Saturday, December 29, 2007

Been spending some time with another couple on our trip. Sometimes spending that time makes me really appreciate the Mister. We work pretty damn well together much of the time. No passive-aggresive shit, just honest requests of what we would like to do.

We vacation really well together. It's just fine to spend a day hanging out. Neither of us feels that there are important things we need to see while we are here. If we miss something, we'll be back. But the important thing is that we relax, and a busy day of seeing sights that we feel we must see is not on the agenda. Yay for the Mister and me.

Today we saw:

pelicans (very cool and prehistoric looking.)




dolphins (playing and jumping in the waves. I longed to be out there with them.)

seals (So damned cute.)

Poop art. Do you think they planned this?
This morning, we ordered breakfast delivered to the room. I had oatmeal, and the Mister had granola. These are the condiments they brought. Because i just love mayo and mustard with my oatmeal.


Lynn said...

Sounds like you and the Mister are getting the rest and relaxation that you need. I particularily like the thought of tabasco on oatmeal. That would certainly wake someone up.

SUEB0B said...

Yum yum. How long are you there? email me, baby!

Bob said...

I always put tabasco on my oatmeal, don't you?

sounds like my kind of vacation. wish we could be there.

Liv said...

OMG...but don't you have to keep the condiments? is this is sign of redneck tendencies? seriously. love the tiny jars of condiments.

i want to be on your trip.

new year's resolution: vacation at meno's house.

Cheesy said...

LMAO~~ I stole little condimEnts like that off someones room service trays at Hilton Head SC.. They are on my coffee cup rack... you just made me GRIN!!!

Antonia Cornwell said...

Seals! I love seals.

We have a thing about cormorants in this house, or rather Ian has a thing about cormorants that I have unwittingly absorbed. He rings me from his lunch break every workday to tell me how many cormorants he can see. I'll stop typing now, except to wish you a lovely holiday.

furiousBall said...

good for you for giving your spouse kudos. too often all you read is people putting down a sig other.

Em said...

Even when you know you have a good relationship, it really stands out sometimes when you get to see your relationship in comparison to others. It really makes me appreciate how good I have it!

Anonymous said...

You sound relaxed. Glad you're having a good time.

Joan said...

It's nice to know there's a couple out there who manage to vacation together without shrieking at each other. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

As for those condiments...I'm hoping you took them with you since I'm sure you're paying for them somewhere in the bill you'll receive at the end of your stay.

Girlplustwo said...

you sound relaxed and happy. content. self possessed. that's our Meno, keeping it real.

Marshamlow said...

I am so jealous, I would love to take a vacation with just Jeff.

Mrs. Chili said...

My husband and I vacation well together, too. I really do think it all comes from having similar goals and requirements; if we want to see something, we make a point of it. If it's not too high on the agenda, a day spent kicking about or lounging by the pool is sufficient. What's vacation for, anyway, if you need a vacation to get over your vacation?

meno said...

lynn, maybe i should send the tabasco to you. :)

suebob, only one more night. We fly out on NYs eve.

bob, no, i prefer mayo and mustard.

liv, they are so freakin' cute that i am tempted. Especially the tiny little tabasco bottle. But the thought of dragging it all home prevents me.

cheesy, glad to make you smile, as you often make me smile too.

antonia, i'll send you a seal! Just a small one though.

furious, if all i did was put him down, we'd be better off separated. Not that he doesn't drive me nuts sometimes, but on the whole, it's good.

em, i was telling the Mister that it was good for us to spend time with these other people, as it makes us appreciate each other more.

de, i feel relaxed. No obligations. It's good.

joan, there are occasional tense moments, mostly while traveling. I am not straling them, as i think they will get recycled if i don't use them.

jen, ha! As real as a vacation can be.

marsha, Em is here, but she is 17 and has her own room, so we don't see her much, except when she's hungry.

mrs.chili, exactly! Who wants to spend all day in the car travelling around to crowded tourist destinations. Screw that.

QT said...

Your vacation sounds divine so far. I wouldn't be able to resist the tiny condiments!

Anonymous said...

An excellent sounding vacation. Exactly what a vacation should be. The condiments are interesting. I wonder if guest would appreciate a condiment basket to go along with a toiletry basket in the guest room?

flutter said...

yum, tobasco! nothing like a spicy bowl of oatmeal to start your morning!

100 Thoughts of Love said...

hmmmm...poop art still looks like icing to me...I need to go on a diet methinks! lovely you and yours can enjoy a trip together and enjoy each other. Made me smile!

luckyzmom said...

I lived in San Diego from 1968- 1973 and never saw any of those things, except maybe in the zoo there.

I think that if your relationship is good at home it wil be good on vacation.

I was blown away by your breakfast condiments(:O)

jaded said...

You mean the Mister doesn't care for tabasco in his granola? What a wimp!

Sometimes spending that time makes me really appreciate the Mister. so what you're really saying is there is,"There is drama here, and I am too polite to discuss it."


Wayfarer Scientista said...

yay for good vacation time with just you and the mister! And did you happen to catch a whiff of that poop art? 'Cause let me tell ya' those seal sure can put out the aroma!

Andrea Frazer said...

I can picture exactly where you are. I was just there a few months back. I love me some La Jolla.

thailandchani said...

That looks like a beautiful place! Anywhere near the ocean is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just love miniature condiments! I have no idea why. What a lovely vacation...and kudos on the lack of passive aggressive behavior. It's rare.

Ortizzle said...

If you had ordered hamburgers, they would have brought you half a dozen of those little jam jars. With prune jam, of course, because that is the only kind no one ever buys, much less eats, and the manufacturers sell it to hotels by the boatload.

I'm still trying to deal with the poop art. Is is really...??? Never mind. Pass the tobasco. I need some for a bagel I'm eating.

meno said...

qt, this morning is my last chance at them. I'm thinking i might just have to keep the little tabascos.

my pool, i think you should do it!

flutter, you first!

pat, icing! You have a one track mind.

luckyzmom, the dolphins were amazing! We watched them for a long time.

patches, he had to settle for the dijon. Not really drama, just uncomfortable interactions that we secretly smile at each other over.

wayfarer, this particular poop is from birds, but yeah, it had power.

mamap, it was a lovely day in a lovely town.

chani, yes, the ocean is pretty much all that is needed for beautiful.

franki, i love them too. I want to squeal and pinch their little cheeks.

ortizzle, i think you are right about the jam.

Anonymous said...

At least they brought the right hot sauce! Yay Avery Island! One of the coolest factory tours I've ever been on. Okay, so it's the ONLY factory tour I've ever been on, but hey.

Lynnea said...

Ewww who runs that kitchen? That stuff wouldn't even go well with granola. Ha.

Dick said...

I think I'd like your Christmas morning breakfast a lot better than this one. As someone else said, take them home if you can get on the plane with them. That is the real hassle of travel by airline today as far as I am concerned. If you could only avoid the airport.

Tink said...

Oddly, I rather like the poop art. Although the thought of mustard and oatmeal (not poop as art) is what put me off my lunch. ;)

Mother of Invention said...

Looks like you guys really have your sh*t together...or is that poop art?!

You sound very calm and relaxed! Great way to start the new year.

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