Thursday, July 19, 2007

A few things you TOTALLY need to know

Echinacea, or purple cone flower.

1) I am having a good hair day. The reason that i am having a good hair day is that yesterday, after several not very good hair days, i made an appointment for a haircut.

2) The Mister, Em and i are heading off this evening to drive down to Salem so that Em can take a gander at Willamette University and Reed College.

3) The Mister booked a hotel room in Salem with a separate bedroom for Em. This is all to no avail because i was gleefully telling a friend of mine yesterday that i hadn't had a period in a month and a half. So you know what happened this morning. Yep. One last egg just had to go and try and make me a mommy again. "Me too, me too, don't leave me behind," yelled the egg. I wish there was a way to tell any remaining eggs that it's a fool's mission, so just don't bother. Really.

4) Yesterday was very rainy. Last night i went to an outdoor concert at the Woodland Park Zoo. I bought a shower curtain for us to put our blanket on top of. During the concert it began to rain in earnest. Many people left. We stayed. Patty Griffin was wonderful, as usual.

5) I have a new addiction. It's green tea bubble tea. Not too sweet, but with fun little black pearl tapioca balls to suck up through my straw and chew on. They are the texture of gummi bears. I made Em stop on our way home from Driver's Ed today so i could score one. I could stop any time though.

6) I keep having to turn off the radio when a story comes on about the famous quarterback who was just indicted on charges of participating in dog fighting. I haven't the words to tell you how utterly horrified i am by this. Is this man even a human?


flutter said...

Um, no, he is an idiot. The bubble tea thing, is it really good? I am a texture person, so I am a bit afeared of the tapioca balls...

egan said...

Can we beat Vick with stick? What's going on with these "pro" athletes? I'm sick of it.

I do love me some good tapiaco balls though. Yum.

I'm really curious about #3, but won't ask.

Anonymous said...

can't blame you for wanting to turn off the radio, he drink doesn't sound like my cup of tea, outdoor concerts are great, sorry the room won't be so romantic, how excitin! a trip to colleges, I love a good hair day! Thanks, I think I did need to know this.

Jhianna said...

Oh, that's the perfect way to ensure a good hair day. Why is that?

Hmmm... I've not tried a bubble tea because I'm sort of afraid of the texture too. Maybe I'll give it a shot next time it's available....

Nope, he's not a human. String him up, string them all up.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Me and my fuzzball are mad at you and your good hair day.

Also- where do you score green tea bubble tea???????????

Girlplustwo said...

i can't wait to see your hair. you know, in a week!

i am dying to try bubble tea.

damn that egg.

Joan said...

Okay...I must be the only person in the world who has no idea what green tea bubble tea is all about but those black pearl tapioca balls sound waaaay interesting. Tell me more!!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! for good hair days. And green tea anything.

But #7? Despicable only begins to scratch the surface.

meno said...

flutter, the balls (heh, heh) are the same texture as gummi bears. If you don't like gummi bears, then....

egan, they just think they are god. What are you curious about? Don't be a coward egan!

my pool, i KNEW you needed all that information!

jhianna, works on my hair every time! See my comment to flutter about the bubble tea.

princess, ha ha on your hair! There are bubble tea places ALL OVER around here. You can't swing a dead pro football player without hitting one. The closest one is called Boba Express.

jen, i bet we can find some bubble tea in Chicago. Stupid eggs!!

joan, it a tea, or a smoothie, or fruit juice, with these pretty large (1/2 inch diameter) tapioca balls in the bottom. They give you a big straw so that you can suck them up and chew on them. Some people like them, and some don't.

amusing said...

Bubble tea, bubble tea, bubble tea! YES! DO try it everyone! I've been a fan during grad school and took the Eldest on one of his sick days. He was impressed and not afeared like he usually always is. I like mango myself.

Watch your local mall -- kiosks are popping up. It's the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of bubble tea. I'm intrigued.

I had a good hair day yesterday, and it was all because I had an appointment and my hair didn't get the news that I'd cancelled it. Shearing to be done on the 28th.

When we set the date for our closing on the new house, I stared at the calendar for a moment. "I'm going to be PMSing, " I sighed. "You know what that means for vacation, too, " he responded.

Anonymous said...

I think what happens is that we (the herd) build these people up to such exalted states that we come to believe that they should therefore behave with absolute morality and fairness and love of all things, when in fact they're the same as everyone else. There's good ones, and bad ones, and ones that you'd cheerfully take a club with a nail in it to. It's never pleasant to find out that your heroes (or other people's heroes for that matter) crap just like the rest of us.

Mrs. Chili said...

I was JUST talking about Michael Vick with another blogger. I've determined that the only acceptable consequence for him is to strip him down naked, rub him with raw hamburger, and put him in a pen with a couple of angry, hungry dogs.

alphawoman said...

I've heard of this bubble tea before. I wanna try some!!

TTQ said...

You can order the balls on the internet I looked it up after a visit to a bubble tea kiosk last year.

jaded said...

Egan is such a gentleman. I'm not, but somehow my inability to properly boil eggs for three days in a row isn't really an adequate comparison. I was wondering about the concert, alas we're some sort of meca for county music acts and has-been eighties bands.

ms chica said...

#3 is the story of my marriage. Don't let it be complete bust though, if you whine a little you might be able to score a massage and a nice foot rub out of the deal.

Cagey (Kelli Oliver George) said...

I LOVE me some bubble tea. My favorite is sweet taro.

Also, I did the Hair Thing just the other day. I determined that yes, I would cut a few inches off, then my hair decided to totally mess with me and managed to look GOOD for a few days. Now, I am conflicted. Is it over? Should I call it off? What is my hair trying to tell me?? We need couples counseling, I think.

Lynn said...

#1. The saying that 'Our hair has a mind of it's own' must be true since it always seems to know when we are going to get it cut...why is that? #2. How exciting about the college stuff...right? #3. That happens to me all the time...ovaries and hair must be in cahoots to make our lives miserable. #4. I love outdoor concerts...did you have an umbrella to go with that shower curtain? #5. Bubble tea evidently has not made it's way down the coast, yet. #6. Sick, sick, sicko!

Anonymous said...

Hey, check out Lewis and Clark in Portland while you're at it!

Beautiful school. Little more "upbeat" than Reed. Real international focus.

(That's where I went to school :)

Liv said...

Bubble tea? No, thanks. Too many calories. How am I going to look like Posh if I drink that, yo?!

Vick is a waste of space. But, when I see loss of human life, I have to say it freaks me out way more. And, yes, I know that makes me different.

thailandchani said...

That guy.. the dog fighting... well, it's just unbelievable! Makes me sick! He's human only in the respect that he shares biology with the rest of us. His soul must have run away for parts unknown.



meno said...

jennifer, i have to add yay for green tea anything too. I love it all.

amusing, mango or coconut! My favorites.

de, see, the hair knows. Sorry about the vacation. Damn eggs!

irrelephant, if he were caught drunk driving or whoring, i might say he was just like the rest of us, but killing animals for FUN? No, sorry, not like most of us.

mrs.chili, i am all about retribution on this one too.

alphawoman, oh you should try it, it's lots of fun.

ttq, i looked on the internet too, but first i am going to try our local asian market, the one that sells pig uteri.

patches, Patty was spectacular. She can sing like an angel.

ms.chica, let the whining commence.

cagey, sweet taro, i'll have to try that one! I think i should just shave my head.

lynn, we are from Seattle! We don't need no stinkin' umbrellas! Just raincoats.

anon, we will check it out, if not this trip the on another. Thanks.

liv, the green tea stuff have WAY fewer calories than most of them. Human life would freak me out just about the same. A man who gets pleasure from torturing animals will soon work up to other pursuits.

chani, if he ever had a soul,

Sienna said...

Meno you are so funny.

I love Patty Griffin, yes I would stand in rain to hear her sing.


Mother of Invention said...

Have never heard of bubble green tea! Love tapioca though..frog's eggs!

Oh, your eggs? Isn't that always the way? Glad I'm all done that chapter! No eggs in sight or on site!

Unknown said...

Since the incident happened in my town (which is also the headquarters for PETA, go figure) I have a strange perspective on this one. He was huge hero to so many people here before this (local boy made good...really good...) and it is heartbreaking that he let his house be used in this way. Sometimes it's a sick, strange world we live in.

Anonymous said...

Re: #3:
Yay!!! Blowjobs for Mister!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the photo Meno and yes, it's amazing what a haircut can do.

karmic said...

Enjoyed reading this post.
Vick is an idiot for what he did.
You can buy Tapioca at Indian grocery stores if you want to try making this at home.

Have a great weekend.

Marshamlow said...

Tonight while I am at the mall at around midnight waiting for the bookstore to release Harry Potter into my hot little hands I am going to try the bubble tea, something else to look forward too thanks. I haven't had a good hair day since my last cut.

QT said...

I also have texture issues but I would like to try it before just ASSuming that I wouldn't like it.

I am glad you enjoyed your concert - it sounds like it was fun nonetheless. Did you have libations with you?

As for Vick, I just don't know what there is to say. I agree with you that disregard for life has a funny way of not stopping at animals. I think that is what distinguishes sociopaths from the rest of us.

Biscotto said...

Wait- you aren't going to have sex because you have your period? Am I the only one who thinks that sex is better when one is having one's period? All of that engorgement and senstivity. It's like getting a head start, really, a big head start in a long slow race with a flowered lei waiting for you at the finish line.

Although it took me long enough to figure that out. In my 20's I always wondered why I got a sore throat when I got my period. Duh. It was the blow job, not the period. Color me slow but give me credit for moving forward in the right direction, will you.

urban-urchin said...

I love bubble tea. Spent the better half of my lunch hour wandering around chinatown trying to find a bubble tea place today.

post the hair pics for those of us unfortunates who are having a time out during blogher....

Tink said...

#3 reminds me... In the middle of watching X-Men 3 last night, Hoop turned to me and asked, "Does a woman go through menopause when her eggs run out?" Out of the blue. I still can't figure out what triggered the question.

egan said...

I'm glad you set the record straight for Lynn. We don't need no stinkin' umbrellas here, coats do the trick.

Umm... yeah, so what ... um happened, with those... eggs?

luckyzmom said...

I agree with biscotto about having sex when on your period, though no longer possible for me.

Haven't come across bubble tea, but will be looking for it.

Been having bad hair days since my friend tried to make me promise not to cut my hair because she loves it long. The way I used to style it no longer seems age appropriate. What to do?

Andrea Frazer said...

"I wish there was a way to tell any remaining eggs that it's a fool's mission, so just don't bother." A classic Meno.

Bobealia... said...

I lurve (I just wrote lurbe by mistake, but I kinda like that and might start using it) bubble tea. I must confess that I get a belly ache every time though. Maybe that is why I lurbe it.

Special K ~Toni said...

Yay! for a good hair day! I haven't had one in a least a week! Humidity is a fucking bitch!

meno said...

pam, and oh can she sing. Mmmm.

moi, i wish i would run out of eggs. X-(

wng, that really is creepy for you all who live near. Sounds like he may have done more than let hos house be used, but time, and many lawyers, will tell.

mamalujo, there are woman who don't like oral sex you know. Luckily for the Mister, and me, i am not one of them.

deb, or in this case, the fear of a haircut. Shaped these babies right up!

sanjay, i will look at our Indian grocery store. I looked at the Whole Foods, and while they have Tapioca, the don't have the black pearl kind. Thanks for the tip!

marsha, the Mister and Em are heading off to the bookstore tonight at ten. I am staying home and going to bed. I'll find out what happens later!

qt, alcohol is not allowed at the zoo, unless they sell it to you. But we did bring in some fermented white grape juice. :)

biscotto, i'm not against it, but the first two days i just don't feel like it. I feel more like fighting than loving. But sometimes it can help with the cramps.

u-u, i was so excited to find green tea bubble tea because it's not so sweet, but still chewy. If i posted hair picture i run the risk of you all saying "She thinks THAT'S a good hair day? Doesn't she own a mirror?" :)

tink, you gotta wonder what fields that man's mind wanders through.

egan, umbrellas are for wimps, and they poke people in the eye, and they blow inside out, and they get left on the bus. The eggs, i thought i might have run out, but alas, no.

luckyzmom, i haven't had long hair for many years, so i can't help you with the style advice. Most women of a certain age that i know with long hair wear it in ponytails.

mamap, i just want them to know that i am serious!!

bo, i love it too. But i know what you mean. I wonder if it's the caffeine.

toni, i don't have curly hair. And when it's humid is the only time i'm glad about that.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a trip to the hairdresser's to make a bad hair day turn into a good one. (I also love having someone else shampoo my hair.)

Now, about this bubble tea thing: I assume this is iced tea and not hot tea if you are sipping it through a straw. ???

Cheesy said...

Meno~~ [egan] Don't whimp out on me! Raincoats?? COME ON!!
Meno~~~!!! My neice just got her law degree from Willamette... excellent school... Middle son did a few semesters there too.. be prepared hun.. it is spendy but then so is Reed.
Good hair day?? I need me one of those. I am still gathering up the nerve to go get a real hair cut. Haven't had one in over 3 years...I am a whimp in that area..getting too long to brush.
My eggs went to heaven 7 years ago... I am afraid I don't miss them a lick.

As for Vick.. he will burn~~~