Monday, September 18, 2006

For Antonia

Antonia asked us what was the weirdest food at our local shop. This was almost too easy as we live near a large Asian market.

This was hands down the weirdest thing there, to me. Remember, she asked for this:


Although this looks a bit weird too:

And these puzzle me as well. I mean are there really little hamburgers in there? I put my well manicured thumb in the picture for a size reference.
(A woman came along as i was snapping pictures of the fish and the coils of octopus tentacles and asked my why i was talking pictures. I told her it was for a class assignment. )

And there you have it my English friend. And i left out the pictures of the cow stomach with barbeque sauce and the bag of frozen Pu Pu.


Lynnea said...

This was enough to make me momentarily forget my love of food. Blech. Pu pu?

amusing said...

Um. I haven't seen all the results of the poll, but offhand, I'd say you have to be the favorite to win. The uteri get my vote. The tiny hamburgers may be found in the candy aisle at Target packaged as "crabby patties" with SpongeBob's face on the cellophane. If it's the same product. Maybe these are made from seaweed or something....

Anonymous said...

Hey, meno. Great blog. Pithy with punch.

Don't know if you're one of those Hollyhaters and if you are, if you accept love from those you loathe, but I just served up a dollop of lovin' for you, darlin'.


Or not.

Anonymous said...

The tiny hamburgers are actually chocolate sandwiched between tiny tiny cookies. MMMMM. Good!

meno said...

maggie, i don't know WHAT the PU PU was. It was frozen cubes of yellowish brown color.

amusing, there isn't a contest, 'cause if there is i win!

hi holly, i am glad you are here. hating is not really my style, unless you abuse animals or children, or are a Bush fan (i mean the one in the white house). I wasn't aware of a Hollyhatin' group. Fuck 'em.

antonia, thank you, always glad to provide you with a chance to annoy your SO and for beverages to come out your nose.

anon, that's good to know. I couldn't tell WHAT was in there. Maybe i'll even buy some, but i will not be buying any pork uteri, even though they are only $1.02 per lb.

Anonymous said...

Cool beans, Babe. I protect children, adore critters, and abhor Bush. And like you, I love "Blade Runner," so we could cut a cognitive rug (I using "cut a rug" in the 20s sense and not the more modern and risque vernacular!).

Mignon said...

Please buy the uteri! Please? And then eat it and tell us what it tasted like so I never have to. But then also send me a package of those chocolate hamburger cookies. M'kay?

Elliot said...

Hmm. I think I've haunted the aisles of that Asian market. It's one of "maya" favorites.

I love the wasabi peas, myself. A hot treat from planet earth. Or, as I like to call them "Hot Happy Earth Peas."

Great shots, Meno.

Josephine said...

Excellent research! I love that last photo, that's such cute packaging :)

Andrea Frazer said...

It's so much easier to live in L.A. next to a boring chain restaurant and take photos of the Venti Starbuck's cups they brew inside.

Anonymous said...

hog and bull testicles

souse (hogshead cheese)


and the ubiquitous pickled hog walkers.

(there ain't much of a pig or cow that doesn't get et down our way)

-- Bob (until blogger beta gets it together)

Anonymous said...

I was just about to sit down to supper. Yuck!

Andrea said...

ok, I WAS going to eat

and now suddenly just feel like a glass of water.....


Marshamlow said...

A side effect of living in Japan and not really being able to read or speak the language is that we end up eating interesting things. At our local market, there is a section of the meat department, a section of already sliced and seasoned meat. We love it. We tried everything it was great. Our favorite was very spicy and chewy. We didn't know what type of meat it was, chicken, pork, beef. We asked our Japanese friend and it was pork intestines. We had been eating it monthly for a couple of years. The question is, after knowing what I was eating, do I keep eating it because I like it or does the knowledge of what it is completely freak me out. My dear husband once unknowningly ate dog in Korea, and I once ate horse and kangaroo in Italy.

peevish said...

Very funny & disturbing.

meno said...

mignon, NO, just NO. You try it and i'll wait here.

jeremiah, you are so punny. Yes, it is "that" store, except on the eastside.

josephine, i think it's a lot cuter now that i know that they are cookies.

mamap, you need to get out and live a little, try some new foods!

bob, um, well okay, you are a brave man.

onetallmama, sorry, it is a bit offputting.

andrea, ditto.

marsha, you know, i am actually pretty adventurous about what i eat, and if it's not something that i want to try, i am not judgmental. Something in me likes the idea of using all parts of the animal. I say keep eating the pork intestines, unless they gag you now.

lisa, yeah, after having said that i am not judgmental about what other people choose to eat, the pork uteri ARE disturbing.

Bobealia... said...

holy hannah.

meno said...

dan, thanks for the translation. Bourbon? Now i have to go back and get some!

Anonymous said...

Your corner Asian store has mine beat, but that is because they do not have a butcher department. I get my cow stomach (tripe) at the regular big Pick&Save, and the next batch I cook will be per a gourmet French recipe I found online recently.

Teri M. said...

I wish I could say that I am open minded enough to try the, er, unique cuisine of other cultures, but I'm not. I will just have to accept this of myself. Uteri? That is gross. GROSS.