Cheesy said...

Wooo hooo discount on fun stuff! Congratz to the kiddo and Welcome Home!

My bestest childhood GF lives in Chi town and I love riding bikes along the lake. Nice to stop for a drinkee-poo at Navy Pier!

President of the Parasite Union said...

I can't believe you explained yourself to the other passengers, it's way more fun to let them worry.

fiwa said...

Yay for Em - that is terrific! She will both love it & hate it, I am sure. But you are right - there is nothing like bonding with your fellow sloggers.

Glad you are back from Chicago & had a good time.

meno said...

nancy, i am sure that all of Ir's experiences were positive. ;) No, it tastes like mother's milk.

mrs. 4444, I never thought of that! This could be fun.

flutter, Shhhhh, don't tell.

nick, i was not optimistic that this would happen. That's why it's such a nice surprise. Yeah, i do stuff. It beats working.

de, some of the 'retiree' workers can be a bit crabby. I guess i would be too.

bob, yep, the cat followed me around meowing until i sat down to pet him.

cheesy, Navy Pier is a real sea of humanity. We mostly walked north of there.

President Parasite, i know, i'm sorry. I was excited.

fiwa, slogging together can make for really strong bonds.

luckyzmom said...

I, for one find you to be an excellent role model to follow and am benefiting from your parasighting.

Irrelephant said...

meno darlin', I need to email you with some of my stories from my days working in servitude to The Giraffe. I will say this--that one job and those six years were some of the best and the worst of my working life, and those memories are the ones I'll never lose. As are the friends that I still have that came from that time.

Congrats, Em! You and I need to compare notes on how many different lyric variations you come up with to the jingle...

egan said...

You rock Em. Customer service jobs build character and should be required of all individuals at some point of their lives.

Vanessa said...

Getting the job is way cool, all the lessons that go along with it is the real prize. Congrats to Em!

sari said...

Congrats to Em. We go there sometimes, it seems like all the employees enjoy each other. The kids, not so much, but each other, yes. ;-)

Clowncar said...

Ah, those halcyon days of being a blood-sucking leach on society.

Congrats to em.